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Essay Hacks and Cheating Tricks

Education can be incredible sometimes. The idea of learning new things and trying new tricks comes with a dose of excitement. However, things can also get tedious and difficult, especially when it’s time for essays and assignments.

essay hacks

Most students, when faced with assignments and tests, find themselves struggling. They find it hard to pull the needed resources together. Besides, some topics are just too hard to navigate. And then, there is also the lazy student factor.

However, things do not have to be so hard. The truth is, there are easy ways to do things in life. The only problem is, doing things the easy way always comes with consequences. The question is, are you sure you can face the said consequences of essays cheats?

Not every learner has the knowledge and time to research and write brilliant essays. As a result, some choose to cheat on their school essays. Cheating is one of those easy ways to write your school essays. But like we said earlier, essays cheats come with consequences.

In this comprehensive guide, you will find the various ways you can cheat on your school essays. We also have an essays cheat sheet that contains essay life hacks that you can use to hack the college essay.

Before we go any further, we must mention something. All information on this page is for information purposes only. At the end of this guide, you will also find the various dangers and possibilities if you are caught cheating as a student. Whatever you do with this information is left to you.

That said, let’s get the ball rolling.

Why Do Students Cheat on Their Essays?

If you take a look at the current statistics on essay cheating and essay cheats, you will be shocked. A study conducted in the UK in 2012 showed that 29.5% of respondents admitted to submitting essays that they took wholly from the internet (either free or paid).

One question continues to linger on. Why do people cheat so much on essays? Well, the answer is simple. Essays are essential for higher grades. To have a good grade as a college student, you must do well in your essays.

As a result, many students go as far as possible to ensure that their submissions are perfect enough for good grades. With a well-written essay, students know that they are on their way to better grades.

More so, educators cannot see their students when they do the assignments. That is, except your teacher is a wizard, they cannot see from home how you write your essay. Students can resort to whatever means they want to turn in their essays. What matters, in the end, is the essay and not how it is done.

That is not to say you will not be punished if caught engaging in essays cheat. If the school authority finds out that a student cheats on his essays, there can be severe consequences. In some cases, the student may be asked to repeat the test or even leave the school. We will discuss this in detail later on in this review. But then, well-written essays get the reward of top grades.

If you get away with cheating on your essay, you might get a good grade. That is, if your cheat well and wrote the essay correctly. And we all know that good grades are the recipe for great jobs in the world of today.

In a nutshell, students cheat on their essays so they can have good grades. With these good grades, they are hopeful that they can increase their chances of getting good jobs and better lives for themselves in the future.

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Essay Hacks

After seeing why students cheat on their essay assignments, it’s time to see some common college essay hacks that they use. Essay cheats are not difficult to do.

That’s because, unlike most academic work, essays are written at home. So, students find it easy to break some of the rules since their tutor is not there to monitor them directly.

Besides, the internet has made everything so easy these days. There are tons of information everywhere at the reach of the students that can help them achieve their aims of cheating on their test.

Who could have imagined 50 years back that there would be an article somewhere that describes how students can cheat well on their essays without getting caught. But then, here you are reading one of those articles. You are probably reading this piece to find out how to cheat on your essay.

The following are some methods you can use to cheat on your essays:

1. Hire a Professional to Write the Essay for You

This is probably the oldest and possibly the easiest way to cheat on your essay as a student. You can also use the method for other homework and assignments that you might have in school. Usually, all you need is to hire someone more intelligent and more experienced than you to write the paper on your behalf.

Thanks to the internet, professional essay writers are always at your reach. You can hire one via any of the available professional writing services online. These websites have a significant number of professional essay writers who will help you write your essay. It does not matter what your field is. These websites have someone to do the job for you at any time of the day.

Professional writers make sure that they write high-quality papers. More importantly, they deliver your work to you on time. That way, you can even revise the work before you turn it in with your tutor.

As you read, you will notice that we emphasized the word ‘professional.’ There is a reason for that. The truth is, not every essay writer out there can offer you the quality you need. So, you must ensure that you find a professional essay writer that you can trust.

There are a few things you must consider to find a professional writer. First, you must take your time to check the writer you want to give your essay. Remember, this is your life, and a mistake at this point will cost you a lot.

Therefore, ensure that you find a professional writer that has high credibility. You can assess the credibility of a writer quickly by checking their years of experience. However, this does not work in all cases. But, you want to give your assignments to someone who has been in the business for a while.

Also, you should check how consistent the company has been in its writing services. Do they deliver good quality essays on time consistently? If yes, then you might consider using the website. Check the support system of the website and look for their reviews online.

Once you are sure you can trust them, you can then request their professional service. The website should immediately assign you to one of their writers who will help you with your essay.

