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Essaypro has built itself as an essay writing and editing service provider in the last 20 years. It promises high quality professional write-ups, and has established itself as a platform that helps the students to have their academic projects and assignments completed by professionals that allows student to get into other necessary works and leave their essay work on Essaypro skilled writers and proof-readers. Their services include all the writing services like writing content, resumes, proofreading, editing, or even tutoring. They claim to have completed around 1.1 million orders approximately. As college students face new and hard tasks, the experienced writers are available to simplify the lives by providing the well-researched paper or coursework. claims to provide 100% authentic, plagiarism free original content with friendly and affordable prices. It allows you to chat with your writers to keep the writers updated with every minor detail and changes you need. Essaypro claims to have the writing services that allows you to get your papers ready with punctuality plagiarism-free, and high-quality content but whether it is the the right choice to have your papers done from is a matter of review. Let's dwell into it further.
Types of services

Let's have a look at what services Essaypro offers from the beginning:
  • Custom Essay (any type)
  • Literature Review
  • Research Paper
  • Business Plan
  • Admission Essay
  • Case Study
  • Coursework
  • Presentation or Speech
  • Term Paper
  • Article Review
  • Creative Writing
  • Reflective Writing
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Research Proposal
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Thesis / Dissertation
  • Book / Movie Review
  • Critical Thinking / Review
  • Report
  • Editing and proofreading


According to the company, writers go through a very high training and a series of interviews to ensure that they are qualified to handle any paper of any level of education. The individual's education certificates must prove that he holds a degree with good academic performance at the university. However, based on my experience there is no proper training and concept understanding to most of the individuals whether it's about writing or proof reader. No one can exactly know what sort of tests they have passed through and what specialization they hold The company is not correct when it says that has plagiarism checkers that ensure the works is original before being delivered to customers because as the assignments needed by customers are already being delivered every year to hundreds of students, and in my experience the same is being provided to the new customers as well. Maybe they are just using any free plagiarism checker, which anyways cannot test the originality of academic papers. For editing tasks, non-native writers are very poor at correcting language errors. This answers the question of why publishing an article through this company is of no use, and there comes the major issue. They promise quality and that they can provide the academic assistance the student needs, but in reality, I felt completely cheated when the delivered work almost half plagiarized and was detected at my university. They say that their service helps students formulate their academic work by entrusting them to experienced professionals in the academic field. The unlimited revisions they speak of is also not true. I had to get in touch with the writer and even after explanations I have provided to them there was no implementation for many times. That makes me believe that it's all about the luck when it comes to choose a writer. Only once in a moon did I got the project done under timeline, with the average quality assignment.
Prices and Payment

The website uses an auction system and the price starts at $ 11 per page and after you fill the information and details about your project the bidding starts when you've to decide whom you're going to choose for doing your work. Then the payment needs to be made from PayPal or credit cards. For the college going students the academic assignments seem to be unaffordable. The amount they charge is $11 for writing one page of essay, and this is way too much to be asked for. Personally, it cost me a lot to get the paper being completed but I honestly didn't get the expected results as the website shows. There was no standardized rich content being written, and research wasn't done up to mark as well. I felt like being cheated and at last I was left with not much to spend, less time and pressure on head along with such a bad experience. It's totally the same experience as many of the reviewers have claimed on the internet, where some clients got cheated after they were promised perfection. On there is no payment system operating permanently. The payment systems used by this company are also very slow, it consumes unnecessary time of their customers. Customers are therefore forced to wait a few minutes for the system to update the payment. Constantly changing their payment systems also costs customers. Recovering money is even a difficult task and cannot be done by non-technical customers.


A writing service isn’t of any worth when there's no confidentiality and security guarantees. too do not provide or follow any such strict policy like assignmentgeek writing service do. This feels like being cheated and ripped off when your personal information isn't kept confidential anymore at times when essay pro provide security to their staffs and not to the clients.
Customer Support

Essaypro's online support team makes the situation worse by taking a lot of time to communicate feedback to customers. Sometimes customers get bored as they wait for minutes before their support messages come back. It promises easy support and essay assistance but when support is needed it's null. No agent is instantly available for support and it takes a long time for getting even a simple reply from their side. Also, for urgent revisions, Essaypro customers end up having late submission because the support of is slow and does not keep it sufficiently informed of their orders. Hence is not suitable for urgent problems due to the slowness of the communication systems. When I needed customer support for making some changes, I was returned the paper with the same technical glitches with no further scope to correct the same.


Even if there are serious problems, it's a great way to use the services of something that is quite unpopular among people, that is writing. Many people lack the simple writing skills and for them these websites are a lifesaver. Some editors have good skill in finding topics well before digging homework. In one of the assignments, the writer who was entrusted to me was very understanding and cooperative. We were often in touch and made big changes on schedule. The article was good, informative and fine. They have a lot of really good writers who know how to do their job. They are the reason why many top-rated students manage to maintain their grades.


Sometimes a client makes an error after publishing the requirements. In this case, the customer's paper must be corrected at his request. However, customers do not benefit from this service. Their services are such that they cannot make any changes to the documents once they have been deemed complete. The clients who work with them are therefore forced to do too much work and yet have to pay in full for the services. This really crates a pain in head to see your money being spent worthlessly, and honestly such kind of issues are committed mostly on Essaypro and not in any other academic services providing company. Essay pro don't have much better reputation in the market. It is one of company with highly charged service and have been seen to provide plagiarized content with non-fulfilment of the commitments regarding deadlines, quality and customer support. I regretted using it for couple of times by having a thought that may be once or twice I could have chosen the inexperienced writer but the belief came to an end when I asked them to complete my 20-page report. It was shocking to see my report having blunders and plagiarism. But what made me annoyed the most was the grammatical mistakes and the poorly formed sentence. The sentence structure was so childish and filled with inappropriate vocabulary that I was forced to write it on my own within next one week when the customer support didn't prove helpful and the writer denied making changes after a time. I pay the money for getting the service and hence I keep the rights to make my work done according to my requirements. But made me run out of money and time, and the only option I was left with was to do my work on my own and believe myself. The essay pro review was something I checked later on when I asked them for the refund my money for wasting my time like this. And what I got was $0.

The assignment without plagiarism is a hoax as often claimed and many students complained about the way they received plagiarized papers as according to the reviews, which totally are true. It is understandable that at times writers can make a few mistakes, which I agree with, but for people like myself who takes their work very seriously makes me uncomfortable placing bids with my money on something that could give not me a good customer service. If asked, is essaypro legit? I want to let you know that they are not very good in keeping their promises, so you should be smart enough to judge them and their legal claims while they give you a commitment. Just read the reviews of the other clients too, who have actually placed orders. You will see that it is not just cookies and rainbows, they are actually so disappointing and realize that it's a waste of money when services are overpriced without delivering value. Even if we ignore the price, the grammatical errors, the structure and the overall research doesn’t satisfy the expectations for a maximum number of customers. However, if your budget is really tight do not worry, find someone else, there are many good companies doing far better that essay pro.