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Turnitin Late Submission Hacks & Late Assignment Tips

Assignments and tests form a significant part of the school curriculum in every higher institution and college worldwide. Professors and college lecturers have made it a pre-requisite for any student to pass their courses.

Turnitin Late Submission Hacks

As important as it has become, it is surprising that students in different colleges still show little or no interest in this task. Turning in assignments to fulfill a requirement and pass a course has become an impossible mission for some students in different colleges around the world.

Many students have resulted to turning in homework late and sometimes forgetting to do assignments. Different excuses and stories have become the regular escape route for most students, and some do not care.

These tips on Turnitin late submission hack is a guide to acceptable and legal hacks to turning in assignments late and how to go about late submission of assignments.

3 Top Turnitin Late Submission Hacks

Turnitin is a technologically advanced system initiated to ensure quality assessment of students’ assignments and term papers. The platform ensures quality outputs. It also checks for plagiarism, upholds academic integrity, and sets students up for success.

Several institutions have adopted the Turnitin software because of its distinctive feature of identifying plagiarism. It works by checking each submitted document against its database and the contents of other websites to ensure the document is authentic.

In some colleges, it has become necessary to submit assignments through the software application to ensure that no student is plagiarizing their work. However, there are some ways to beat this technologically advanced platform when turning in assignments.

For students who have missed the deadlines to submit their assignments on Turnitin, these three main Turnitin late assignment hacks will be beneficial.

1.      Submission of an invalid file

This trick is one of the frequently used Turnitin late submission hacks. It is straightforward. The idea is to buy yourself a little time to complete your assignment. So, what you do in the meantime is submit an invalid document in the system, wait for your professor to request a valid file, and send in your completed assignment.

2.      Changing the assignment deadline

You will have to log in to your account to do this.

On your dashboard go to, ‘Course tool’  > ‘Turnitin assignment’ > ‘Turnitin assignment link’. Select the ‘edit assignment option’, choose a more favourable deadline and click submit to effect the changes.

3.      Adjusting settings on Turnitin account

For you to do this, you also need to log into your account. Please understand that these hacks should be your last resort because if your supervisor finds out you hacked the software application, the penalty can be more severe than if you turn in your assignment late.

Some Ways to Turn in Late Assignment That Do Not Attract Penalties

Writing and submitting your assignments can become tedious if you have other activities you do after you close school every day. Other times, you might have lots of assignments to complete in a short time, and you can get overwhelmed. In situations like this, dealing with the assignment with the closest deadline is the way to go.

Often, you may miss your deadlines. You probably have even resulted in writing your homework shabbily to meet your deadlines or even submit partly completed papers. Better late than never, they say.

But, actions such as these will negatively affect your overall grade and your chances of graduating. Here are some tips that can help you submit assignments late and keep your grades intact with light or no penalties.

1.      Inform your professor as soon as possible

Whenever you find out that you will not turn in your assignment on time, it is always safer to discuss your time constraint with your professor. He can be considerate and help move your deadline date forward. That way, you will not be in trouble with your professor or coordinator.

2.      Pretend or Fake an illness

Another way to ride the late submission train is to fake an illness. This tip might work almost all the time because your professor will be inclined to pity the fact that you are just recovering from a particular illness or a fractured arm. However, you must be an excellent actor and have doctor’s prescriptions to back up your claim to get what you want.

3.      Change the assignment deadline

Although if caught, you can face some penalties, changing the deadline for late assignments is another way you can successfully turn in home works late. You will have to log in to your Turnitin application and change the assessment deadline date and setting.

4.      Submission of an invalid file

This is a smart way to avoid penalties for late submission of assignments. You can only get away with this if your professor has not already learned that it is a way to turn in assignments late. What you need to do is submit a corrupt document as your assignment before the deadline date. This submission will buy you some time to work on the assignment itself quickly.

Whenever your supervisor contacts you to bring the corrupt file to your notice, you apologize for it and send the actual assignment to him. You would be conveniently submitting after the deadline date has passed and without any penalty. The risk is that you have to count on the fact that your supervisor does not already know about this tip.