The writer should immediately contact you for details via email or the designated mode of communication by the website. They will want to know how you want the essay to be written and when you want it delivered.

Ensure that you do not make mistakes while giving out the instructions. Be sure to mention all the crucial points when giving instructions to your writer. Some things you should not forget are the referencing style, the number of words, etc.

When they are done, they will send you the finished work for revision. Ensure you read through to see if there are no mistakes in the work.

As a side note, professional writers do not come for free. If you are not paying for a writing service, you will probably get a poor-quality essay or some random stolen essay from someone else. Therefore, avoid free essays.

The price of the essay writing service will usually depend on the extent of the service rendered by the website. Therefore, the fees differ from one website to the other one.


  • The service is fast; you get your work when you want it.
  • It is the easiest; you don’t need to do anything.
  • The result is usually error-free.
  • You can request revisions if you don’t like the quality of the job.
  • Your essay is done discretely


  • You could get into the hands of scams and frauds.
  • Your tutor might notice the essay is too good to be written by you.
  • It is not free


2. Re-use Previous Papers by You or Someone Else

This is another easy cheat method. However, it requires wisdom. Otherwise, you stand at a risk of getting caught. Most schools have facilities that allow them to check for plagiarism, so you need to be careful with this one.

Most times, the essays that you get from school are those that have been given before. The truth is, most teachers do not have the time to roll out new questions anymore. Therefore, they either recycle what they have given before or give out old questions without changing many things.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who has answered one of those questions before, then you can easily use the template to write yours. It even gets better if such persons did well when they wrote theirs.

However, it would be best if you were careful not to write what they wrote precisely. Doing that is called plagiarism, and it comes with grave consequences. Depending on how strict your school is, you could be looking at expulsion.

The problem with this method is that it is very dicey. Typically, when you check for plagiarism, you are comparing your work with other published articles online. The plagiarism software will look online to see if any articles match with what you have in your paper.

Fortunately, if you are copying from someone else’s essay or your previous work, there are chances that the article has not been published before. Therefore, even if you copy the work word for word, it’s likely online plagiarism tools might not find any plagiarized texts.

However, most schools have special software that helps them compare new assignments with old essays that have been submitted to the school. So, if the person you copied submitted to the same school, there is a high tendency that the teacher will notice you copied the work.

Once you submit your paper, the tutor will run a plagiarism test using the particular software. If the software notices an overlap, it will score your paper for plagiarism using a similarity index.

The more words you copy from the previously written work, the higher the similarity index. If the similarity index is too high, your essay would be rejected for plagiarism. In some cases, you could get more punishment.

However, the good news is that the plagiarism checking tools, especially the ones used in schools, use different databases. So when they check for plagiarism, they only check the database of their software. That means, if the previous work was checked with different software, you might not get caught if your tutor checks you with a different tool.

For instance, Student A submits an assignment last year, and his teacher checks for plagiarism with Turnitin. Then Student B copies such an assignment and submits it. If the teacher decides to check Student B’s assignment with another software, let’s say SafeAssign, he might not spot any plagiarized text. But then, the question is, are you willing to take the risk?


  • You can write an even better essay from the person’s work
  • It is free of charge


  • You could make mistakes.
  • It still requires you to work.
  • You could end up with plagiarized work
  • Finding a similar essay might take time


3. Plagiarize Wisely

This is one of the methods that you can use to cheat on your essays. First, before we go on, you should know that plagiarism is an academic crime punishable under the law. That means it is a risky thing to do. If you get caught, there would be serious consequences.

That said, let’s get to how you can plagiarize without getting caught. To not get caught, you need to know how the system catches you first. That way, you can avoid getting caught. So, we’ll start by defining plagiarism.

In simple terms, plagiarism presents someone else’s ideas in your work as though they were yours. The thing with plagiarism is, except your teacher has read the work you stole from, they can’t tell if you stole someone else’s work. Either that or they have to be wizards.

Plagiarism is a big crime because it’s not fair to the person you stole their work. Someone put in so much work to produce the work, and you take it without giving them due credit. Besides, it defeats the purpose of having the assignment. Essays are supposed to be your idea so your teacher can know your level of understanding. Copying someone else means the teacher is grading that person’s knowledge.

Considering how important it is to check essays for plagiarism, programmers developed plagiarism tools to help detect plagiarized work. These tools help teachers spot work that has been copied from other people even if the teacher has not read those work before.

However, there are some loopholes to the use of this software. When your work goes through a plagiarism checking tool, the software usually looks for overlaps. It checks to see that if you have words that are arranged the same way with any of the write-ups in its database. This means, if you copy someone and you can rearrange their work correctly, it’s unlikely the software will flag your work.

