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The joy of every student is to find a reliable writing service to help them in times of need. School life can be stressful, and a lot is demanding with the many assignments given out by teachers. To make their life easier, students order online writing solutions to help them keep up with growth and have a comfortable experience. However, things are not glossy at all times. The help of professionals can fail at times unless one has done thorough research before looking for this kind of help. At this age of technology and the internet, there is a lot of information available for anyone seeking help with their assignments.

One of the sites that students have been using for this kind of help is When in need of academic assistance, all that a student needs to do is to contact them via the live chat available on their site and give instructions about their assignment. That way, the respondent on the platform will advise on how much it will take for the assignment to be completed and the amount payable for its completion. Upon the agreement of the stated fees, you can sit back and relax to wait for the outcome.

Having used superiorpapers in the past, it is essential to state that it comes with no guarantees for excellent and professional services. Every student is looking for quality and the best solution to their learning needs. Anything short of that should not be considered a viable solution worth of use. The average attitude perpetuated by this platform makes it unfit for use by students who want to do well in their academics. Your learning and schoolwork, in general, are too important to be left in the hands of people who will only help you get an average score. Basically, there is no room for excellence.
When looking for help online, it is important to look at superiorpapers review comments given by past users to help you clearly understand the kind of help you will get from them. You don’t have to go through the same issues that other people experienced. That is why I am writing this review to help you understand what kind of service is this. Many decisions online are based on reviews writing about services and products that people want to use.
Types of services

If you are looking for academic help online, you will get quite a several answers from the superior papers service. Most importantly, there are various samples that students can check through and get to decide what they can pick for their use. Reading through these samples can give users important lessons on how to write their work without even placing an order from this platform. Other than the given samples, students can make use of the help available from this platform. This includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Essay writing help
  • Research paper writing services
  • Assistance with Coursework
  • Term Paper writing solutions
  • Case Study Analysis and writing
  • Dissertation writing services
  • PowerPoint Presentation writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Editing/Proofreading Services
As a student, you definitely are looking for a place where all your needs will be met. Prior to engaging any service for assistance, it is important to confirm whether it is a legit service. From that point onwards, you can proceed with submitting the instructions for your assignment. There is a lot of information online establishing superiorpapers legit nature, and on this, you can be sure that you will not be scammed. However, you may have some issues with the writing quality offered on this platform.


The number one consideration to make concerning any online writing service is the quality of work produced by the people working on these platforms. From my own experience, there was nothing special about the assignment that was delivered to me. I had to take it back for a few adjustments to make it better for submission. Even though it turned out somewhat better at the end of it all, it shouldn’t have taken that long to complete the assignment. For that reason, reading various superiorpapers reviews will make you understand the pain you will go through before your assignment gets done.
Common issues highlighted in the submitted work included a few typos, unoriginal content amounting to plagiarism and general structure and organization of the paper. Issues to do with referencing were common throughout the assignment, and I had to seek further editing of the work to make it even better. Professional writing services place quality as a top priority in the delivery of such services. There is no shortcut to this, and for that reason, this platform falls short of such expectations from its customers. There is no better service than one that can deliver high-quality work at a professional level. Nothing should be left to chance.
The website design and usability are not great and don’t give a great user experience. It may just put you off, especially after going through the various tabs on the site. The site’s response is not one of the best but has at least provided the kind of information that a user would want.
Prices and Payment

Prices on this platform start from $20.99 per page for a high school paper delivered within ten days. They go as high as $59.99 per page for a Ph.D. paper delivered in 3 hours. Compared to other services in the industry, this is on the higher side. There are good sites elsewhere going as low as $10 and as high as $40 and nothing beyond that. Even though you will do a lot to avoid scam writing, you should also be wary of expensive sites that will charge you more than the market price.
Even when the deadline is too short, there is no way that a paper should cost you close to $60 per page. I have worked with other sites before, and the average price has never gone beyond $45. Therefore, if you are considering using superior papers service, you may want to relook this dimension. It is not worth it to pay for so much while you are a student struggling to meet other bills at school. Take care of your hard-earned money by going for many affordable solutions.
One good thing with this site is the fact that the prices are open for everyone to see. There are no hidden charges, and you will only get to pay what has been calculated on the page. For that reason, the information is available for you to decide based on the prices stated there. The platform has a New Membership Program where those registered can get a discount of up to $10 per page. As your loyalty continues, you get access to other price cuts alongside other benefits aimed at helping you save your money. This is always a welcome idea by any student seeking for online writing help.


