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How to Cheat in Exam

The concept of cheating exam is as old as the invention of exam in itself. Over the years, the best ways to cheat on an exam have been modified and updated quite frequently. In fact, cheating websites have been created to help students know how to cheat in an exam room. There are several schools of thought that have differing views on cheating on an exam and how “culprits” so called should be handled.

How to Cheat in Exam

Normally, when you hear “cheating”, you hear negativity underneath. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, cheating means “to break the law to gain an advantage”. In another meaning, the same dictionary describes cheating as “thwarting or eluding by the use of wit”. The fact is that when cheating is involved, outwitting the secondary party is a factor to fully describe “cheating”. In this article, we will discuss how to cheat on a college exam and the best ways to cheat on an exam.

What is Cheating Exam or Exam Cheating?

Exam cheating is defined as the inability to comply with an examination official’s standard directives and instructions. The official could be an agent or employee of the university or an officer. Basic directives in an examination are to not copy from another student or vice versa, using notes during a closed book test.

Why Do Students Cheat?

Like the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” What drives student A to want to cheat in an examination may be very different from what drives student B. Student cheating in exam is pressure from teachers, parents, self, and poor time management. But all these factors drive students to the same goal. The bottom line is to pass that upcoming examination or test looming in front of the student.

How to Cheat on College Exams

If you want to know how people cheat on a college exam, you should know the type of exam needed. The best way to cheat in the exam is usually the simplest. Below, I will be giving you some regular exam cheating tricks, after which I’ll be showing you how to cheat in an exam without breaking the rules.

  • Notes sheet on thigh: As exam cheating goes, this has been tried and tested over the years. You do this by taping a slip of paper on your thigh, and covering it up with your skirt or shorts, and hiding it. Then you can use it when the time comes and if what you have written down on your slip answers the exam question. The downside to this technique is that you actually have to look down, which makes you more noticeable to your examiner. Ergo, your execution must be flawless.
  • Tissue: This method sheds more light on how to cheat on an exam in college. By pretending to have a cold, you can safely take your tissue into the examination room. All you need to have done beforehand is jot down some formula and other relevant information to your exam on a sheet of tissue. But by staring at your tissue for too long and being obvious, there is a
  • Fingernail: This method is particularly applicable to the ladies. The length of the nail girls grow can provide extra room space for them to write down answers. Guys can also use this method, but the secret is being able to decipher what you’ve written before it rubs off. Other similar techniques can be to write on palms or the skin, but these can get rubbed off easily.
  • Blank paper impression: For exams where the rough sheet is used like scratch papers, this method could be useful. For exams with extremely cumbersome formulas, this is one of the best exam cheating scopes. Usually, the paper you use should be the type of scratch paper used in the exam so as to avoid notice.
  • Pen shaft: You can engrave notes on your pen or pencil’s shaft with a needle so that it isn’t obvious. When doing this, you have to be well-versed and know what you are doing. This is because it takes some practice to decipher tiny scripts or engravings on the shaft of your pen, even if you wrote it. A sharp-eyed teacher could foil this plan, though.
  • Record player: This is when you have read out answers and recorded them on your recording device. Audio notes for complicated questions that you did not learn how to answer can be kept on your recorder. Using a hoodie can conceal the devices in your ears; long hair can do the job too. You may also decide to stash it in the restroom so as to reduce the risk factor by going for a quick bathroom break.
  • Tech-savvy: In most cases, this is the most common means employed by students to cheat in examinations. From mobile phones to digital wristwatches, and students use so many other gadgets. This is one of the best ways to cheat on an exam. The options are endless with this option. You can have a conspirator outside the exam to funnel answers your way. You can also decide to browse and save web pages using websites on the internet.

In all, these methods of cheating on exam and several others have been developed and used in cheating over the years. Many students have successfully adopted these techniques and gotten away with it, while several others were caught and faced the music. Strict measures have been placed by universities and examiners to help catch students cheating on an exam. Several punishments have been instituted for being caught cheating on exams, from suspension to outright expulsion. The question arises, what assurance do you have that you will be among the lucky number that wouldn’t get caught cheating?

The 5 Best Way to Cheat In Exams

As we rightly stated beforehand, cheating entails outwitting the system for your benefit, in this case, outwitting the system to pass your exam.  Perhaps you are in college, you may decide to google how to cheat on a college exam, and you visit a cheating website. Students often use websites like Wikipedia,, Yahoo! Answers, and other exam cheat website.  Truthfully, you’ll find several websites to help you cheat, but they likely won’t be with you in the exam room. Below are some proven tips that answer the question, “How to cheat in an exam without breaking the rules.”

  1. Plain old studying: I’m certain that you may wrinkle your nose and wonder what I mean? Remember, cheating is a means to an end by using your wit against the system – the end being passing an exam. So why not? You can have answers readily available without having to peek or look for them someplace. And this way, there is zero/nil/zilch chance for getting caught.
  2. Use codes: In this method, you try to develop codes that will connect the study material into a tidy memorable lump. When you get the codes of a concept, you can write it down and refresh your memory betimes. There is no way you can forget the nickname you gave your study partner, which is, in fact, the abbreviation of the answer to your exam question!
  3. Be a teacher: This means you gather interested course mates, friends or just anybody that’s interested and teach them the course. Teachers tend to easily remember things because they have ruminated over them continuously in their minds. So can you. By helping others learn and teaching them concepts or formulas, you are, in fact, helping yourself.
  4. Take revision tests: When going for your SAT or GMAT, you would look for past questions from lecturers and practice. So should it be, test yourself as often as you can lay your hands on old exams for practice. This not only helps you get comfortable with the presentation of the exam, but you also become conversant with the examiner’s style. Studies show that taking revision tests help you retain at least %50 more than your learning capacity.
  5. The Hands-Free: It is also known as active recall. In this method, you close study materials and take your hands off them; then, you try to remember what you have learned. By doing this, you have an idea where you have retained to, and you work on getting past it. This method fosters long term memorization.
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Tips on How To Cheat On A Final Exam

Some excellent points have been raised on how to cheat on a final exam and demerits. But who are we to judge what is right or wrong for different folks? Sometimes, you as a student may feel it is expedient to augment what you have learned with a little trick here and there. Especially when you consider cheating on the final exam, who wouldn’t want to pass excellently with little or no stress? Ergo, here are some important tips on the best way to cheat on exam and how to be on the safe side.

  • Write all implicating evidence on the turn side of your sheet of paper.
  • Do not bring out your secret formula and note as soon as the exam starts for obvious reasons.
  • Slot in mini notes on your dress, e.g., your hats and sleeves.
  • Do not use an eraser because it is noticeable and impractical.

Also, you need to use tested and trusted methods, especially the ones you are comfortable with. Some necessary attributes of the method you want to adopt are that it must be:

  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Optimal
  • Convenient


In conclusion, it is best to be confident and sure of yourself before entering your exam room. Being jittery, anxious, and sweaty is a surefire sign that something is amiss and will draw you unwanted attention. Also, try and have a backup plan in case of eventualities. It could be an excuse, escape, or just chewing or erasing evidence. Nothing is worth your suspension or expulsion, nothing! May the golden light of mother luck continually shine on you.