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How To Cheat On A Test With Phone

The impact of technological advancement cannot be erased in education. Technology has helped produce different tools capable of enhancing learning. Mobile phones have contributed immensely to the proper administration of knowledge to students.

how to cheat on a test with phone

Students can have access to numerous educational materials both online and offline using mobile phones. Nonetheless, there is a part of mobile phone usage students enjoys the most.

Mobile phones can also be used as a means of cheating in a test. This occurrence has made many schools ban the use of cell phones in class. This article is not an attempt to encourage cheating but to provide information on the role of mobile phones in cheating.

The Advent of Phone Technology and Cheating

The world is moving at a faster pace due to the advent of technology. Technology has contributed immensely to the group of educational systems.

However, there is a positive and a negative impact of technology on the educational system. While technology aids learning, students also carry out exam cheating using technology.

One of the most common exam cheating using technology is aided by the use of mobile phones. Students think beyond studying with phones and resolve to cheat using this tool.

It is now more convenient for students to cheat with their phones, especially in online classes. Recently, educational institutions are making a move to curtail the use of phones with their ‘no cell phone in class’ rule.

How to Hide a Cell Phone During a Test

Students using phones in class is an offense, let alone in a test. As such, if you are going to cheat with your phone, you must hide the phone. It would help if you were discreet and brave to hide your phone in a class successfully.

The following are ways to hide your phone during the test;

  • Ensure the phone is on Do Not Disturb Mode

This act is the first and the most crucial step to be taken. To engage in cheating with cell phones in school, your phone must be silent throughout the test. This position is achievable when you set your phone to the Do Not Disturb Mode. This mode disallows any form of notification or sound from coming out of the phone until you exit the mode.

  • Hide your phone in your boot

This secret is one of the best ways a teen cheats on a test. The phone can be hidden perfectly in a boot without causing any alarm. Teachers most times must have noticed some students who always wear boots only during tests and exams. More than any other type of shoe, the boot is capable of accommodating your phone without causing a fuss.

  • In the sleeve

Hiding the phone in the sleeve is another common way to use your phone during a test. However, it requires you to wear a jacket that is more secure than just any shirt. The jacket gives you the coverage you need to bring the phone in and out of the sleeve without raising suspicion. It also can prevent the phone from falling off.

  • In the sock

This trick is another opportunity to hide your cell phone around your leg even without a boot. You will need to put on a long sock anyways. Likewise, it would help if you put on a long pair of trousers to complement the process. The phone is successfully hidden in your socks while you bring it in and out during the test.

  • Hiding the phone in your locker

Some schools have zero tolerance for students using phones in class. Such schools conduct body searches for students to discourage cheating. In this case, students are so smart to hide their phones in the locker ahead of the exam. As such, you need to go to your locker and get your answer from your cell phone.

  • Hiding the phone in the bathroom

This option is for students who are afraid to bring the phone to the class. You can hide your phone somewhere in the school bathroom. You can then excuse yourself to use the bathroom during tests and engage whatever resources you have on your phone. This option is not perfect as you may be denied access to the bathroom after some time.\

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Common Cell Phone Cheating Hacks

The use of cell phones and cheating has become a complementary action for students. Every kid with a phone now knows one or two tricks to cheat using a cell phone in an exam hall. Not many of those tricks are not known to their instructors anyways. Some of the best-known phone cheating tricks are;

  • Text message cheating

This method is primitive, and a common trick students apply using their cell phones. A lot of kids cheating on tests have been caught applying this method. It works simply by having an external aid outside of the examination hall. The student then sends the question as a message to the external assistance, which then replies with the answer to the question.

  • Using the internet

This trick is a prevalent trick used in this dispensation. Even you know the trick of how to use your phone during a test while using the internet. You must have guessed the use of search engines, and that is right. Search engines like Google can give answers to almost all questions of life. As such, students, through their phones, can access answers to questions while taking examinations.

  • Using digital assistant

Aside from using search engines on the internet, a kid cheating on a test can also use digital assistance. Google digital assistant and iPhone Siri are capable of giving you answers to some of the questions. Since your phone will be on Do not disturb mode, you may not be able to use the audio version. You can type in your questions while the assistance gives you feedback with the answers.

  • Using Apps

Technology indeed has simplified everything. There are applications you can install on your mobile phones and can be of help during exams. Socratic is one of such apps that encourages teens to cheat. This app allows you to take a picture of a question and supply you with the perfect answer to such a question. The application is exceptional as it can solve mathematical questions.

  • Take a picture of the note

Your mobile phones are embedded with cameras. These cameras are an excellent opportunity to carry out cheating during a test. You only have to take a picture of likely questions and answers in the test. While the test is going on, you can open your phone, access the gallery, and retrieve answers to your questions.

  • Make the cheat sheet your lock screen

Pressing your phone often can raise suspicion of the invigilator. This method can then help you evade any form of suspicion while you carry out your cheating. It is done by taking a picture of a cheat sheet and making the picture your lock screen. You can then glance at your screen occasionally to see the answers to your questions.

  • Hide a cheat-sheet in your phone case

This method does not necessarily need the use of your phone for cheating. You only need the phone to bring the cheat sheet into the exam arena. After you might have settled down, you can proceed to detach the cheat sheet from the phone. This method is more simple and raises less suspicion.

What Are the Consequences of Using Cell Phones in Class

The use of cell phones in class has raised a lot of debate among educationists. It has been debated that cell phones cause more harm than good to students. Hence, educational institutions are moving to discourage the use of cell phones in class. These are possible punishments for students faulting the instruction;

  • Expulsion

The use of mobile phones during a text or an examination is considered a great offense. Such offenses are given weightier punishment to discourage the act among students. Hence, any student caught using a cell phone in class might face expulsion from the school.

  • Temporary suspension

Students who are addicted to the use of mobile phones risk suspension from school. Such students might be asked to stay away from school for some days to deal with their cell phone addiction.

  • Seizure

When a student is caught using a phone, the school authority has the right to seize such a phone. As such, you are risking losing your phone when you make use of it in class.

Final submission

Mobile phones can be of help in many ways to students. It can be an avenue to access extra educational material and to study ahead. Likewise, mobile phones are also an excellent option for students to cheat in an exam or test.

Cheating becomes more simplified with the use of mobile phones. Mobile phones allow students to access external aid outside of the examination hall. Students can also use technological tools like search engines, digital assistants, and mobile apps for cheating.

However, you should know that cheating is a punishable offense. If caught, the consequence might be grievous and unbearable.