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How to Cheat on an Essay

Many students want to know how to cheat on an essay because it is one of the most challenging tasks in the academic world. Today, academic cheating is a serious thing. Cheating is the only way that students can maintain their good performance. This can be attributed to the fact that colleges and universities put grades first.

how to cheat on an essay

Unfortunately, not every learner has the time to research and write a brilliant essay. As such, cheating in school essay writing tasks has become rampant among learners because it enables them to graduate with good grades. Although learning institutions try to look like they are fighting academic cheating, they encourage it by making learners who score the best grades look good.

Why Essay Cheating is So Rampant

One of the reasons why essay cheating is so rampant in colleges and universities is that educators can’t monitor how learners complete this assignment. What’s more, many learners know that this academic task accounts for a significant percentage of their final score. Therefore, many students are willing to do everything it takes to submit well-written and thoroughly research essays.

But, essay cheating can have serious consequences if a learner is caught. For instance, some learning institutions can expel learners for submitting copied or plagiarized essays. However, this is just what they say but their actions say otherwise. If a learner submits a well-written and extensively researched essay, they will be awarded top grades. But, if they submit poorly-written essays, they will be awarded the top grade.

In short, learning institutions award learners who cheat essay test with the top grade. And, because employers also consider grades when hiring, most learners opt to cheat. That’s because graduating with good grades enhances their chances of securing good jobs.

How to Cheat on an Essay

Now that you know why students cheat essay writing assignments, you want to know how they do it. You’re probably reading this article because you most likely want to know how to cheat on an essay test. Well, cheating on this test is pretty easy because learners are allowed to take this assignment home. And, there is nobody to monitor learners to find out if they do it or ask somebody else to write the essay for them.

The oldest approach was to hire somebody to write the essay. This could have been an older friend or relative. But, things have changed now thanks to the internet. Today, most students are using essay cheating websites. These are sites run by professionals that specialize in writing academic essays. Some of them are graduates from prestigious colleges and universities. They know what educators look for in academic essays and how to meet their requirements.

Using an online essay writer cheat is the most common approach today. That’s because it’s discreet and nobody will know that a learner used an online essay writing service cheating. What’s more, a learner can use the service at any time because it’s available 24/7. Thus, a student can get help with their essay even in the middle of the night when parents or guardians are asleep.

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How to Cheat Essay Test Without Being Caught

Perhaps, you want to know how to hide that you’re cheating on an essay. Well, there are many ways to do that. One of them is working with a custom essay service. This will enable you to have a custom-written essay to submit. Since all your instructions will be followed when writing the essay, nobody will even suspect that you didn’t write it.

Other methods to cheat essay papers without being caught include:

  • Paraphrase properly: Take an old essay and paraphrase it properly to avoid plagiarism. Change the words used in the essay to ensure that the educator won’t notice even if they have read it somewhere before.
  • Play with the word count: Do not use the short form of some phrases if you want to cheat. Playing with the word count is one of the most effective ways to cheat on your assignment. For instance, use something like the United States of America instead of the USA. This will increase your word count especially if you hit the brick wall before you reach the specified word count.
  • Pretend that you read books: Educators want to see that you did some research before writing the assigned essay. You can use the internet to trick the educator. For instance, if you’re cheating in sports essay, search for Google Books on this topic. Pick a scholarly book and get a relevant quote from it. Make sure that the quote is about the topic of your essay in some ways. This will convince the educator that you have read the book. After that, check the ISBN for referencing purposes. Use the Havard Referencing Generator to fully reference it in your essay. It’s that simple.

There are many ways to cheat on your essay depending on the provided instructions and the time that you have to complete it. Nevertheless, you should be careful to make sure that your educator doesn’t even suspect that you tried to cheat. Using an essay service is the most effective way because it is discreet and done by professionals.

Getting Away with Essay Cheating

As long as students do it properly, they can get away with cheating. That’s because professors are busy people and not likely to follow every student case by case. Some will even suspect that a learner tried to cheat but they won’t do anything if they can’t find evidence.

When a learner uses an online writing service, it’s difficult for the educator to tell if they wrote the essay or hired somebody to do it. As such, most learners hand in essays from online writing services and they score passing grades without being caught. Many people are now in their dream careers because they used online writing services.

In a nutshell, there are many answers to why do students cheat essay writing assignments question. Some are under pressure to perform, others have tight deadlines, and some have after school commitments. How a learner cheats in this assignment determines whether they get away with it or get caught.