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Is Using Course Hero Cheating?

With the rise of online classes and examinations, some students have found it convenient and acceptable to get answers to homework, tests, and exams from other websites, thereby jeopardizing their school's honor and academic integrity. This is what we'll discuss here, with a focus on using a platform like Course Hero in this instance. Here's what you should know about Course Hero cheating!

girl cheating using course hero

If you’re familiar with the Course Hero platform, you should be aware that you could be accused of cheating if you use their content directly in your work. We’ll tell you if employing Course Hero for your test or homework is considered cheating. We’ll also let you know when it is likely considered cheating and when it isn’t.

Now is using Course Hero cheating? Actually, we would argue that using the Course Hero to acquire inspiration for your work is not cheating. However, it would be considered cheating if you used their paper and made it look like yours, or if you directly used their contents.

So, it all comes down to how you use the content from the Course Hero paper repository in both circumstances. Below, we’ll give you a quick overview of the different approaches to using the Course Hero platform and highlight circumstances in which using Course Hero is deemed cheating and when it isn’t.

How Does Course Hero Work?

What is Course Hero? The Course Hero platform is an innovative platform that is filled with various informative facts that can significantly enhance a student’s learning experience. It also serves as a resource for students looking for help with their schoolwork. If it is used correctly and for the right reason, it is quick and effective.

Course Hero ensures that students receive accurate responses to their inquiries. This is why students love using this platform for their homework. This platform provides Course Hero answers by using a database of user-submitted answers, student papers, and also their own tutors. But to access the Course Hero materials, you must first create an account.

Thankfully, Course Hero allows you to sign up for a free account. But if you need access to some of the answers, you will need to pay for “Course Hero unlocks,” which are a type of credit. After that, you’ll be able to choose any classes you want to take and get answers to all your questions throughout the semester.

There’s an option to subscribe annually, quarterly, or monthly, depending on your budget. Fortunately, once you’ve created a Course Hero account, you’ll have access to over 20 million study resources. This includes study guides, videos, and advice from the platform’s coaches.

Students can also rent textbooks and other resources from Course Hero. You can use these books to learn about your desired topic and then apply what you’ve learned to your work.


When The Use of Course Hero Is Considered Cheating? 

Course Hero cheating is an unethical means of gaining certain advantages over your peers using Course Hero. But is Course Hero cheating? Every university has its own policy, and employing a Course Hero in violation of your institution’s guidelines will be deemed cheating. When you use Course Heroes in an institution where it is prohibited, you are not only infringing on the institution’s norms, but you are also cheating on other students.

If the Course Hero platform is not permitted in your school, then using Course Hero can be considered cheating because it goes against your instructor’s wishes. As a result, you may be penalized or not be assessed on the basis of the offered test, assignments, or study.

Even if the Course Hero platform is accepted in your school, it could still be considered cheating when you copy the answers provided by the Course Hero platform directly into your work. It’s understandable if you don’t know everything there is to know about a subject. However, this does not imply that you should duplicate the answers offered verbatim. So, here’s when using the Course Hero is considered cheating. 

  • Copying answers verbatim

When you copy everything word for word, no knowledge is gained. You’re simply fooling yourself, as well as your instructor, because you’re fully aware that you don’t really understand why or how the answer is what it is.

Your instructor will most likely believe that you are knowledgeable about the subject, when in fact, the opposite is true. Instead of copying answers verbatim, you should use the information given on Course Hero to get some direction on how to approach specific issues. So, you’re plagiarizing when you copy directly from the information supplied by Course Hero, a dishonest act that could get you into trouble.

Of course, when you directly use Course Hero answers, you are more likely to get good grades, but you do not deserve them because you did not earn them. And if you’re awarded plaudits and credit that you did not earn, it can have a significant impact on your next academic step. This can also put your job at risk because you don’t have a solid academic foundation and haven’t really learned anything. 

  • Your school forbids you from using Course Hero.

Recognizing that the majority of students misuse Course Hero, some colleges have passed rules that say students can’t use the platform.

Your institution cannot track your activities on the Course Hero platform or receive notifications when you register. However, some teachers go so far as to register as one of the platform’s tutors in order to catch any student who submits the tutor’s answers as their own. This way, they can stop them.

  • Paying a tutor to help you with your test

It is considered cheating if you pay a tutor to help you with your test questions, it is considered cheating. Of course, students that pay tutors to help them with tests don’t inform the tutors that they’re actually answering test questions. Failing to attempt your test questions yourself and totally outsourcing the process to someone else is considered cheating.


When The Use Of Course Hero Is Not Considered To Be Cheating

So, when is the use of Course Hero not considered cheating?

  • When used as a guide

According to studies, many students are likely to replicate answers to questions that have already been worked out for them. This is due to the fact that most students are lazy and prefer to obtain solutions without exerting any academic effort. This is not the best way to use Course Hero.

When you use Course Hero as a guide to solve problems, you will be considered honest. This covers problems for which you have made numerous attempts but to no avail, as well as problems about which you are completely unsure. You can easily access materials from the comfort of your home with Course Hero!

