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The need for online essay writing services has become increasingly popular in recent times. When students have essays to write, they may be preoccupied with one thing or another. Many new online essay writing services spring up every now and then. And with this increase in online essay writing companies has come an increase in online scammers or services that offer average quality essays.

One of the companies that helps students write essays is King Essays. Is this online essay writing service legit? And will you get a good grade if you use them? You're about to find out all about that in this King Essays review.

The easiest way to spot online essay scammers posing as essay experts is to check what people say about them. Sadly, most online reviews are full of bias, with some companies even engineering these reviews. Therefore, you need to read an unbiased review to make a decision on which writing service to use. And this is where our review comes in.

In this King Essays review, we will provide a clear examination of We will cover this online writing service under different aspects, such as: About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and payments, Guarantees, and Customer support. We will then draw a Verdict from our research findings to know if this online writing service is worth your while.

Let's take a look at King Essays to determine if their services are worth your time and money!

King Essays is one of the many online writing services that claim to help students with their academic papers. But are they genuine? Continue reading to learn more.

The KingEssays website is easy to navigate. For some reason, this writing service's online reputation has been a controversial and problematic one. From the reviews online, KingEssays has a customer rating of 4.30 out of 5 stars, which clearly states that most people are satisfied with what they provide. But that's not the whole truth. After some digging through other King Essays reviews, we found some rather interesting stuff. This can help to throw more insight into the genuineness and quality of service produced by KingEssays.

This could mean one of two things. Either some bad King Essays reviews are being deleted or the good ones are being removed. Which of these scenarios is it? Let's keep reading to find out.
Types of services

In this King Essays review, we will first consider the services being rendered by this writing company. Here is a list of some of the services they offer.
  1. Essays
  2. Term Papers
  3. Research Papers
  4. Courseworks
  5. Book or movie reviews
  6. Research proposals
  7. Biographies
  8. Admission essays
  9. Articles
  10. Article reviews
  11. Dissertations
  12. Case studies
  13. Creative writing
  14. Cover letters


It is outlandish to judge the quality of KingEssays by just a single review. Therefore, we have taken a deep look into several reviews. From these reviews, one can say that they seem to produce good papers. However, there are a number of clients complaining about being unsatisfied with the work the writing service offers. There are also some complaints of clients getting very poor grades on their papers.

This writing service allows for clients and writers to communicate. This creates room for better collaboration among them. They boast of having only native English speakers as writers, with a minimum qualification of a Master's degree. However, this may not be true as there are lots of people complaining about receiving badly written and badly structured papers.
Prices and Payment

Now, let's proceed with our review by taking a look at their payment and prices. There are different prices for high school, college, university, Master's, and PhD papers. On average, for a 14-day deadline, you can get a high school paper for $10 per page; a college paper for $14 per page; a university paper for $16 per page; a Master's paper for $22 per page; and a PhD paper for $29 per page.

Generally, these prices vary depending on the complexity of the paper, the course, urgency, etc. You can also pay for additional services such as plagiarism reports ($9.99), abstract pages ($14.99), and high priority ($14.99). Their papers seem to be fairly priced. However, there's no price that's too cheap to warrant bad paper. If they deliver a bad paper, the low price paid will not serve as an alibi.

You can make payments into your KingEssays wallet using your credit card.


The website seems to be quite fishy as it doesn't have a lot of information to give out as regards guarantees. Their terms and conditions are hidden away, and you have to make some effort to find them. These guarantees probably do not hold water. Their guarantee is quite commonplace, and this includes:  
  • Plagiarism-free Guarantees
Just like with every other online writing service, you are assured of 100% custom papers. But some of their clients complained about getting plagiarised content.  
  • Privacy Guarantees
KingEssays asserts that they transfer rights to a paper to the customer. They claim to respect the privacy of their clients and do not share any information regarding them with any third party. Only authorized personnel have access to them.  
  • Expert Writer Guarantee
The firm proclaims to have very strict policies and standards at the time of hiring writers and making them workers, but in some of the King Essays reviews, clients still complained of being delivered very poor papers.

King essay provides a customer support team using an email address system. There are many complaints of delayed responses when they are sent an email. This could be very frustrating. Their customer support, therefore, leaves a lot to be desired.

You can not bank on them to answer you when you need their help quickly. Even if they do respond, there is no guarantee that their response will be helpful.


There's really nothing so special about this writing service in comparison with the usual online writing services. The benefits of working with this online writing service include:
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • You can get your paper in a short time.


Here are the major cons of working with this service. They include:
  • No refund Policy!
  • Plagiarised contents
  • Poor quality papers
  • Poor customer support

In conclusion, our final verdict regarding this writing service is that they are not a scam. The quality of their paper is just average. With the many complaints of receiving plagiarized papers and poor scores, you might want to avoid this online writing service if you desire excellent grades.

Poor paper quality is a common complaint. Although the price of the paper per page is relatively low, it doesn't give them the right to give students poor papers. Also, some of the extra charges may be a bit too high.

When it comes to guarantees, this writing service almost does not give you any guarantees. They do not particularly guarantee that they will refund your money if you don't like the paper or if you choose to cancel your order. So, you're basically on your own.

Although they state that their writers are after your progress, that can be hard to believe. For the quality of papers delivered, it is hard to believe that the writer has a Master's degree qualification. Although they state that the writers are native English speakers, this doesn't seem to be true, either.

Their website is also not encouraging. The choice of words on the website doesn't make the page sound or look like it was written by a professional. The information about the owner or location of this writing service also seems misleading. There are many things that are kind of off-putting about this writing service.

You can get a more reliable essay writing service, although you have to be willing to pay a bit more than what's offered by KingEssays. Check out some of these top assignment writing services and make your choice from them! Wishing you the best of luck!
What is KingEssays?
KingEssays is a platform for academic writing that claims to provide quality work written by people with at least a Master's degree.
Is KingEssays reliable?
For a service that claims to have writers with postgraduate degrees, their writing services are poorly written and structured which leaves a lot to be desired in the end. They provide affordable prices that start from $10 which makes them reliable enough when it comes to cost.
Is KingEssays legit?
The website provides vague information about its management. The terms and conditions aren't easily accessible which leaves a lot to be questioned and they do not make good on their guarantees. However, we can't quite say they aren't legitimate because they actually provide content when you pay for work.
Is KingEssays scam?
When it comes to the client's privacy, KingEssays claims to protect the information of the client from third parties. Only personnel that have the right authorization can access the information about the clients.
Is KingEssays safe?
KingEssays guarantees that your personal information is well protected, but then again they also guarantee that they'll provide you with high-quality writing and that...doesn't exactly work out. So, it would be wise to rethink their guarantees.
Is KingEssays a good writing service?
Although they can be considered as a good writing service, there have been complaints about the quality of grades received for the essays and assignments they have provided.
Is KingEssays plagiarism-free?
They guarantee that the content provided on KingEssays is plagiarism-free but, there have been cases where clients have complained that the content they received contained plagiarism. So, for uniqueness, it depends on luck.
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