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How to Be a Better Test Taker in College

College exams can be challenging. And occasionally, many college students struggle to sit through exams they spent their whole study year preparing for. It takes time to become a good test taker because test-taking abilities grow with practice.

check How to Be a Better Test Taker in College

There are various tips available to help you become a better test taker, but it’s important to figure out what works for you. Some test-taking strategies could be helpful to some people while being detrimental to others.

Here are some tips to help you become a better test taker.

  1. Set goals

    Before anything else, you should understand that having trouble on tests isn’t a character flaw. You can get better at taking tests over time by getting to know yourself better and using some tips before, during, and after the test.

    • Before the test

    You must discover a study technique that works for you. Stop comparing yourself to other students because doing so will just make you feel frustrated. Instead, identify the learning strategy that suits you best.

    It should not be your habit to start studying for an exam the night before. Tests will assess your ability to think critically, as well as how well you understand the material and how creatively you can apply what you’ve learned. This level of expertise is rarely acquired overnight.

    Days before the test, you should review the notes, take practice tests, and use other resources to make sure you grasp the information. Try out mock tests, visual tools, etc., to determine what type of studying works best for you this year.

    • During the test

    Keep anxiety at bay. Take a deep breath and relax your nerves in the initial few seconds of your test. You can concentrate better on the exam if you do this.

    When you’re anxious about an exam, writing down the necessary rules or formulas can be useful. In this way, you can concentrate on the test questions rather than having to repeatedly recall a particular formula. Don’t spend too much time on a particular question. If you’re not sure of an answer to a question, leave the question and go to others you know how to solve.

    • After the test

    What can you possibly do after a test? Be sure to use the actual test as a resource for future studying. You can note the areas of your strength and the places where you need to put in more effort.

    You can always benefit from the test, no matter how well or poorly you performed on it. Where did you excel? Did the study techniques work?

    How to Be a Good Test Taker?

    Nothing good comes easily, so you must be willing to put in the work necessary to be a good test taker. For example, some students perform well on almost every exam they take in every subject they choose. It’s easy to see that they know how to get better at taking tests. Here are some guidelines to help you get better at taking tests. 

    • Be ready

    Recognize that planning is a necessary part of anything successful. So, be sure to spend quality time and energy studying what you must do to pass a test.

    • Maintain a timer

    One method to increase test-taking efficiency is to be alert but not overly concerned about time management. For questions you don’t attempt, you lose points. Expert test-takers monitor the time remaining on an exam at regular intervals. So, do not waste your time on difficult questions. 

    • Make educated guesses

    The ability to use deduction while making educated guesses, as opposed to picking an answer out of thin air and hoping for the best, is a fundamental distinction between people who are prepared but do not see results and those who consistently score highly. Eliminate answers you know are wrong to increase your chances of getting the answer right. 

    • Concentrate

    Concentration is one of the most important elements that enables students to perform well on exams. Students must learn how to concentrate entirely on the task at hand to be successful test-takers.

    • Work smart

    Working smart is sometimes all it takes to succeed in college! And modern technology has advanced to the point where doing this has become even simpler. Today, you can cheat on a test with your phone and perform well.


    If you want to become a better test taker, you should spend some time preparing for the test. And if you don’t have enough time to prepare, never resign to fate! You can easily use some smart tricks and hacks to perform better!