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The field of internet writing services is massive. But, unfortunately, both legitimate and phony writing services abound in this fiercely competitive business.

To determine how dependable an online service is, look at what previous customers have said about it. That’s why, in this piece, we’ll provide you with our unbiased review. We’ll go over the writing service under numerous areas in our EssayHave review, including About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

This EssayHave review covers every facet of a writing service. But, first, examine our review to learn if this writing service is worth it. is an online essay writing service targeted at helping high school and college students with their school essays or any form of academic writing. This writing service has been around for quite some time now. However, we found out from a domain search that the website was registered in 2014, about 8 years ago. So we can see that apparently, it is not a very famous one.

We can agree that is not a scam website. It has a 4.4/5 rating on review sites like This rating might seem impressive till you see that it is just from 13 reviews only. These 13 reviews include both positive and negative EssayHave reviews. We can’t let our readers make such an important decision based on 13 users’ experiences alone. So we have taken time to do a little research, and here’s what we discovered.

From our visit to the EssayHave website, we are not sure what they were thinking or aiming for on their website. The website is full of irrelevant stories that potential customers would not care about. For example, putting an astrology story on an academic writing service website is not really a top marketing strategy. Because of the irrelevant things on the website, it takes a little more effort to find the critical information you need. It’s almost like they are trying to hoard the information that should be given to customers. Apart from the unnecessary stories on the website, the website is pretty decent.
Types of services

Like we said earlier, this website skips all the important information that should be on a standard online writing service website. In addition, they do not have a comprehensive service page, so you have to look around the website for clues of the services they offer.

We were able to see that offers the same service as any other academic writing service online. The essay review diagrams on their website seem like their customers are primarily high school goers because we can see more school subjects on the review diagrams. They also cater to Bachelors’s and Master’s students. Their services include:
    1. Custom Writing Services
    2. Research Papers Writing Services
    3. Thesis Writing
    4. Do My Homework For Me
    5. Essays For Sale
    6. Pay For Essays
    7. Admission Essays
    8. Annotated Bibliography
    9. Business plans
    10. Book/Movie Review
    11. Case Studies
    12. Coursework
    13. Lab reports
    14. Term Paper
    15. Journal
    16. Speeches
    17. Powerpoint presentations
    18. Literature review
    19. Dissertations
    20. Capstone Projects


From the 13 EssayHave reviews we read, we can tell you not to get your hopes up with this service. There were complaints of plagiarism. One essay review complained that the paper they got was so terrible that it was clear that the writer didn’t have any knowledge of the question. A review also talks about how they cannot ask the writer how the paper is going. We’ll talk more about this in the “guarantees” section.

There were about 9 positive reviews, but none of them said anything about the paper quality being exceptional or remarkable. So we can conclude that the papers they give range from terrible to average. One review claimed they had to order the same paper twice because the first one was so bad, and they refused to revise the paper.

One review that we can not forget is the one who claimed that the writing service was good for international students. We can’t help but think that international students are not fluent in English, so they won’t notice if the paper is terrible.
Prices and Payment does not use a bidding system which is a good thing in our opinion. Instead, it provides a more stable payment pricing system. Of course, some factors influence the price of your paper. These factors include your academic level, your deadline, and the number of pages of your project. The shorter the deadline, the higher the cost.

The average price for a one-page paper that would be delivered in 14 days is $15. While the same paper but at a 4-hour deadline is $37. This is very much more expensive than most online writing services.

This price is for a high school paper. The price for undergraduates and graduates will most definitely be higher. We checked on the website calculator for the cost of writing a one-page dissertation of 500 words with a 14-day turnover. The price was $20, which is also very expensive. They only put a price list for high school goers further validates our suspicion that their customers are primarily high school goers.

These prices do not include all the extra features that you have to pay for. For example, they have an advanced delivery option that costs an additional 10% increase on your total cost. That being said, if you are looking for an affordable paper writing service, EssayHave is definitely not for you. On their payment methods, credit/debit cards methods only.