One way to do this is to add many adverbs to the original text. By doing that, the similarity reduces, and the software will not spot overlapping texts. You can combine that with a careful reordering of the sentences in the original texts as well. With that, most plagiarism tools will find it hard to spot the similarity between your work and the original text.

However, while reordering the text, be sure to do it mindfully, so you do not lose the coherence and meaning of the original text. In situations where you must use the words from the original text, ensure that you have the word in quotes. Also, remember to add a citation and reference at the end of your essay. That way, you won’t get flagged for plagiarism.


  • It’s faster and easier than writing an essay afresh.
  • There are chances that you could learn a few things in the process.
  • It is free of charge.
  • If you do it well, you will get plagiarism-free work.


  • You could lose the coherence and meaning of the work in the process.
  • It still requires a lot of work.

4. Use Free Model Essays to Write your Essays

One other practical way to cheat on your essay is to write from a model essay online. All over the internet, there are sample essays written on various subjects. These essays are written by professional essay writers who want people to see a sample of what they can do.

Sometimes, the model essays are also there to show students how they should write effectively. In such situations, the essays are likely approved by standard instructors. Therefore, anyone using them will find them valuable tools to guide you through writing your essay.

The one big problem with model essays is that you might not find your exact assignment. Therefore, you might have to do a little research to find one that is closely related to the essay you need. If you are lucky to find what you need, ensure that you do not copy it word for word. Remember that your tutor will scan your work for plagiarism. Besides, such work is online for reference purposes.

Once you find one of those texts that have what you need, simply pick the main points from there. After that, you can sit on your own and build upon the points in your essay.

After you are done writing your points from there, ensure you do a plagiarism check on your own before submission. You should find out yourself than allowing your teacher to do the job of finding out. After you are sure the essay is plagiarism-free, you can then go ahead to submit the paper.


  • It’s faster and easier than writing an essay afresh.
  • It is free of charge.
  • If you do it well, your essay will be plagiarism-free.


  • Finding a model essay that matches your topic is difficult.
  • It requires the most work.



Essay Hacks and Cheat Sheet

The following is an essay cheat sheet to help you write your essays better. Here you will find some common essay writing hacks that will help you write faster and easier.

1. Write like you read books

Most tutors will be happy to mark your essay if they see that you put a lot of research into it. However, if you are smart enough, you can trick your tutor into believing you read books using the internet.

For example, if you have a topic relating to health. Start your work by looking for related books and articles on Google Books. Then you can pick one or two of these books and select relevant quotes from them at random. Also, another trick is to add the ISBN in your references. When you do all these, your tutor will feel you read the book.

2. Follow online guides

The beauty of the internet today is the amount of free information that you can get from it. If you do not know how to go about your paper, just search online.

Some several blogs and websites teach people how to write high-quality essays. The good news about these platforms is that they are free. However, it would help if you were careful with some of these websites, as some of them can be misleading. As a rule, ensure that you check the credibility of the website or blog before you use their advice.

You will find different guides online in different forms. But then, the best sites will give you insights in terms of format, tone, outline, structure, and citation/referencing.

3. Ensure your essay is in the right format

After you are done writing your paper, ensure that it is in the correct format provided by your instructor.

Things to check include your paragraphs, the citations, footnotes, and the referencing style. This part is crucial because some instructors might not mark your essay if the format is not acceptable.

4. Ensure you always proofread your work

Humans are error-prone, and therefore you must proofread before you submit your work. Even if you had a professional writer write it for you, ensure you proofread. Proofreading will help you correct common errors due to grammar, punctuation, and so on.

Thanks to technology and the internet, things are now accessible. You can quickly proofread using a range of internet applications like Writecheck and Grammarly.

5. Paraphrase well

Paraphrasing is one of the most helpful college essay hacks you can have. It is the process where you rewrite someone’s text, so it looks like an original text from you. We already discussed that earlier under the plagiarizing method. The following are some tips that will help you paraphrase better, so you do not get caught:

  • Start your essay with an entirely different sentence from your source.
  • Try to exchange original words with synonyms throughout the essay
  • Change the structure of the sentences in the original text. For instance, you can use an active form instead of a passive form.
  • If you can, divide long sentences into smaller parts. This will improve the readability of your task and also make it less similar to the original text.
  • You can also avoid abbreviations in your work. That is, instead of NYSE, you can write New York Stock Exchange. That way, you increase the word count and also reduce the chances of plagiarism.

6. Know how much plagiarism is allowed and ensure you stick to the minimum

Your instructor will inform you how much plagiarism is allowed in your essay. Before submission, ensure that you check your work to see if it meets the requirement. It is better that you do it yourself before submission because some tutors would not give you second chances.