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There are countless academic websites on the internet, and more websites are still being introduced. Never in the history of the world have there been such bombardment with free and easily accessed information. These sites offer numerous services a scholar can benefit from. Some of the services are free of charge while most of the services are paid. With the overloaded internet space, one would be keen on which sites offer value and which sites are legit.

This request is especially important when it has to do with a paid service. The paid services on academic websites online include (though not limited to) payments for materials that can be delivered as a hard copy to the buyer or the soft reproduction of the material, which will be sent to the buyer’s email. Essayhave is one of those academic sites online. Is Essayhave legit? Is it one of those scams writing online platforms?

This article is an Essayhave review, and the website has the domain name, Essay Have offers different services attached with huge promises for customers or user’s satisfaction. Are their claims valid or a way to capture the attention of desperate or needy scholars? Essayhave is an online academic platform that claims to offer professional academic assistance that includes seamless editing and proofreading services. There are many other Essayhave reviews online. Let’s take a closer look at Essayhave.
Types of services

Essayhave is one of the many writing websites on the internet. The site occupies the 596th position against other writing sites. From their websites, you can view a few writers or editors who are to provide the needed services. From the website, they provide services such as;
  • Editing
    Essayhave claims they don’t do the writing aspect for their clients, but they help edit their paper or essay. However, some reviews by an individual read that they did the writing. If it is true that they do write for clients, shouldn’t it be stated openly on their website that such service is available? The client, having no foreknowledge of who the writer is, will only see the outcome of the job after it had been done. It means the client is at the mercy of the particular editor, not knowing how knowledgeable the editor is on the given subject or topic. The testimonials from the site notwithstanding, there are lots of unhappy experiences from clients who have used their services.
  • Proofreading
    There are lots of reviews about the services of Esssayhave on the internet. Some good things being are being said about the website and its services. Amidst the good things being said, there have also been reports of clients receiving jobs with horrible experiences and cases of plagiarism reported. Essayhave also needs to work on this because it also affects the value placed on the site. For every organization, client satisfaction goes a long way toward influencing the general rating. A satisfied client would most likely bring another client.
Essayhave works on written works such as;
  • dissertations
  • theses
  • case studies
  • research papers
  • analysis
  • projects
  • laboratory reports
  • creative writing assignment
  • journal article
  • poems
The outline of services obtainable from Esssayhave is notable, but the quality of papers produced is not quite up to standard. The quality of writers should be carefully considered.


The Essayhave website is straightforward and not overloaded with lots of information. A new user of the website will be ignorant about the necessary details on the website. With the information about the site and the writing services provided, one cannot ascertain if it is legit or a scam site.
More so, the icons on the websites are supposed to improve the usability of the website. They ought to give the user a better experience navigating through the website. The icon load time on the websites is slow, which will affect the website users’ experience.

The essayhave website takes credit for different academics works. Works, which include high school papers, college papers, masters thesis editing, and other reports, but the user cannot check them out. There is no portfolio of jobs that are done in the past. Therefore, the new user has little or no proof of the credibility and the offer of the website.

The website is also not interactive. An interactive site allows the user to have a personalized experience while using the site. For an interactive website, there is a connection between the user and the contents of the website.
An interactive site is engaging and allows the user to contribute to the content of the website. The Essayhave website is not interactive but somewhat static.
Prices and Payment

New clients can get their first page done free with a coupon code. Clients can also pay as low as just $13 to have their work written for them. The low price charged by Essayhave might be a reflection of the quality of work together with the huge discount offered. A client might get a 5% discount on a $500 worth of work. A quality professional academic work can also reflect in the cost of service.

Service provider places high charges on their services because of the confidence they have on the quality of the value they offer. Therefore, an outrageously lesser price, coupled with a massive discount, should raise eyebrows.

The costs for the various categories of academic writings are not the same. More voluminous order can also unlock some levels of discount for the client. A paper written for high-school with a deadline of 14 days would cost about $15. The client pays higher (about $50 or more) when it comes to graduate quality paper coupled with a shorter period deadline. The shorter deadline can have a duration of about 4 hours.


When it comes to tasks that are based on deadlines, getting your work done within the stipulated time is of utmost importance - submitting work after the deadline is, in most cases, considered as no work at all. There are cases of not turning in a paper on time from the users of the website.
The flawed customer support system can also reflect in their attitude towards meeting deadlines. For instance, when a client needs a job turned in on time, makes an order, and the response is delayed, there is no assurance that the writer can meet up with deadlines.

The website states that if the client is not satisfied with the quality of work, another writer would be contracted and time extended. The issue with this method is that the client might not have much time for trial and error.

Money can be refunded after several attempts (which the client might still not have the patience for), and the work didn’t meet up with the requirement. There have been some poor reviews written concerning the quality of work done by their writers. It had also contributed to the low ratings from clients.

When you need to get something done (in this case, a writing service), feedback is essential, especially when it involves a deadline. A client contacts a website and doesn’t get feedback as to when needed. Instinctively, the clients check the next available website that offers the same service. Sadly, the customer support that ought to be available 24/7 is not available. From the website, you are referred to fill in your details and expect a reply, but you might have to wait for too long.

The website doesn’t have enough details to feed the potential client with the necessary information. It poses a serious challenge when the paper is needed urgently (i.e., within hours) since the client has to wait for a long time before getting feedback. Their system is not automated, and the time taken to get back to the client can be discouraging.
The customer support is almost non-functional, and this attracts low ratings from clients who are majorly online. Quick feedback or customer support system is not negotiable, mainly because the number of competitors in the market is massive.


  • Paper Variety
    Variety, they say, is the spice of life. The number of the different kinds of services they offer is an advantage of the writing site. Most websites with writing services do not offer such quality services. They have services provided for different writing needs. Therefore, it is a website to consider when one needs a variety of writing tasks, especially when such services are not available on other websites. The type increases the number of visitors to the website. With such variety, the websites ensure that clients have more of their client’s required services met.
  • Low Cost
    With the available price ranges for the different writing services, clients with low financial status can afford their services. It is especially true for clients who are on a budget who have to manage their way through an academic program. Most scholars, who are the major clients of writing websites, are not salary earners, and mostly depend on stipends with by family members or sponsors. The financial demands on scholars are high, and there are so many things to do with money. Therefore, getting an affordable writing service can be of great benefit to them.


  • Quality of Work
    When a client employs the services of a writing service company, they expect value for their money. They expect the company to have capable experts they can trust to get the job done. It is, therefore, a breach of trust if they don’t get the quality they want from the writing site. There have been cases of written works, not meeting the required standard. Low-quality write-ups have also been recorded, which brought about low grades for the client. Cases of plagiarism have also been reported from clients.

Essayhave, as an online writing service company, has a reputation for offering a wide range of writing services at a lesser price. A major turn off is the quality of their work. Every client contracting a writing company expects the best quality written work that would meet the desired result, but the maximum client satisfaction seems not to be the case with Essayhave.
It is also not advisable to place bulk orders. It is because the quality of work is in question. Doing this might involve a higher risk of moving your work from one writer to the other and having to go through the rigorous process of refund. For clients who need for complex writing jobs, seeking out a writing service that specializes in the type of work you want to get done is advised.
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