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The benefits students derive from paper help are unquantifiable. It doesn’t only include getting the desired grades. With professional paper writing services, students can save time and channel their energy into other areas of their studies.  

However, not every custom writing service out there is genuine. Some academic helpers only want to fill their pockets with cash and offer little to no value to paper buyers.  We understand that finding a top-notch custom writing service can be a herculean task, given the tons of writing services available. For that reason, we decided to consider a custom paper writing service that claims to be best at what they do.

So here is a review of, a paper writing service that claims to be one of the best. Please keep reading to see what we discovered about this writing service.

The claims to be a professional essay writing service. As indicated on the website, has been in business since 2008.

AdvancedWriters is based in London and has offices scattered across Ukraine. They claim to have over 500 professional essay writers in various disciplines. These include writers with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in their respective disciplines. However, it remains to be seen if these claims are true.

AdvancedWriters claims to have a team that can handle any academic writing task, whether complex or simple. They claim to have paper buyers, which comprises students from the USA, UK, and Canada.
Types of services

In this Advanced Writers review, we focused on the list of services provided. We discovered some pros and cons during the research, which students looking to buy papers custom papers need to know. claims to provide a wide variety of custom writing services. These include essays, thesis, research paper, and dissertation writing. And this was quite encouraging, given how vast academic writing service is. However, we expected more from a company that claims to have been in existence for decades.

We would also like to mention in this review the weak editing and proofreading services this paper helper offers., as things stand, doesn’t have professional editors and proofreaders. Proofreading and editing tasks are handled by their writers, who aren’t even professional editors. We found this to be improper and unprofessional, given’s purported experience in the business.

We were expecting paper editing and proofreading services to be among their list of academic services. But that wasn’t the case.

Quality reviews won’t be complete without discussing paper quality. Quality is a crucial topic that mustn’t be left out. The quality of services a professional custom writer offers matter. People are ready to pay a premium for the right services and quality. To obtain the first-hand experience of’s academic paper quality, we had to place an order for two papers. The first topic was from psychology and wasn’t difficult, while the second was on management and was complex.

Unfortunately, the entire team behind this AdvancedWriters com review was massively disappointed when we received and checked both papers. We expected an A grade paper but got one that needs to be rewritten and edited by a professional who’s an expert in the field.

Both papers were written by Native speakers, as we didn’t find too many grammatical errors. But it was obvious that the writers lacked in-depth knowledge in the field and subject matter. This negates the claim that uses specialized writers in various academic fields. The paper is disillusioning. Another shocker we got was that we ordered their “advanced writer” option.

According to, this category includes professional writers who have extensive experience, knowledge and can handle complex writing projects.

On the contrary, the paper quality doesn’t show that they were written by professionals with in-depth knowledge of the various fields.
Prices and Payment

On prices, stated clearly on their website that the cost of papers depends on factors such as deadline, number of pages, and academic levels. And even though this will eliminate confusion for the paper buyers, the price ranges were high.

We were expecting a more reduced price, considering the quality of the papers we got. For a month deadline, undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D. students are charged $18, $24, and $27, respectively.

On payment, we discovered what other Advanced Writers reviews were saying was in order. We discovered that supports only a few payment options, such as Visa, America Express, MasterCard, and Discover. However, the payment process was complex and took far too much time to complete. We expected it to be swift and super easy for paper buyers, who don’t have the luxury of time, given the huge academic demands before them.


Another area we focused on in this AdvancedWriters com review was the guarantees. Well, AdvancedWriters claim that they check all academic papers with anti-plagiarism software, which we can confirm was in order. That’s because despite how poor the quality of our orders was, they were plagiarism-free. On revision policy, claims that it can offer revisions whenever needed. But the fact that they don’t have professional editors and proofreaders makes seeking revisions from them pointless.

Further, in all the reviews we have come across on the internet, we haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere that buyers’ privacy was bridged. This made us conclude that the writing service has a strict privacy policy. Thus, there’s no reason for paper buyers to be afraid of their identities being revealed.

However, on the money-back-guarantee, our experience with Advanced Writers was not so good. Even after weeks of filing for a refund, we never received any reasonable response or our funds.

On customer support, we tried reaching out to Advanced Writers via various platforms to have a balanced view of their customer support’s performance. Below are the pros and cons we discovered during our research.


  • Live chat available
  • Friendly customer support agents
  • Buyers can make contact via phone call


  • A bot, not a real human, handles its live chat.
  • Response time longer than expected

We embarked on this Advanced Writers review to determine if this paper service was genuine and recommendable. And yes, AdvancedWriters is genuine. But unfortunately, we cannot recommend this writing service to students seeking quality grades.

We had high expectations, given the custom paper writer’s many years in operation. But we were disappointed. First, the quality of both papers we ordered was nothing to write home about. Our team was expecting A-grade paper, but we got poorly written ones.

If you’re seeking quality papers that can guarantee the grades you seek, look elsewhere. We’re not convinced that can deliver the quality you seek.
What is is a website that claims to provide unique writing services for academic purposes. Our research claims that it has been in service for decades and offers a vast number of educational writing services. Their somewhat unprofessional service calls their offer to question.
Is plagiarism-free?
When it comes to checking text for plagiarism, this service is far from ideal. Writers don't always clear all plagiarism in your essay.
Is a good writing service?
For a service that provides academic writing assistance, isn’t good. The quality of their writing leaves a lot to be desired. Obviously, no one would want to get a revision when the original paper was of poor and somewhat unprofessional quality.
Is safe?
When it comes to getting your money’s worth, is not safe, they may resort to threatening you with publishing their badly written content online and they refuse to let you check for plagiarism yourself when you email them a complaint. That's not all, they also provide content that is full of grammar errors and misspellings. Not exactly what you paid fpr
Is a scam?
Considering the fact that they protect their client's privacy, they can be considered as a legitimate website. However, the fact that most of their promises regarding write-ups remain unfulfilled makes their legitimacy somewhat questionable.
Is legit?
When it comes to their money-back guarantee, we can’t guarantee the legitimacy of because our research unearthed a lot of complaints about their return policy. Not only are they unreliable when it comes to this, but it can also result in you having to send a lot of complaints which probably won’t bear any fruit.
Is reliable?
Their many errors make it hard to say that they are reliable. They have customer service issues, can't write professional work, and are known for providing papers filled with grammar and spelling errors.
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  1. At first, they seemed nice enough, contacted me by phone, clarified all the details and I was pleased.
    But the work was not quite what I expected. the quality of the work leaves much to be desired!
    I wish I had read your review much earlier

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