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4/10 is an online writing service that is targeted at helping students with their academic papers. The first thing that we can see is that they have been around for almost a decade. What are they doing right that made them stick around this long?

From a simple domain search of the website name, we have verified their authenticity. But what else can we tell you about this website? Keep reading to find out more.

We see that claims to partner with their customers to deliver the best possible custom papers. This means that there is a sort of direct communication between the writer and the customer. That’s a good thing.

We can quickly see that they give their customers the freedom to set prices and pick writers they want to work with. They also let you know that you can give reviews about the writer you worked with. This goes a long way in ensuring that the customers feel safe and genuinely trust this writing service. But is this enough guarantee to make you trust this site?

There is a lot of controversies surrounding this website. Numerous Essay Shark reviews suggest that this website does not provide authentic and customized papers. Some of these reviews have even labeled Essay Shark scam.
Types of services

In this review, the first thing we’ll be considering is the type of services they offer. According to the Essay Shark website, they offer a wide variety of services. Their services include:
  1. Thesis writing services
  2. Topic suggestion tools
  3. Selling of Research papers.
  4. Review papers
  5. Case studies


There are a lot of great Essay Shark reviews on their websites. We can see that the customers review the website after getting a paper they are satisfied with. These reviews are everywhere on the website, so it’s clear that they are trying too hard to emphasize that they are really good.

But we think all these great reviews on their website are marketing strategies. Why? Because outside the website, the reviews that you find every other place seem to say otherwise. Some EssayShark reviews make us believe that the writers are non-English native speakers from African countries. This is why they produce papers where the grammar is not very fluent.

We can see that a project is divided into 3 parts. When you hire a writer, you get the 1st and 2nd parts without making any payments, but they hold on to the 3rd part till you pay the total sum. They clearly state that if you are pleased with the 2 parts that have been released to you, that’s when you pay. After you have made payments, you can no longer cancel the order. Paying after you get a satisfactory paper seems like a really good deal, but if it is, what then are people complaining about?

The loophole that the customers fail to see in this arrangement is that there is no specific detail on how long the 1st and 2nd parts would be, so the writers give them sketchy samples of what is supposed to be their paper. These samples are not too revealing, so a customer can not make a proper decision. To see the whole thing, you have to pay for it.

If the customer has any complaints, it would be too late because you have paid and payment indicates satisfaction. That’s sad, right?
Prices and Payment

This Essay Shark review cannot be complete without touching on how much they charge. A customer has to create a free user account, post their projects, and wait for writers to bid for them. Like every writing service that uses this bidding system, higher price tags equal more bids.

In comparison, lesser price tags mean little to no writer bidding on your project. The average price you can put up to guarantee at least one bidder is $20 per page. It can be higher depending on the size of paper you are looking to get. All payment transactions are carried out via Paypal.


As we roll along in this EssayShark review, let’s touch on another important aspect of any writing service – Guarantees!
  • Money-back Guarantee
They have a good “refund policy.”  This policy is only available till you actually make payments for your paper. Correct us if we are wrong, but refund policies mean that you can get your money back after making proper payments, not just when you lock your money up on a website. The money is still technically yours at that time, so it’s not really a refund policy per se.
  • Copyright Guarantee
They allocate every right to the customer who paid for a paper. Such customers can use the paper for academic purposes only.
  • Revision policy Guarantee
The website says that a customer is entitled to multiple revisions that are free before making any payments. Does this mean that after payments, the revisions end? It also says that they reserve the right to withdraw this benefit from a customer if they exploit a writer. How many reviews can you ask for before it is considered an exploitation scheme?

The next part of this EssayShark review is their customer support. We can see that this writing service is an old one because it does not use a live chat customer support service. The only customer support that the website makes use of is an email address system. You’ll have to wait for a few hours to get a reply. That sucks!


Unlike every other writing service with more bad reviews than good online, seems to have a few pros to working with them. Some of the pros include:
  1. They offer flexible and affordable pricing when compared to other writing services. This means that customers that come with a budget can still get their paper done within that budget.
  2. This writing service allows for direct communication with the writers.
  3. Ordering for a paper on is very easy and fast.


Of course, you should expect to see the cons of working with this online writing service. Some of the cons of working with include:
  1. Their revision policy is not very explicit. It is not clear how many times you can request a revision.
  2. They need to improve on their customer support system. An emailing system is quite outdated for online writing services.

From our research, we have concluded that this writing service definitely has some flaws. However, this does not mean that is a scam. The issue of the writers being non-native English speakers is a very serious one.

We stated earlier that the EssayShark website allows for an adequate number of revisions before you can make any payments, so customers who would like to work with them should ensure that they have enough time to go through the 1st and 2nd parts carefully so that they are not making payments for mediocre papers because they are in a hurry.

A few EssayShark reviews also complain about plagiarized content. They also state that EssayShark writing standards are not up to the academic standards of writing. This means that some of the citations will not be correct.

We advise that you save yourself all the stress and check out a writing service with writers from your country aware of the proper writing standards. If you want to work with this writing service, you should do so at your own discretion and risk.

However, if you are looking for alternative writing services, check out some of the top assignment writing services that we recommend instead. Tell us what you think about EssayShark and the recommended writing services. We’ll be glad to hear from you!
What is EssayShark? is one of the numerous online writing services targeted at helping students with their academic papers and every academic issue they might have.
Is EssayShark plagiarism-free?
There are some online reviews from customers that complain about getting plagiarized papers. This means that there is a possibility that you could get a plagiarized page. So you might want to look for a more reliable writing service so that you don’t risk your grade for submitting a plagiarized paper.
Is EssayShark a good writing service? does not offer any special benefits or features that make it stand out as an exceptionally good writing service. However, it’s not terrible either. The papers that you would get from EssayShark writers are pretty much basic papers that are not too complex.
Is safe?
All financial transactions on this website are secure as their payment method is a reliable one. You are not prone to any threats, but it is important that you protect yourself and not give out sensitive information to anyone either on the website or anywhere else on the internet
Is EssayShark scam?
No, EssayShark is not a scam. It is an authentic writing service. Although there might be some controversies surrounding their company, online reviews seem to suggest a lot of dissatisfaction with the service provided. We can tell you that it is not a scam.
Is EssayShark legit?
Yes, they are indeed a legitimate online writing service that serves the purpose of students. Since you do not pay for a paper you dislike, there is no cause for alarm.
Is EssayShark reliable?
Judging by the current writing service industry standards, it is safe to say that EssayShark is reliable. The assignment EssayShark is delivered before the deadline, except the customer is not pleased with the paper and requests revisions at times that take past the deadline to correct.
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