  • Money-Back Guarantee
Their refund policy is divided into 2 main types: the Quality-Based refund policy and other refund requests. A quality-based refund request is a refund request that is caused by a customer’s dissatisfaction with the quality of their paper. This kind of request, according to them, takes about 14 days to be resolved.

While other refund requests take about 3-4 days, it states that if you are requesting 100% refunds, you must provide them with “strong reasons” within the 14 days or forfeit the refund. So, for example, they would only give 100% refunds if they had not assigned a writer or a payment error.

You can only get up to a 40% refund if you are not satisfied with your paper and the panel thinks your reasons are sufficient. No refunds for late deliveries. They somehow blame this on the customer instead of the writer. You also can not get a refund on any extra feature that you purchase.

  • Revision Policy
This states that you can request revisions before you approve the paper and 7 days after approval. If you request a revision after the 7-day deadline, you will have to pay an extra fee for it. For customers who purchased the advanced delivery feature, they get a 21-day deadline instead.

  • Plagiarism free policy
They claim they produce custom papers, but they will revise them for free if you find any plagiarism. Suppose you can get a plagiarism report from plagiarism checkers like Turnitin that shows that the paper was plagiarized. In that case, they are willing to give a refund.

Thankfully, live chat customer support is handled by a real person and not a bot like other websites. This support is available from Mondays to Saturdays from 12:00 am to 8:00 pm (UTC). They also have an email address and a phone number you can call. When you lodge a complaint, you can expect a response within 20 minutes. This is a good feature of this EssayHave writing service.


  • Responsive customer support
  • Direct communication with your writer.


  • Native English language speakers cost more
  • Exorbitant prices
  • Inexperienced writers
  • Low-quality papers

Now for our final verdict. We have established that this writing service is not a scam. It is, in fact, very authentic but do we recommend this service to our readers? No, we do not. This writing service is riddled with red flags. It’s hard not to see a reason not to patronize them. Other potential clients see it too, which is why they don’t have the good reputation they should have.

Their papers are too mediocre for the prices that they charge. They are supposed to deliver high-quality essays to their customers, but they don’t. The issue of having to pay extra for a native English language speaker also baffles us. People are paying ridiculously high amounts, and they still don’t get ENL writers?

We have been talking about this advanced delivery feature. What exactly is it? This feature allows you to ask the writer for updates on your paper as the writer progresses. Without this feature, you cannot do that, which is very unreasonable. To qualify for this feature, your project has to cost above $200 and have a deadline of more than 5 days.

This writing service is very problematic, and we think that you can definitely do without them. However, if you need an alternative writing service, you can check out this top assignment writing services.
What Is is an online academic writing website that offers various writing services to high school and college students. They write assignments, essays, report papers, and dissertations, etc. has been in business for a while.
Is EssayHave plagiarism free?
The website promises original work but there are several reports of plagiarized papers from customers on the website. They do offer to revise plagiarized papers for free. However, if you don't want to go through the hassle of revision, you may want to go for another website.
Is EssayHave A Good Writing Service?
We do not recommend for several reasons. The most important is their refusal to give clients ENL writers unless they pay for it. We find this very unreasonable and unprofessional. If you use this service, expect to get a paper filled with grammatical errors unless you pay for an ENL writer.
Is EssayHave Safe? is a relatively safe website. They do protect the privacy and confidentiality of their customers. Their website is also easy to use with a good customer support system.
Is EssayHave Scam? is not a scam. There is a lot of sincere customer feedback on their website. While they are not the best writing service in the market, we can say that they are authentic.
Is Legit? is a legitimate online writing service that has provided papers to numerous clients for about 8 years and counting. So we can agree that they are legit.
Is EssayHave Reliable? will deliver your paper on time but it may not be the best quality. They even advise clients to enable enough for revisions which shouldn't be the case if they are truly professional. The prices are also unreasonably high for the quality of work they produce. It's best to go for a more affordable writing service where you are certain of the quality of their work.
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