  • Your institution has permitted it

Although some institutions prohibit the use of platforms like Course Hero, others accept them as long as you follow the platform’s ethical guidelines. Before signing up as a user or a student, be sure that your school allows you to use this platform. Keep in mind that using this platform in a bad way could get you in trouble, so be careful and follow your school’s ethical rules.

  • Alternative answers

Course Hero can be used to double-check answers from other sources. Users who want to double-check their responses can utilize this platform to come up with new ways to solve problems. Consequently, it is best for students to use Course Hero only after they have finished their assignments and are looking for other approaches to the problems.

  • Mock test

Students can use the questions on Course Hero to get a sense of how certain questions are asked on different subjects and then become familiar with them.

  • Need Explanation

Students can use the many groups accessible on this platform to gain a better understanding of a subject if they are having difficulty with it. The truth is that you’re probably utilizing Course Hero incorrectly if it doesn’t help you improve your previous knowledge of what you’ve learned in the classroom.

  • Paying a tutor to help you with your homework

Course Hero makes instructors available to its users in order for them to gain a better comprehension of a subject. The majority of students take advantage of this by paying tutors on this platform to assist them with their assignments, and then submitting this work to their instructors as their own piece of work. This is not necessarily cheating, as it’s an assignment and anyone can do it for you.


Is Course Hero Safe?

So, is Course Hero safe? Or, put in another way, “does Course Hero give answers without a catch?” Yes, it does. Course Hero is a legitimate organization that offers legitimate assignment solutions to its customers. You should have no reservations about entrusting your projects to them as a personal learning instrument.

But does Course Hero snitch? This site automatically generates a random username for students to ensure that they remain anonymous. Their users’ information is kept private, and they encourage them to follow the academic integrity of their individual universities while using their services.


Can You Get Caught Using Course Hero?

When you use Course Hero for your project, it is possible to get caught. Course Hero has been found to be vulnerable to plagiarism detection software such as Safeassign and Turnitin. So, this addresses the question, “can i get in trouble for using Course Hero?” You’re likely to get in trouble if you incorporate Course Hero content directly into your assignments.

It will almost certainly be tagged as plagiarized by plagiarism checkers. The source of the work will also be mentioned as a Course Hero property by the plagiarism detectors because Course Hero has already submitted the majority of its papers to colleges. This means they’ve already been detected as plagiarists by several plagiarism checkers.

So, if a student submits work that is identical to his own, the work will be labeled as plagiarized content automatically, and that student could get into trouble.


How To Not Get Caught Using Course Hero

If you don’t want to get caught using Course Hero, you must put in some effort on your own and only use it as a guide. Here are a few ideas on how you can go about it:

  • Avoid submitting similar copies

When using Course Hero’s content, try to avoid creating anything that sounds like what’s on the site. Synonyms, rewording sentences, and changing the tone of the sentence are all options you can use. 

  • Use a different perspective

You should attempt to explain the Course Hero answers in your own words. Make an effort to comprehend the ideas and then explain how you interpret them. Make sure you use your own knowledge instead of just copying the answers from Course Hero to avoid being accused of copying.

  • Paraphrase the answer 

When paraphrasing Course Hero answers, make sure you’ve digested the answers to the best of your ability, then try writing what you’ve learned in your own words and style.

  • Use it only for comparison purposes

This means you write your own project and then compare it to the answers provided by Course Hero. This way, you won’t be accused of cheating.


Is Using Course Hero Considered Cheating?

Course Hero’s main purpose is to assist you in improving your academic performance. If you copy and paste the contents it gives directly into your paper, you are automatically charting because you are plagiarizing its content for your own purpose, which is punishable. Furthermore, your work could be marked, resulting in you not receiving the high grades that you desire.

When you directly take the solutions provided by the platform and offer them to your teacher as your own ideas, this is known as Course Hero cheating. This is a kind of plagiarism, and it also shows a lack of regard for your institution’s academic integrity and code of honor. Furthermore, you will almost certainly get detected because the school scanner will undoubtedly detect your plagiarized paper, resulting in your failing the course.

So, if you solely use Course Hero documents and pass them off as your own, then using Course Hero for this purpose can be considered cheating as you’re simply replicating the stuff you find rather than attempting to learn or enhance your knowledge. If your school forbids the use of Course Hero, make sure you don’t use it because you’ll be accused of cheating because you’ll be breaking your institution’s rules, which is bad.


How to Cheat Course Hero

Many students want to know how to go about Course Hero cheating. Well, there is no specific method in which you can cheat on this platform other than putting in the effort to understand its content. From there, you should then use the ideas to form a piece of your own. Other than that, you will not only be cheating on yourself, but also be at the risk of having your paper flagged for plagiarism. 

If you want to go ahead and cheat using Course Hero, you can register on the platform and pay one of the tutors to help you answer your test questions. Alternatively, you can take your device into your test hall and generate answers to the questions. However, you’re at a greater risk of getting caught, and you may spend reasonable time trying to paraphrase your answers. If you fail to paraphrase your answers, your paper may be flagged for plagiarism, and you may get into some trouble.



So here we are! All you need to know about Course Hero cheating! If you don’t intend to use Course Hero to improve your academic performance, you should not use it at all. While it’s good to earn good grades, you don’t have to cheat to get those grades! Using Course Hero the right way won’t be considered cheating!