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Students don’t always have the luxury of time to do all their assignments themselves. That’s why they consider outsourcing their essays to credible writing services. But it is unwise to just blindly outsource important assignments to random online writing services.

To know how reliable a service is, you first have to check what past users of that service say about them. That’s why in this article, we’ll be sharing our unbiased review about In this EssayPro review, we’ll be covering the writing service under several headings such as About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

This Essay Pro review covers all the important aspects of any writing service. Let’s delve into this EssayPro review and see whether this writing service is worth your money! is one of the numerous online writing services that claim to provide academic assistance to students at an affordable price. But is this true? And are they legit? Well, let’s find out. seems to have a pretty good online reputation as they have a 4.73/5 rating on websites like But are these EssayPro reviews trustworthy? A quick domain search shows that the Essay Pro website was registered about 2 decades ago. However, EssayPro has only been around for about 7 years now. Why should a 7-year-old company decide to use an old website? Could it be that the website was rebranded? Or…?

But either way, 7 years is quite a long time, so they must be doing something right to remain relevant in such a competitive online market space. Most of the reviews online seem to be very pleased with their service, especially because their prices are affordable. But there are some pretty bad reviews about this writing service. What strikes us the most is that most customers with bad reviews hammer on that particular default. We’ll get to that soon.

The EssayPro website looks user-friendly. They claim to have over 400 professional writers in their team. We see that clients gave EssayPro reviews about the writers that worked on their project. At least, that helps for transparency.
Types of services

In this Essay Pro review, the first thing to consider is the services this writing company offers. From the website, we can see that they offer quite several academic services to students. Some of these services include:
  1. Dissertation Writing
  2. Research Paper Writing
  3. Custom Writing
  4. Term Paper Writing
  5. Essay Help
  6. Admission Essay Writing
  7. Physics Help
  8. Essay Editing
  9. Coursework Writing


It is impossible to judge the quality of with a single EssayPro review. That’s why we researched several Essay Pro reviews. From the review, one can say that EssayPro writers produce okay papers. Though some clients have claimed to get very poor scores on their papers.

The website allows clients to communicate directly with the writer. This can allow for better collaboration between the clients and their writers. The writers seem to be Native English speakers because no Essay Pro review complains about poor grammar. However, there’s a whole lot of complaints about plagiarized content. Even a high school kid can copy and paste anything off the internet. So, this is a bad pointer.

So, when you place an order for a paper on this website, be sure to pick a writer with good history to be on the safer side. However, that’s a lot of work as you have to scroll through hundreds of writers to find the perfect fit (no filters!) And even when you do find a writer, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get something that will sweep you off your feet.
Prices and Payment

Now, let’s explore EssayPro reviews based on their pricing. There is no fixed price for the services that they offer. This writing service makes use of the bidding system. It requires you to create a user account and post your project with your budget and have EssayPro writers bid for it.

But the average price for a single page of 275 words goes for $11.4 on this website. You might get a different deal depending on your project type and the writer.

They know that students always love looking for the most affordable options, so they provide some discounts. A 30% discount on every page for projects above 1 page seems like a good deal. However, some clients complain they were still charged the full amount despite using a coupon.

Concerning the payments, A customer must pay the total cost of a project into their wallet on the website before commencing work with a writer. When the job is completed, the customer will release the money to the writer in exchange for the project.

The payments are made into your EssayPro wallet by bank transfers or debit/credit card payment methods (MasterCard/visa)


The Essay Pro writing service has several guarantees. Some of these guarantees are tailored to serve the customers’ interest, while some serve the company’s interest. The guarantees include:
  • Revision Policy
The website states that their writers offer free revisions for up to 30 days after an order has been delivered to the customer. In our opinion, 30 days seems like quite a generous offer. However, we’ve seen it all too often – it could be a marketing strategy. On another part of their website, the revision policy states 7 days. So, their revision policy is not quite clear and might as well not exist. Could this be an error? Or a scam?
  • Plagiarism-free Paper Guarantee
Like every other online writing service, they assure you of 100% custom papers. But, like most other shady writing services, this is nothing but lies. They even offer to attach plagiarism reports, but yeah, it’s just a strategy. Lots of clients keep complaining about receiving plagiarized content.
  • Money-Back Guarantee
Unfortunately, this company has a non-existent refund policy. This means that once payment is made, you cannot cancel the order or get your money back. Sounds hilarious if you ask us. There’s no turning back or changing your mind once you click the “order” icon.
  • Copyright Policy reviews assert that they transfer all rights to a paper to the customer. Their privacy/anonymity guarantee supports this guarantee better. They respect their client’s privacy. They would not share information about their client with any third party. So, you are sure that nobody is going to have any claims to your paper.
Customer’s customer support entails a live chat system and an email address system. This online writing service is definitely in-tuned with all the new developments in the essay writing industry.

