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If you are constantly looking for someone to help you with math homework, you may have heard of The site is known to provide solutions to Math problems. There are several writing services that provide solutions to different disciplines of science. However, the main question here remains – is a legit writing service site? Will the platform be able to get your work done within the said deadline?

We will find out more about Mymathgenius in this my math genius review; read this review and find out whether this platform is or is not the best option for you to solving your match problems.

Before we dig deep into the Mymathgenius review, let us understand some basics about the platform. is a writing platform that provides services mostly related to math. The site claims that only expert mathematicians will solve all your calculus, math, and statistics problems for you.

While the overall website may look simplistic, it is filled with a lot of information that is not important. Finding what you are looking for is quite difficult and it takes a lot of time to understand how the service works.

While writing this review, we also considered reading other My Math Genius reviews to understand more about the platform. We were very surprised to see read that the platform does not even hire experts from the field. This means that most of the work is done by the school and grad students. We were very surprised by this fact and decided to investigate further.
Types of services

As the name suggests, Mymathgenius only assists with math problems. It does not offer any other type of services or products. The platform offers the following types of services:
  • Combinatorics
  • Finite mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Complex and real analysis
  • Matrix theory problems
  • Set theory
  • Optimization problems
  • Logic problems
When it came to the number of math-related services, the platform is quite satisfactory. In fact, most reviews we read were quite happy with the number of services provided by Mymathgenius. Almost every type of service related to math can be found here. However, you will not find any traditional English writing services here.


As mentioned above, Mymathgenius provides services related to math in the areas of statistics, calculus, algebra, etc. While the list of services is quite impressive, we read several My Math Genius reviews and understood that students were not satisfied with the help that have received. Most of the complaints were regarding inaccurate answers and incomplete work. Each of these problems involved a different mathematical discipline. One of these reviews also stated that the answer was wrong while others complained about not providing any helpful context or show the working steps.

However, we did decide to try the site’s services out to learn this experience first-hand. We decided to submit four math problems. However, the answers we received had some or the other issue. For instance, one had the answer completely wrong. In another one, while the answer was right, the steps used were not the ones we specified. When it comes to understanding and accuracy, this is quite a big let-down.
Prices and Payment

When it comes to writing services, it is very important that you consider the pricing of the services. Most customers of such services are students and it is obvious that they cannot afford expensive services.

According to several My Math Genius reviews, it could read that the services are quite expensive. When we decided to check further, we saw the prices, as mentioned below:
  • GCE-level math problem or Algebra for a college student, with a deadline of seven days; $39.95
  • Calculus and Algebra for a college student, with a deadline of 24 hours; $49.95
  • Statistics and probability problems for a college student, with a deadline of three days; $49.95
From the above, we understand that the prices differ greatly, depending on the type of math problem and the deadline. If you need help several times in a month, you could end up paying more than $400.

Additionally, many Mymathgenius reviews state that the platform does not offer any type of discount. Most top writing services offer a discount of a minimum of 15%, at least on the first orders. Others provide discounts to loyal customers. We found that Mymathgenius does not offer even a discount of 5%. This is not helpful for students in any way since students cannot afford these expensive price rates every time they get stuck with a math problem.

The only saving grace when it comes to pricing is the payment method. Compared to other writing sites, we saw that the payment process was quick and easy. All you need to do is type down your debit/credit card details and you are done!


According to most Mymathgenius reviews, the site states it provides a lot of different guarantees. According to the site, the platform will provide you with a refund if they are unable to meet your standards. However, our experiences were something different.

On one of the problems we submitted, we did get a partial refund for the wrong answer; however, when we asked for a full refund, we were replied that the steps were correct. On the next problem, where the answer was right but the steps were correct, we did not receive any refund. When we mentioned that the steps were not the one that we asked for, the company stated that they received no such information. We were very disappointed with this because we were duped this way.

The customer support team can only be reached via email or phone number, according to many My Math Genius reviews. However, we think that these approaches are quite old-fashioned since most writing services also provide options like live chat support.

When we got in touch with the customer support team, the agent was initially very helpful and friendly. However, we noticed that when we were discussing the faults, the agent was simply trying to stall us. When we finally reached the point, the agent simply replied that our problems have been submitted for further inspection and will soon receive a reply within 12-24 hours. It has been more than five days, and we have still not received any answer from the site. That is very dissapointing.


  • The site is only for solving math problems
  • The payment process is fairly simple and quick


  • You will find errors even in the simplest math problems
  • The prices are too high for students to afford
  • The site’s samples do not contain the right answers
  • The customer service was very bad

From the above, we now understand that Mymathgenius is not a great choice for solving your math problem. While the list of services is great, the quality is extremely bad. We were very disappointed with Mymathgenius and would not suggest this platform to anyone.
What is
MyMathGenius is an online platform that claims to offer services in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses. Upon research, it was found that they cover ONLY math-related topics.
Is plagiarism-free?
The rules of math are the same everywhere. The step-by-step process to solving a problem would be the same to arrive at the correct solution. Therefore, if 10 students submit the same question, the solutions are expected to be the same.
Is a good writing service?
The idea behind the platform should not solely be to give answers to mathematical questions but also improve a students’ understanding. The site provides a math solutions library and a search function. While the latter happens to be less functional, the former only offers basic elementary knowledge.
Is safe?
The platform provides a refund policy but just like many other online platforms, forever lies the problem of how encrypted personal data is when filling out order forms.
Is a scam?
If you are looking to order help for an entire term, you should expect to pay 700 dollars. There is no guarantee though that 100% of your orders would be completed with the said amount. The pricing reviews so far all prove the platforms’ pricing system to be very unreasonable.
Is legit?
The platforms’ website has only positive reviews which might seem a little suspicious. One can assume two things, either the reviews are all manufactured or the negative reviews are deleted.
Is reliable?
If you are looking to improve your math skills then MyMathGenius is not quite the right place. This is because complaints have been recorded on the mathematical steps to solving problems being completely inaccurate when compared to the final answer, simply put; the answer will be right, but the solution to the answer will be completely wrong.
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  1. I want to share my impressions. I was attracted by the low price that this company offers. Indeed, it’s difficult to find the best deal. The problem is that the quality of my algebra work was so low that it was impossible to even redo it and I had to do it again myself. The company didn’t return the money and still ignore all my messages. Such a shame! Better to overpay next time than back to them.

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