5.      Make a bold move and take responsibility

Taking a bold step to confront your professor and accept that you have erred on your part is an act of maturity. However, it can earn you some punishments or penalties because you have passed your deadlines. But, your professor might still take your late paper and give you lenient penalties because you owned your faults.

Some Frequently Used Late Assignment Excuses to Get Out of Penalties

For most people, finding an excuse for not meeting their deadlines and submitting their assignments late is the standard way to go. And, we cannot deny the fact that some excuses for late homework work like a miracle.

These excuses are often genuine, and some people even get away with it with little or no punishment and penalties for their inabilities to meet their deadline. College students are used to finding excuses for their late homework.

Can we blame them when it works like magic most of the time?

In this guide, you will find some excuses that can get you out of late assignment submission penalties when turning it in late. Some of them are listed below:

1.      I thought it was in my bag

This is a classic “I forgot it at home” instance. You can easily pretend as if you had it in your bag, and you realize you did not remember to pick it off your study table in your hostel. At least you will get a one-day extension, yay!

2.      My computer crashed

If your computer had crashed, there is no way you could have completed your assignment on time, right? You are even more likely to get sympathy and an extended deadline if you say this. Just make sure you do not mistakenly bring that same computer to school the next day.

3.      I did not understand the homework

Saying something like this can make you as if you gave the homework some serious thoughts and some research even when we both know that you had completely forgotten about the assignment. Your instructor might be convinced that you put in some work and give you some tips to help you solve it with a new deadline date. Lucky you.

4.      My pet died

It will earn you some sympathy. It can even help you escape punishment if you can convince your supervisor about how important your pet was to you and how painful its death was.

5.      I was absent when the assignment was assigned

This excuse could portray you as a bit unserious because you are supposed to get information from your colleagues even if you did not attend a class. Therefore, this excuse can earn you a little punishment. But you will still do your homework and submit after the deadline, so win, win.

Before you give any excuse as your reason for the late submission of your assignments, you should make sure to think it through. You know your lecturers better, so you should avoid excuses that can make them angry with you.

Better still, it is more preferable to be honest about any reason why you have failed to turn your assignments in on time.

Sample Email to Professor About Late Assignment

After considering your different options on the hacks of turning your assignment in late, you have to re-do the assignment regardless. Whatever excuse or hacks to have decided to use must still follow an apology letter, note, or email and your actual assignment.

You may not be able to successfully avoid doing your assignment, except in real life-threatening situations.

Your apology letter will show your professor how sincere you and your intentions are and if you deserve a second chance or not. Therefore, you need to know how to apologize to a professor for late assignment submission.

Below is a sample late submission letter:

Student’s Address


Professor’s Department

School name

Missed Paper Deadline – Late Submission

Dear Professor Proton,

I am writing to inform you about my inability to meet up the assignment deadline, hence my late submission. I apologize for the late submission on my assignment on the topic [write topic], assigned on Tuesday, [write date].

I clearly understand the school’s policy regarding the late submission of our term papers and homework, and I am deeply sorry for the late submission. I am not so inclined to break the rules often. The situation that arose was beyond my control and was unexpected.

[write your reasons]. Although this is not enough reason to break the school’s rules, I am fully ready to accept the consequences of my actions. But I appeal to you to please be lenient with me. I promise not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Thank you for your time and kind attention, sir.

Yours faithfully,

[Your signature]

[Your full name]

[Admission number]


Tips to Note When Writing Your Late Submission Email to Your Professor

  • Ensure to have the correct email of your professor.
    After delaying your assignments for so long, you do not want to send the late assignment email to the wrong email address.
  • Make sure to write your full name and department with your admission number in your email.
  • Ensure the mail subject relates directly to your purpose of writing the mail. Do not write unrelated subjects.
  • Show in your mail that you understand the consequences and penalties that come with your actions.
  • Show remorse and promise not to repeat the same act in the future.
  • Make sure to be polite in your email so that you can get their understanding.
  • Also, do not forget to make your excuses genuine enough.
  • Try also to notify your supervisor as early as you can.
  • You can ask if you can still turn in your papers later if the deadline is not yet passed.
  • Remember to proofread your email.
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Late Assignment Policy and Penalties in Universities

Different universities have different policies against the late submission of term papers and assignments to curb the indifference of most students to their assignments. Some students do their assignments because of the fear of penalties if they do not.