This website claims to be available to customers 24/7. This is one of the many marketing strategies on their website. When you send an email to them, they take at least 4-5 hours to get a response. We guess they have so many messages to reply, but this can be frustrating, especially when a client is in a hurry.

Plus, some clients have given bad reviews to the customer service. Guess they didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know.


According to reviews online, we see that nothing makes this writing service unique. The pros of working with this company include:
  • Student-friendly prices
  • You get to work with the writer directly
  • You get to pick a writer that you want to work with
  • You can get your papers done in a very short time.


Here are some of the cons of working with this writing service. They include:
  • Poor customer support
  • Missed deadlines
  • No refund policy
  • Plagiarized content
  • Poor quality papers.

Now, for our final verdict on this EssayPro writing service. First of all, we would like to establish that this writing service is not a scam. Their website is user-friendly. Overall, they are an average writing service at best. They can always make a few improvements to make their service better. Another part that concerns us is the refund policy. They only make exceptions to this policy on special occasions like:
  • A customer mistakenly makes double payments
  • The paper was delivered after the deadline. This is not a full refund as they would determine the percentage by themselves.
  • No writer has been assigned to you yet, and you would like to cancel the order.
  • If you can prove that they plagiarized your paper, they promise a 100% refund.
Apart from these exceptions, they would not make any refunds to a client. Instead, they offer free revisions to try to rectify the issue.

Nobody wants plagiarized content. And in fact, a client said he nearly got kicked out of his program due to this. Even if revisions are free, the process can take forever, and you’ll likely miss your deadline.

Having considered all these, we can hardly recommend this writing service. If you’re looking for an alternative, you can check out these homework cheat sites.
What Is Essay Pro?
EssayPro claims to be a top-notch writing service platform that offers students the choice of selecting writers through a bidding system, this makes negotiation with the writer possible. Just like any other writing service they claim to possess all the characteristics necessary to deliver plagiarism-free, high-quality content.
Is EssayPro Plagiarism-free?
The company offers services such as rewriting, custom writing, proofreading, editing, assignments, and multiple-choice questions. While some students may not see rewriting as being a problem, if the rewritten document is recognized by a professor, this might count as plagiarism.
Is a Good Writing Service? is not a terribly bad academic writing service as there are some good reviews. Although the overall reviews on EssayPro are not very positive, complaints surrounding missed deadlines, punctuation errors, and writers not following instructions still exist.
Is Safe?
The platform has a tricky refund policy. Clients can only get a refund if; no writer has been assigned, a writer has been assigned but the order was canceled by the client, late delivery, and double payments. In cases where plagiarism or low quality is reported, they only accept plagiarism reports run on Turnitin, when this cannot be provided, the client does not get a refund.
Is a Scam?
The platform claims to have been in business since 1997, but there was no such site as until 2003. The reason for this lie is not really clear, was it to improve trust and reliability? Was it to gain a stronger online reputation?
Is Legit? provides free unlimited revisions for their clients. Aside from the platform’s tricky refund policy which might raise concerns when clients are not satisfied with the quality of their orders, the company has no legitimacy problems.
Is Reliable?
If you are looking to meet deadlines, EssayPro might not be the very best option. Although the company delivers good (not perfect orders), a majority of concerns surround its inability to meet deadlines.
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  1. This service wrote me a term paper for the first and last time. I’ve never seen so many grammatical and semantic errors. My professor immediately returned the job to me, and when I filed a claim with the support service, I was only offered to redo the coursework for an additional fee. I had to contact another company because I’m no longer going to pay for this. Not professionals staff work here.

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