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ProctorU Cheating Guide: Hacks, Pros and Cons

ProctorU is one of those online tools that schools have adopted to ensure that students take their tests and exams under strict supervision so they can’t cheat. But most times, you’re caught in a funk because you didn’t prepare for your ProctorU exams. However, you CANNOT risk failing.

proctoru cheating

Luckily for you, your exam is on ProctorU, and this article is here to help you. We are here to offer you the best ProctorU help online with tips and hacks to cheat ProctorU. Cheating ProctorU is not very beneficial in the long run because you don’t acquire any valuable knowledge. But you need this hack when you’re under pressure.

That said, you’re most likely here because you don’t have enough time to read and prepare for your college exams. So, let’s dive right into the article.

What Is ProctorU?

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that allows online test-takers to take their tests and exams remotely. It is a secure platform that allows you to take tests in real-time. As an examiner, this online platform helps you monitor your students while taking the exam to ensure that they’re not cheating.

ProctorU requirements include:

  1. A ProctorU account
  2. A functional computer
  3. High-speed internet service
  4. Microphone
  5. A quiet and well-lit room.


Is It Possible to Cheat On ProctorU?

You must have heard that it is not easy to cheat ProctorU, so you’re wondering if it is really the truth or they’re just bluffing. Cheating on ProctorU is quite difficult, but in this article, you’ll learn some tips and hacks on how to cheat ProctorU.


How to Cheat On ProctorU – How To Get Around ProctorU

If you want to know how to trick ProctorU, then you’re in the right section.

ProctorU has artificial intelligence that detects when you open a web browser on the computer that you’re using to take your exams. So be careful not to do any of that. As strict as ProctorU may sound, there are loopholes that you can use to your advantage. Let’s tell you about them.

On online examination platforms like ProctorU, you’re assigned to a human proctor, which would most likely be your teacher. This proctor would monitor the exam via the webcam feed. Do not underestimate the proctor because they expect a student to cheat, so they will be vigilant. You just need to be smart for you to cheat ProctorU. There are 2 major ways that you can cheat on ProctorU. They’re:


  1. Using A HDMI Cable
  2. Using A Virtual Machine


Let’s get into the details, Shall we?


  1. Using A HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable allows you to share screens between 2 or more HDMI-compatible devices. Since ProctorU can not control what is happening outside your computer, you can connect your computer to an external screen before the exam starts. Obviously, this screen should be away from the webcam’s field of view.

You can get some friends in another room where a mirrored screen is. Your friends can then help you get the answers and pass them to you. This is a pretty easy method that does not require genius-level intelligence to set it up. Just be sure not to make any noise that will call the attention of the proctor.


  1. Using A Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is a computer emulation of a physical computer system. It is software that emulates the way a computer looks and functions.

ProctorU cannot control or monitor a person using virtual machines to cheat. Therefore, you can use this loophole to your advantage and take your exams on this virtual machine. It would help you go through the security feature on ProctorU that alerts the proctor when you open a web browser or any unauthorized material. However, the ProctorU software can still see and hear you, so try not to get too excited.

How Does ProctorU Prevent Cheating?

Here are some of the ways ProctorU prevents cheating.

  1. ProctorU Can Record An Examination Session

ProtorU has a software feature that allows the examiner to have recordings of any examination session. This software indicates any suspicious movement observed in the video using facial recognition and machine learning technology.

This software analyzes the video and draws up ratings that would determine if a student cheated on an exam or not. The examiner would watch the video and determine what counts as cheating.

  1. It Alerts The Proctor On Suspicious Movements

This software has artificial intelligence that identifies and alerts the proctor on any suspicious activities that a student is doing. Activities like opening unauthorized documents or web browsers.

  1. The Compulsory Use Of A Webcam

Without a functional webcam, a student will not be allowed to use the platform for their exams. This compulsory use of a webcam allows the proctor to watch a student take their exam in real-time and also in a recording.

This webcam also helps the AI detect cheating or suspicious movements. Since there are no breaks allowed, any break taken by a student during an exam will most definitely count as cheating. When a student is also moving their head away from the monitor, the AI will assume that such a student is looking at unauthorized materials that are not within the monitor’s view, so you should be careful of that too.

  1. ProtocorU Blocks Certain Keyboard Functions

This software can restrict certain keyboard functions when it is in use. For example, when taking a ProctorU test, The software instantly deactivates the “copy and paste” function. The “print” function is also disabled in a bid to curb cheating. If you attempt to use these functions while writing an exam, it would be flagged as cheating.

  1. ProctorU Blocks Other System Applications

When a student is taking an examination on the ProctorU software, that computer is only allowed to open one window and one tab which contains the exam questions that the student is answering.

Any attempt to open any other application will call the proctor’s attention as an attempt to cheat.

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How To Use ProctorU To Take Your Exams?

If you have been scheduled to take an exam on ProctorU, then chances are your school or examiner has told you how to handle it. But if they have not, then we have got you covered. This is a step-by-step guide on how to use this software. Please note that you need to complete all these steps before your exam day to prevent any delay or confusion on the exam day.


  • Step 1: Register a ProctorU account

You should go to the ProctorU website and register as a test-taker, not an instructor if you’re a student taking a ProctorU test. It should not take up to 10 minutes to complete this process.