A lot comes with professional writing services, but the underlying issues have to do with quality work delivered within the set deadline. Most important of all, everyone is looking for value for money. Your hard-earned cash should be used effectively to help you have a nice stay in school and still excel in your studies. may not get you the full promise of a reliable writing platform due to the following:
Not Good for Urgent Assignments
There is an issue with deadlines for assignments, especially urgent ones. If you don’t want to be late with assignments, it is advisable to pick on a service that has the best of help when it comes to timely deliveries. Superior papers may not have engaged professional writers, and that is why assignments can be submitted late on several occasions.
Refund policy is Questionable
Money paid for writing assignments should give value to you. Otherwise, the policy is to ensure that you get a refund for unmet promises. In a situation where you will require a refund from, there is no guarantee that you will be given what you deserve. This is especially when the work submitted cannot be submitted for grading.
Expected quality doesn’t Meet Standards
If you are looking for the best quality writing, then may not be the best option for you. Issues of plagiarism as having been realized with this writing service could be a problem for you. I have also noticed poor sentence and paragraph structures on several occasions. Beware of their services if this is of concern to you!

Despite the heavy prices for services offered on this platform, it is good to note that the company has a working live chat. Here, you can easily get your assignment submitted and assigned to a writer to get started right away. This is particularly helpful when the assignment has a short deadline. Effective communication is critical during such moments. It helps you save a lot of effort and money while writing to engage them through other means.
Well, there are also other communication channels should the live chat fail for whatever reason. Therefore, customers are covered, and they will not be left in the dark, wondering what to use for communication should one of the communication channels fail. The best academic writing solutions come with all these options and are among the few good things you will find with this site. However, they are not enough to tell whether the site is generally good or not!
Even with these working support solutions, the overall customer experience is not that good. Failure to adhere to your assignment’s instructions implies that there is neglect o their part in the ability to listen to customer concerns. Support is not always measured with the rate of response but also the effectiveness of the process in delivering what is required by the customer. Therefore, this superiorpapers review is aimed at helping you understand why it is important not to take things at face value!


  • Clear pricing policy
  • Working support service with various communication channels


  • No guarantees for quality work
  • Unmet promises on delivery times
  • Inconsistency in customer service
  • Lack of professionalism in engaging customers
  • Unprofessional writing services

I would give a rating of 4/10.
My review and rating are based on a number of factors, as highlighted, touching the various subtopics discussed here. Issues of quality and costly services are the leading factors to the negative review and perception concerning this writing service. For that reason, it is not a good site to use. Don’t be lured by the expensive nature displayed there. There are a lot of other things to look at to make an informed decision about the quality of service offered there.
Hiring a writer to help you with your assignment means that there is nothing left for you to handle. However, that is not the case with Superior Papers! It feels that you are working with someone, but only one person is paid to do the job. Nobody wants to be in such a scenario. Instead, go for someone who will help you with the work as you focus on other equally important tasks in your life. Therefore, this site is a NO for me and our team can't recommend it! You end up paying a lot of money while there is nothing to show for it in the end!
What is
Relatively new on the essay writing service market, claims to write over 100 papers per day. There are, however, some serious concerns about this website.
Is plagiarism-free?
No, sent us an article that was 30% plagiarized. We ran the essay through 3 different checkers, so we’re pretty confident of this.
Is a good writing service?
Unfortunately, is not a good writing service. The content, even though original, was almost unusable. Their writers are clearly not native English speakers and have zero experience with academic writing.
Is safe?
Yes, it appears that is safe. They did offer us a refund after we complained about the quality of the content. However, this does not excuse the fact that the essay was unusable.
Is a scam?
We can't be sure it's not a scam. It is one of the numbers of writing services that don't offer us our money back.
Is legit?
No, this is not a legit writing service. The company seems to be real but they didn't offer us our money back.
Is reliable?
This is another negative aspect of They did not respect the deadline and sent the paper 2 days late with absolutely no explanation. We really don’t appreciate delays.
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  1. A look at the indicated formatting style would have helped! The writer ignored all instructions and delivered a paper in his own style. It is a waste of time! I cannot submit such a paper! It will lower my grades! They should be ashamed of calling themselves writers if they cannot even manage a simple paper!

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