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Essay shark prides itself of over ten years of offering academic assistance to students across the globe. It is an online platform where students can place requests about their assignments and get assistance from writers recruited on this platform. The company operates globally around the clock targeting students who have academic needs in almost every area of study. As of the time of this review, 107, 438 visitors were reported to have used essayshark services. On this platform, customers are allowed to choose a writer of their own preference based on qualifications and other details on their profile. To place an order, a customer needs to fill out a form on the home page with details of their email, type of assignment and when it is due for submission. Once that is complete, customers get a summary of how much it will cost them to get such kind of help.
Types of services

Essay shark provides academic assistance to students in various disciplines. Help is available for essay writing, term papers, thesis papers, dissertations, homework, article reviews, report writing and so on. Each chargeable page is 275 words. Even with that, essayshark legit nature is put into question because there is not much convincing evidence that these services are actually central to what they do. Sample papers available from their platform are not a complete representation of what a student could be looking for in such a platform. All work done in this platform is possible through a team of over 1000 writers across all disciplines. Students should, therefore, expect to find someone to work on their assignment based on the instructions they provide to them. However, there are no guarantees that the people working on your assignment are qualified to do so. You will have to rely fully on the information they have provided and purely make your decisions based on it. The minimum deadline set from the company’s website is 24 hours. Unless otherwise promised by the company, you will have to find out on your own whether you could get assistance for assignments with shorter deadlines of as little as 3 hours. This academic writing platform for students is something to really study through before using it. Do not be caught up in the essay shark scam of paying for services that will never be delivered. Get help by reading professional online reviews to make a well-informed decision before using their services.


Reliable online sources and essay shark reviews report that there are many concerns with the quality of work that students can expect from this platform. Despite reporting a quality rating of 9.5 out of 10, many experts do not believe that essayshark is a good choice for any serious student looking for help online. This information is there to win unsuspecting students who are not keen on these details. There is a lot to tell about quality service and that includes site’s design and the information available on the website. There are some broken links on the website, which is something to get you thinking of what kind of service to expect. It simply means that the company does not have fresh content and is not frequently updated. From that perspective, it is unlikely that students will get professional academic assistance from such services. Do not put your studies to risk by engaging services that cannot promise quality. Save yourself a lot of time and stress by choosing your help wisely. This will help you avoid this essayshark scam designed to lure students into believing that they have something good to offer.
Prices and Payment

Services are available starting at the price of $16.7 per page for essays and $30 per page for some assignments. Myessaygeek service offers you cheaper prices, for instance. If you read essayshark review reports available online, you will realize that this is somewhat costlier compared to other quality academic writing services. Even with the hefty charges, there is no value enough for anyone to use their services. For that reason, it may not be a pocket-friendly site to use. The company’s pricing policy is not clear. You cannot tell how pricing is done. Customers are required to fill out a form with details of their assignment after which they will be able to know how much it will cost them. Not many people are confident using services that are not clear about why they are paying certain amounts of money on something they need help with. Making payments to this service is also not clear. You cannot tell whether you are engaging in safe transactions or not. For that reason, no one will feel safe transacting on this platform. Using your hard-earned money on a service you are not sure will deliver can be quite challenging. The pricing policy and mode of payments is something to get you worried about essay shark.


Many issues revolve around the services offered at essay shark. You do not feel the confidence that you will be getting the right deals especially in the quality of your work. With a keen focus on getting your money and not providing the necessary support, your work will be compromised. There is no guarantee on the originality of your submitted assignment. Should you use these services, you will have to incur extra expenses to check whether your work is free from plagiarism. You cannot tell whether essayshark com will keep your personal information confidentially. As a student, you obviously want to make sure that your work is not shared out to other users. This is a big problem, especially where confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, buying papers or getting written assignments from this service can be a great risk. If you want to know the answer to “is essayshark legit?” check also on their policy on money paid to them for the delivery of academic services. Most writing services have money-back policies that define how money is handled in the event that services are not delivered as agreed between the two parties. You will be left guessing about what will happen to you in the event that you will find yourself in such a situation.
Customer Support

The main means of communication at is through email. There is no live chat. That way, it is unlikely that you will get instant responses to your requests. Despite the fact that support is available 24/7, it is hard to tell how quickly you can get the assistance you are looking for. Placing a request on this platform can be frustrating to users. It takes a lot of time to place your request and get a response even for the simple matters. This is a tedious process that may not work well especially if your assignment has a short deadline.


Out of the many essayshark reviews available online, you will not find many positive things about this service. All you may be able to find are:
  • Free services of writing the title page, references and formatting your work
  • Customers given the right to choose their budget
  • Customers allowed to choose a writer of their preference based on the different profiles available on the company’s website.


Using the essayshark website is a great risk. It is a non-responsive site that is not up to modern standards of helping customers navigate through and get the solutions they need. The biggest issues with this site are as follows.
  • The quality of work produced from this platform cannot be guaranteed to be of high standards. For that reason, a student’s discretion to use their services is highly advised based on this fact.
  • Poor customer support service that entirely relies on emails for communication. Instead of using an instant messaging chat platform, essay shark asks their customers to contact them through emails only. This is frustrating for anyone looking for swift solutions.
  • High prices for services. The company charges high prices with no guarantee of quality work. Basically, there is no value for money paid for writing assignments from this platform.
  • Inability to meet deadlines. Meeting assignment deadlines is very essential and the failure by essay shark to meet customer needs has been realized through unmet deadlines. There is no guarantee that your assignment will be submitted in good time.
  • No clear money-back policy on unmet promises and that is what puts essayshark legit issues in the spotlight.
  • Issues of confidentiality for maintaining professionalism exist in an environment whose information management system is not streamlined. Anyone using these services takes a great risk not knowing how their information will be used afterwards.

Based on this essay shark review and what other customers have said from other reliable sources, I rate this service 1.5/5. There typically, are many issues that do not give users the confidence to use this service whatsoever. The biggest worries are in the manner in which communication is made and the quality of help coming from this site. The information available on this site is not to be trusted especially with existing broken links. Customers’ needs are not thoroughly addressed hence the reason why many should shy away from using such services.