  • Step 2: Pick A Web Browser

After registering your account successfully, You should now select a browser you want to use for the exam. You can use any browser, but we recommend, Firefox or Chrome. Please make sure that your browser is the latest version to avoid any hiccups.


  • Step 3: Download The ProctorU Software Extension

You can search for the extension online or visit the ProctorU website. Be sure to select an extension that is compatible with your browser. Download it and run it to be sure that it works.


  • Step 4: Schedule Your Exam Time

This step is not compulsory for all test-takers. If you would be having a live test proctored by a human being, you will need to schedule your exam. If it would be an automated one, then there is no need to schedule it. Your examiner should communicate this information to you.


  • Step 5: Ensure That All The Required Equipment Is Compatible With ProctorU

You want to be sure that the software is compatible with all the necessary requirements before the exam day. You can find a list of those requirements here.


  • Step 6: Find A Proper Space Where You Can Take Your Exams.

Part of the basic requirements to take a test on ProctorU is a well-lit room that is neat and quiet. If you’re taking the test in your room, You want to be sure that you clean your room and make it conducive for your test.


  • Step 7: Acquaint Yourself With All The Materials You Need For Your Exam

Basically, if you’re going to be cheating, you should set up everything a day before your exams. If your examiner permits any other materials during the exam, you should also acquaint yourself with them.


  • Step 8: Communicate Your Needs To Your Examiner.

If you feel like you would have any special requests for your exam facilitator, now would be a good time to communicate all of that to your examiner, so they’re fully aware of your actions when the exam commences.


  • Step 9: Log In And Take Your Exams

It’s exam day! All you need to do is switch on your laptop, log into your ProctorU account and take your exams. Good luck!


Please Note: Any additions or subtractions from this list would be communicated to you by your examiner.


How to Cheat On ProctorU Exams

You can refer to the ProctorU cheating hacks stated earlier. However, there are other methods you can explore. Some of them require you to have hacking abilities or use external software that is not easily accessible. For example, you can choose to hack or intercept the video feeds that ProctorU transmits to the proctor.

Other cheating methods do not require much technical know-how. Just make sure that you do any shady deals away from the view of the webcam. And also, make sure that you don’t fix your gaze for too long on other areas apart from your screen.


How Does ProctorU Work?

ProctorU helps maintain a fair environment where students can take their exams from the comfort of their homes without having to go all the way to a test center. This is very helpful, especially since the breakout of the pandemic.

This provides 2 ways that students can be monitored when they’re taking their exams:

  1. By a live human proctor
  2. By recording combined with artificial intelligence (AI)


Consequences of ProctorU Cheating?

Sometimes we come across a lot of “I got caught cheating on ProctorU” messages online. With the compulsory use of a webcam and a microphone, it is very easy to get caught cheating. Cheating on any test or exam, whether it is physical or not, carries severe repercussions. ProctorU does not directly give any punishments to a student that was caught cheating. It only alerts the examiner of the unauthorized/ suspicious movements of a student taking an exam. You must know about the punishments that your school put in place.

The school or exam facilitator would be responsible for dishing out punishments to erring students at their discretion. It is important to understand the gravity of getting caught. Some of the punishments that are likely to be given include:

  1. Canceling of such student’s results
  2. Rustication/Expulsion
  3. Suspension
  4. A warning


How Can Colleges Prevent Cheating on A ProctorU Exam?

There are some measures that schools and examiners can take to ensure that they reduce cheating to its barest minimum. These steps can be combined with the security features of ProctorU to strengthen the academic integrity in the exam hall. Some of these cheating preventive tips include:


  1. Enforcing the use of specialized web browsers for the exam. These specialized browsers are often strong enough to override virtual machines and other programs.


  1. They can also monitor the IP address of students taking the exam to ensure that they’re not visiting other sites during the exam and that multiple students are not logged on to a computer during an examination.


This monitoring of IP addresses can help you ensure that students are taking the exam at the arranged location. It also helps curb impersonation if you link a student’s school ID with their IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ProctorU Safe?
Yes, ProctorU is very safe and secure for when you’re taking your exams. It does not interfere with your privacy when it is disabled.
Can ProctorU see your screen?
Yes, ProctorU works by recording your activities through your screen, webcam, keyboard, and microphone. It can see your screen.
Does ProctorU Record Sessions?", "acceptedAnswer
Yes, it does. As part of the software features, there is an option for your examiner to record the examination session for a later reference. Even if it is a live exam with a human proctor, they can still record it. If the AI suspects cheating, it will record and send a notification to the examiner’s email.
What Can ProctorU See?", "acceptedAnswer
ProctorU can detect open tabs, noise, and movements. It basically takes over the computer to monitor its activities and view the immediate surroundings of the laptop/computer through the webcam.
Does ProctorU Watch You?", "acceptedAnswer
Yes, It does. During the exam, when the software is activated, it can see you and everything you’re doing. But when you’re done with your exams, you can disable it, and it would stop seeing what you’re doing.
Does ProctorU track eye movements?
No, ProctorU does not monitor eye movements. They monitor facial recognition to make sure that students are not looking away from the screen during an examination.