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Tips on How to Write an Exploratory Essay

If you are reading this blog post, you’ve probably been tasked with writing an exploratory essay. And chances are you don’t know anything about this kind of writing assignment. The reality is that writing such an essay is not a difficult task. However, it’s not difficult only if you know exactly what this paper is all about. So, to make things as easy for you as possible, we will show you what an exploratory essay is, how you can write one (quick guide included), and where you can get some good examples from.
Of course, you will also get a short exploratory essay template. Once you learn how to write this kind of academic paper, all you have to do is follow the template and get the job done. Believe it or not, the information contained within this post will help you improve your grades in no time. And this also means that you will be improving your GPA if you read carefully and apply the tips and tricks you learn here.

Tips on How to Write an Exploratory Essay

But What Is an Exploratory Essay?

Let’s start with the beginning. What is exploratory essay? In this essay, you are required to examine and idea or analyze a problem without backing up the information and without supporting the thesis. In other words, the exploratory essay is an open work of prose. You’ve probably already noticed that this assignment is different from the argumentative essay. In fact, they are different from any type of academic paper. Why? Because you don’t have to convince your readers that your thesis is correct; you don’t need many arguments either.
Bottom line, an exploratory essay should cover all the perspectives on a specific problem or issue. It should clearly explain all the viewpoints. For example, if you were to write about the illegal immigrants problem, you wouldn’t discuss just the political and policing aspects. You would also need to discuss the immigrants’ point of view and the border patrol’s point of view. Now that you know what is exploratory essay, it’s time to take a closer look at one.

Getting a Good Exploratory Essay Example

What better way to learn how to write an exploratory paper than to read at least one perfectly-written sample exploratory essay? Let’s face it, students learn quicker by looking at a good example. You may understand the theory behind the essay, but you won’t be able to write the paper on your own – in most cases – without seeing an actual example. Here is why an example of exploratory essay is absolutely necessary:
By reading a good sample, you immediately understand how you need to organize and structure your paper. Just look at the title and subheadings and try to understand how the author organized his paper.
By reading an example of exploratory essay, you can learn how to use language and vocabulary to your advantage. Analyze how the writer uses words and constructions to explain the issue.
In most cases, the author probably used the five paragraph essay structure. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn how such a structure can be used effectively.
By reading an example of exploratory essay, you will learn how to analyze different point of view and different sides of the story. You can then easily replicate these techniques in your own writing.

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Best Tips to Write an Exploratory Essay

The good news is that you can easily find an exploratory essay sample. The bad news is that most of the samples you find online are not written correctly. So, our first tip for you is this: find the best exploratory essay sample possible. To do this, we advise you to contact a writing company and request a sample. You just need to provide their academic writers with the topic and you will get a unique (100% original) sample in a day or two. You get the chance to learn from the best; from people who have extensive experience writing this kind of academic papers.
We have many other tips for you as well. Here are the most important ones:
Always start the project with an outline. It’s easy to write one; just write down the most important ideas during the research phase and create the “skeleton” of the essay using these ideas.
The essay should have an introduction, at least three body paragraphs and a conclusion. This is known as the five paragraph essay structure. Master this technique if you want to learn how to write exploratory essay quickly.
You need to thoroughly research the issue. Don’t treat the topic superficially because your professor will most surely notice it. You will get penalized.
Make sure the topic you choose is interesting and of current interest to your audience. And remember, pick something that has several points of view.
Don’t present only your opinion. Consider the other side of the story. Present opposing points of view. Don’t be afraid to discuss negative aspects of the issue.

Quick Guide for the Exploratory Essay

Now that you have a clear idea about the important aspect of writing an exploratory essay, it’s time to see how to write exploratory essay in just a couple steps. You’ve probably taken note of the overall structure of such an essay from the exploratory essay samples you’ve –presumably – read. Here is a step-by-step guide of what you need to do next (this is an easy exploratory essay template):
Find an excellent topic. Make sure it’s interesting and that people are actually interested in it. Illegal immigration is a great idea, truth be told.
Research the topic and try to find all the different points of view. Compose an outline using the main ideas you’ve uncovered with your research.
Write the introduction. If you’ve read exploratory essay examples, you’ve probably noticed that the intro should clearly define the problem or issue to be discussed. It should also present your main argument.
Write three body paragraphs, each dealing with just one main idea. In most cases, you will use each paragraph to discuss a single point of view.
Write the conclusion of the exploratory essay. Here is where you are free to present your position on the issue and where you can discuss your personal interest in the problem.
Edit the content or hire an academic writing company to do it for you. You can use the same company that provided you with the exploratory essay samples.
Proofread the content or hire an academic writing company to do it for you.


In conclusion, writing an exploratory essay shouldn’t be a difficult task for you. It’s a lot easier than writing research papers. Moreover, you are free to discuss the issue and the various points of view from your own perspective. However, make sure you write in proper academic format and style. This is, after all, an academic paper. If you get your hands on at least one excellent sample exploratory essay, you can easily replicate the structure, language and style there.
And if you manage to get some exploratory essay examples that are 100% original, you can use content from them in your own paper. This will greatly reduce your workload and, if the original papers have been written by an experienced academic writer, will help you get an A+ fast. Good luck!