Here are some of the policies and penalties from seven (7) Universities in the USA to reduce student’s indifference to their home works:

1.      Thomas Edison State University

All course work must be submitted no later than the due date unless prior arrangements are made with the supervisor, and a new due date is established.

Penalty: 5 points will be deducted for each week, or part thereof, that the assignment is late.

2.      University of Southern California

Submission between the beginning & end of class: 10% loss of score and 48 hours of the date due: 20% loss of score, submission between 48 hours and seven days after the date due: 30% loss of score, Submission 7 days after the date due to no marks

3.      University of California Los Angeles

5% Absolute standard University scale per day, until the mark reaches zero

4.      California Institute of technology

5% per day for a default penalty period of 7 consecutive days

5.      University of California San Diego

24 hours after the submission deadline will receive a penalty of 10% of the maximum amount of marks

6.      University of Nottingham

5% Absolute standard University scale per day, until the mark reaches zero

7.      Stanford University

Deduction of 10% per day the assignment remains late

However, some schools are lenient with their late submission penalty and may reconsider the punishment if the student’s reasons are genuine and reasonably beyond his control.

How to Bypass Turnitin Due Date

Turnitin is a programmed software that automatically implements the 10% penalty on late submission of any paper, even if you have submitted assignment 1 minute late. Most people have tried different strategies or some type of late assignment hack to bypass the Turnitin due date not to suffer the 10% penalty. Most of them have still submitted assignments 1 minute later.

The most efficient way to bypass the Turnitin due date is to talk directly to your professor, explaining why you are submitting late, especially a few minutes after the deadline. He will most likely understand better than the programmed software, and you may not get any penalty for the late submission.

Reasons Why Students Turning in Assignments Late in College

Despite frugal attempts by some students to submit their assignments as early as possible, they eventually submit assignments late. At times, some even miss their deadlines by just a few minutes, and consequently, suffer the penalties for a late submission.

Some reasons that could be the cause of late homework might be beyond the control of some students, and other times, it is due to their negligence.

1.      Unforeseen Occurrence

An unplanned and unforeseen event may affect a student’s intention to submit his assignment in due time. Events such as illness or the death of a relative could delay the submission of a task. It could even be as essential as internet interruption when the student is ready to submit his work, causing delay until the deadline is passed.

2.      Procrastination

Many people are guilty of this act. Putting off what you are supposed to do for a later time until there is no more time to carry out that task. Many students are fond of this act, and it has remained a significant issue in turning in assignments in due time.

3.      Resource Constraints

This issue can lead to late submission because of the inability to obtain the required materials to complete the task. At times, resources could range from internet services to power outages or lack of materials to better understand the question.

4.      Lack of Motivation

An unmotivated student is highly uninterested in any school-related tasks. He probably does not even understand what the whole curriculum is about. It can directly affect how late or early he turns his assignment in for grading. I am guessing very late because he probably does not care whatever his grade is.


Turnitin late submission hacks can help you submit your assignments on the platform. The hacks give ideas on how to submit your papers even after the assignment deadline. You have to be careful in implementing some of the hacks or land in more trouble.

Despite strict rules and penalties by colleges to contain and reduce late assignment submission of assignments by students, some students still turn in their papers late and give excuses to their supervisors. Many have bypassed assignment dates by giving excuses and using some other hacks.

However, genuine or not, making excuses a habit will not work forever. Your professor will soon recognize you as the “excuse guy.” Therefore, it is always better to plan your time effectively and make sure to do all your assignments as at when due. You can set reminders and alarms for strategic dates to not completely forget about your assignments.