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How to Pass a Test You Didn’t Study For

Everyone has experienced this same predicament: it's the day of the test or the night before, and you realize there is no way you will be able to do all your studying. At this point, you're confused and don't know what to do. Well, if you play your cards wisely, you can still perform well on the exam!

check How to Pass a Test You Didn't Study For

Here are three solid tips to help you pass a test without studying or cheating. 

  1. Keep your anxiety at bay: This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. You must stop worrying as you won’t achieve anything by getting worked up. You want to be comfortable in your skin—so if that means humming softly under your breath as you take the test, then do it!
  2. Respond to the simple questions first: Your exam paper will usually have a range of questions, from the simple to the challenging. If you haven’t studied adequately, start with the easiest questions and solve them quickly.
  3. Put common sense to use: Sometimes, you can easily think of something meaningful to write on a test even when you haven’t studied enough. Use your instincts and answer boldly. You’ll likely be right!

How to Pass a Test Without Studying

Sometimes, you commit yourself to preparing better for the next test, only to fall back into your old habits. This happens to the best of us. Here are some tips on how to pass any test without studying!

  1. Learn your exam format: Tests can be either subjective (MCQs, true or false) or objective, such as essay-style tests. Recognize the format of the test you’re taking and the points assigned to each question. Also, find out if you’re going to get penalized for giving a wrong answer. If not, you can do lots of guesswork. If it’s an MCQ, you should eliminate the answers that are obviously wrong, and then choose a single answer you feel is right (based on instincts).
    • Choose the longest answers 

    In most cases, the longer responses to a multiple-choice question are the most accurate. On the other hand, they might not try as hard for incorrect answers. This is typical because “test makers must ensure that right answers are indisputably right.”

    • Get rid of the anomalies

    Computer-generated randomization is used in some tests, such as the SATs, to eliminate any patterns in the answers’ order that would otherwise be discovered. Choices that conflict with the other options are usually wrong, no matter what order they come in.

    • Look at the adjacent answers

    Looking at the solutions to the questions you already know the answers to will help you figure out the ones you’re stuck on because the correct answer options rarely repeat one after the other. Never forget to cross out responses that you know are incorrect based on the facts first.

    Is it Possible to Pass a Test Without Studying? 

    Can you pass a test without studying? The short answer? Yes. Even if you want to pass a final test, you can do that without reading. Since passing a final exam without extensive study or late-night candle burning is very likely, how can you go about it?

    • Regularly attend your classes

    Attending classes regularly is essential if you want to succeed on any exam or test without reading. This is because classroom instruction is frequently more thorough, detailed, and simple to understand.

    • Pay close attention

    Attending classes alone won’t get you good grades. You have to make sure you listen attentively to the topics being taught in the classroom.

    • Do your homework

    The truth is that you cannot possibly write a test and pass it without putting in any kind of effort. You must take your assignments seriously and approach them as though you were taking a test. This can help you perform better on a test.

    • Join a discussion group for learning

    Discussion groups provide you with the chance to converse, acquire knowledge, and impart it to others. Without having to read books to study for tests, it is one of the ideal methods of learning.

    • Review your recollection

    Take a seat somewhere quiet and make an effort to remember all that was taught in the classroom.

    • Take time to rest

    Skipping sleep can cause agitation and tension. So, if your body and mind are fatigued before your test, you may have a hard time passing the test.

    • Cheat on the test using your smartphone 

    So you want to know how to cheat on a test with phone? Your phone contains so many cheating options, from the good old note app to browsers and saved web pages. With a smartphone, you can also easily communicate with friends outside.



    So, can you pass a test without studying? Of course! While it’s risky to go for a test without studying, you can surely pass your test. Don’t be anxious. Be confident that you’ll most likely do well, and you will! If you want to go with the cheating method, there are lots of other cool methods that show you how to cheat on a test. You deserve excellent grades! Go get it!