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Tips on How to Write College Essay

The college application essay is a nightmare for most students. You are perfectly aware that it can make or break your college application. In other words, this essay can get you admitted to the college of your dreams – or it may prevent you from getting a spot. Yes, this essay really is extremely important. However, stop worrying so much and start learning about it.

Tips on How to Write College Essay

Truth be told, you are perfectly capable of writing and excellent paper if you get some excellent college application essay advice. To help out students, we asked out amazing academic writers to put together a list of the best college admissions essay advice. Read on to find some tips and tricks that will significantly improve your chances of getting admitted to any university you wish.


College Application Essay Advice Is Extremely Important

You may have read dozens of articles about college admissions papers. You may think that you know all there is to know about this essay. However, we want to tell you this upfront: our college admissions essay advice can prove to be invaluable. Maybe there is something you’ve missed, or maybe there is something the articles you’ve read didn’t cover. In any case, keep in mind that getting college essay advice is basically free. It will take you just 10 minutes to read this article, but the advice may help you for the rest of your life. Because let’s face it: the college you attend will shape your future. The better the college, the brighter the future.


The Best College Admissions Essay Advice and Tips

There are just a couple of things we would like to discuss. However, these are the most important things that students need to know before they even start writing the essay. We know perfectly well what the admissions committees are looking for. In fact, our academic writers have composed hundreds of winning application essays for students all around the world. So, without further ado, here is the best advice college essay writers can give you:

  • Start preparing right now. Writing a college admissions essay will take you more time than you imagine – guaranteed. It is best to start early so you have plenty of time for edits later.
  • Be specific. This college admission essay advice aims to keep you focused on the important matters. Don’t stray from the subject and don’t delve into more detail than it is necessary.
  • Don’t waste valuable space discussing meaningless things or trying to describe things that are not relevant. The admission officers have Google, so they can find this information on their own if necessary. Instead, focus on what really is important. Focus on presenting yourself, your achievements and your goals.
  • Put yourself in the school’s position. What would you like to read if you were trying to get the best students into your college? You probably want students who are able to succeed. You want to tie that name of your school to their success. Keep this in mind at all times and make sure you describe yourself and your accomplishments as well as you can.
  • Don’t be afraid to use anecdotes and even jokes (good ones, of course). Admissions officers are humans, and they will appreciate a good joke when they see one. And remember, your tension usually reflects in your writing. Don’t be an insecure person who seems like he is just trying to please. If you can, start your application essay with a good anecdote. This may be the very best college admission essay advice you can get!
  • Being sophisticated isn’t necessarily bad. However, using SAT words when writing a personal essay is usually not a good idea. Admissions officers want to meet the real you. They can’t talk to you, so they are trying to figure out who you are and what kind of a person you are just by reading your words. Be relaxed and write the way you speak. If your essay reads like a press release, redo it at once!
  • Another excellent piece of college admission essay advice is to write about your interests and about what really matters to you. Don’t attempt to write about what you think matters to the admissions committee. These people want to see an authentic essay and want to see that you are capable of quality thinking. They’re interested in your interests.
  • Never, under any circumstances, pretend to be someone you are not! This is a very important college essay advice. You will be writing about yourself, but this doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate. If you’ve had an extraordinary experience, share it – but don’t make it be more dramatic than it was. Keep in mind that admissions officers have read thousands of application essays. They know how to spot exaggeration.
  • Imagine you are right there with the admissions committee. They already have your application and are just about to read your application essay. What would they need to know about you that is not anywhere else in your application? Remember that these people are not there to connect the dots. You need to cover everything and you need to make sure your entire application presents a real picture of who you are and what you can do.
  • Show your essay to at least two people and ask what they think. Take their feedback in a constructive manner and improve your writing. This may very well be the best college essay advice you’ve received up to now and it may get you some extra points.
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Can You Get Online College Essay Advice?

The advice above will help you do a better job at writing the college application essay. However, did you know that there is a better way to get the essay done? You can now get online college essay advice from an academic writing company. These companies employ experienced application essay writers who know what they’re doing. These people have written perhaps thousands of such papers, so they know exactly how to write them. Also, they are certified academic writers; this makes them your best choice for such a complex project.

Of course, you will work closely with the writer and will provide him or her with all the relevant details about yourself, your accomplishments and your goals. In other words, you will work with an expert who knows how to take your words and ideas and create an extraordinary application essay from the. You will also get ample online college essay advice from the company and from its writers.


Bottom Line

Getting college essay tips advice is free if you read our article. However, free advice has its limits. It will help you write a better admissions essay, but you may still need some help. Considering how important this essay is, we would advise you to get more than just college application essay advice. You need help from a professional who has extensive experience writing this kind of application.

Don’t be afraid to pay a bit of money to gain access to years of experience and knowledge. It will be money well spent. Just make sure you do business with an established company with a good track record of successful application essays. You’ll be surprised by how much such a company can really help you.