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Why Students Cheating Is Still Persistent

Cheating ranges from possessing notes in an exam to asking someone else to write an assignment on your behalf. Reasons why student cheating is difficult to eradicate, are without doubt, many. With the evolving cheating techniques among students, it is difficult to tame this vice once and for all.

why students cheating

One would only but wonder, why would a student decide to cheat? I mean, with all the resources at their disposal and ample time, what causes students to cheat still? Well, to get answers to all these questions and more, you only need to scroll down.

What Is the Origin of Student Cheating?

Human beings’ nature is such that they learn from each other, which forms a particular group of people. The students cheat may date back to early ancestry periods when a man would emulate what he saw another one doing.

Researchers believe that student cheating did not start yesterday. It is something that developed long ago and slowly by slowly was transferred to generations. Cheating does not begin from school alone.

I remember when I was young, and I would steal sugar quite often. Whenever my mum confronted me, I would vehemently deny all the charges and get away with it. That is why students cheat today – it is something they started at an early. It is no wonder that many developing countries are struggling with problems of corruption.

Over the years, cheating students have devised ‘innovative and creative’ ways to outsmart their supervisors. Some of these methods are out of the world, and one can only imagine if that creativity was directed into something constructive.

Nonetheless, the problem of students cheating is already here with us.

Why Student Cheating is Harmful

The worst thing about taking a shortcut is that you arrive early but at a cost. Such is the consequence of deciding to cheat in school work. You might get that A+, but the effects will still follow you to your career. Let’s survey some of the reasons why student cheating is an academic deathbed for the culprits:

  • It lowers your grades: When you have a high affinity for cheating, you will not see the need to go through your notes for revision. The result is that you will not be knowledgeable in your field, and when the exams come, you might find yourself on the losing end.
  • It inhibits the sense of creativity and innovation: Students who cheat in exams cannot think critically and develop creative or innovative ideas on their own. It results in them being dependent on others for everything – even the simplest of tasks.
  • It gives students a false sense of assurance: Some students cheat because they want top grades. Lucky enough, they attain these top-tier grades, which creates false confidence in them that they are well academically.
  • Students spend a lot on cheating: With the rise of essay or thesis and dissertation writing services, students can now order papers at the comfort of their homes.

Nevertheless, this comes at a fee that may be expensive and beyond the student’s reach. Being aware of these repercussions, some students still go ahead and cheat. I would call these the hard stone in the river, wet on the outside yet dry inside.

Why Students Cheating is Common Among Those in Technical Fields

It is argued that students pursuing sciences are more likely to cheat than those taking social sciences. Cases of medical students cheating are common, especially in the final years. But what would trigger Harvard students cheating?

  • The fear of repeating a course: Such technical fields require that if a student fails, he/she repeats the whole academic year. Considering the subject areas’ complexity, most students would rather cheat than go back to such a class gain.
  • Pride and prestige: Courses such as Engineering and Medicine have a prestigious place in society. Nobody would want to tannish this kind of status by failing. That is why students cheat to maintain their position in the college and society at large. Imagine the regard a sophomore would have for a finalist who has failed!
  • The technicality of some concepts: Some concepts require an extra hand to crack. These include formulas and definitions of key terms. Students would, therefore, write secret notes on these and carry them to their exam room. Imagine having to work out a sum worth 20 marks, yet you do not have the formula for doing it!
  • Tight deadlines: Technical courses have challenging assignments with tight deadlines in lab reports, proposals, or projects. A cheating student would not waste time fumbling around with such daunting tasks. Instead, he/she would find all means possible to meet the deadline – cheating is the critical method.
  • Non-approachable lecturers: Most college professors have fixed schedules, and it is a rare thing to find them in their respective offices. Therefore, having consultations with them, especially on complex aspects, maybe a challenge. The only way to escape would be to go online and copy-paste the assignment.

You may be asking yourself, how many students cheat? My friend, I would say almost all of them, not only the technical ones we have just discussed.

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Dealing With Students Cheating

Despite the perceived benefits of cheating by many students, it is still a vice that should be dealt with. Highlighted below are possible solutions to the different reasons why student cheat:

Confiscating students cheating with cell phones

Students found using mobile phones in cheating should have their phones confiscated and kept away for a period. It should help send a clear message to others who intend to use their mobile phones in cheating.

  • Providing appropriate help 

The tutor should determine what prompted the student to cheat and help accordingly. Maybe these were poor study habits, parental pressure, academic anxiety, or educational deficiencies. All these can be handled at a personal level between the tutor and the student.

  • Should students be expelled for cheating?

Expelling students for cheating may not be the best option, after all. Even though it would send chills down the spine of many, cheating is not such gross misconduct to warrant expulsion. I would suggest a suspension, which would serve as a warning to the student. That would be better than ending one’s academic life through expulsion.

  • Involving the parents of the student

If exam cheating has happened more than once, it is necessary to call in the student’s parents. It would provide an avenue for sharing ways of correcting the behavior rather than punishing the student. Through such a meeting, parents can realize their role in the academic progress of their children.

  • Speaking personally with the cheating student

Some students will open up once you engage them in a candid talk on why they cheat in exams. You can identify the deficiencies on your part as the tutor and the student’s interest through this. However, do not confront the student with anger and a condemning tone. That would only add salt to the wound.

  • Sensitize the student on the consequences of cheating

Ignorance is no defense, and therefore, it would be best if the student is informed. Please point out the repercussions of cheating and its magnitude. For instance, you can tell them of the jail terms associated with plagiarism. You can also make the student retake the assignment right there in class.

Final Words

When considering why do student cheat, there are several factors to put on the line. Most important of all is making the students aware that cheating is not acceptable and has serious consequences. Sensitization is a critical aspect of making students aware of the consequences of cheating and why they need to stop it.