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Scantron Cheating Hacks and Tricks

The quest for the easiest way out of doing things will always be a constant feature in the lives of humans. This is because people desire quick and accurate results at the snap of their fingers or with them making the littlest of efforts, if at all. Because of this, people keep asking if it is possible to beat scantron or to cheat on scantron tests. The answer is yes, you can use any of the scantron test cheats available, to pass.

Scantron Cheating Hacks and Tricks

People often want to know, can the scantron test cause a child not to pass the current grade? Yes, it can, but only if the child makes a move first to invalidate the answers he or she has already picked.

What Is Scantron?

Scantron is a term used to refer to either of two things. First, it is used to refer to a type of machine that is used to scan and assess a special type of test paper for the number of markings made on it. The markings represent the answers made by the student taking the test, and as such, their grades. Secondly, scantron is used to refer to the special type of paper which the machine uses in grading the tests.

Scantron technology makes use of beams of light to scan through the special scantron sheets, to accurately record the markings of students on the paper as either wrong or right, based on previously prepared answers.

Developed as far back as the year 1972, scantron has formed a solid base upon which a lot of tests have been held and rated. The affordable price and high efficiency of the machine made it a must-have in every school for effortless and quick grading of up to hundreds of students.

Despite its usefulness in the era in which it was created, scantron technology has evolved in recent times to become even better. Now, not only can scantron scan and grade the papers, but it can also record and pinpoint the exact performance of the students in answering the questions.

Scantron Cheating Tips

It has already been established that you can fool the scantron machine into favoring you. While this is no easy feat, the rewards are rather promising, and if you’re able to pull it off, then your chances of passing the test without trying so hard will increase infinitely. There is one way that you can cheat the scantron machine.

  •  When you’re not sure of your answers, then you can darken the black rectangle that is right next to the boxes where the letters are. Doing this can make the machine skip that question and go to the next, without counting it as part of the questions to be answered. You can darken the boxes with a pencil, a pen, or a marker.

How To Cheat On A Scantron Test

Whether or not these ways to cheat on scantron tests are effective, many would swear by it enough to pass it on to others who may need it. For many years, some students have waged war against being marked down by the school authorities, and here are a few of the ways some people used to beat scantron.

  1. Choose Your Best Guess

Many times we’re unsure of what answers to pick because we’re confused by the options. However, choosing the option that resonates better with you, is key when it comes to how to hack scantron.

Statistically, when you use the method that eliminates the least likely answers, you’re left with your best guess. When you understand the need for and develop a keen eye for spotting errors in questions, you’re on your way to mastering how to cheat on a scantron test.

Sometimes, recognizing and removing the wrong answers is all the genius it takes to pass a scantron test.

Yes, it’s boring work and not at all what you expect from such a title as “how to cheat a scantron exam”, but it’s not like you’re allowed to go anywhere before you finish. You might as well just sit tight and try to make calculated guesses.

  1. Copy Possible Formulas and Key Points Into Your Calculator

Seeing as some institutions allow students to take their calculators with them, you can copy some key points and formulas onto your graphing calculator. They’ll help you sort out your math and physics exam problems.

This has proven to be a neat, easy and effective trick with only one caveat. Since some teachers became aware of this trick by students, they made it mandatory for students to remove the batteries of their calculators as they enter the exam halls.

  1. Study

Boo! Refund! Sure. But then, that’s the best non-cheat method of scantron cheating. Think about it. It’s the best way to pass a test without bothering yourself about how to pass every scantron test, or how to fool the scantron.

It gives you a better and clearer understanding of the subject matter. Also, it saves you enough time instead of focusing on how to get 100 in every scantron test. Study and study some more.

Ways To Cheat On A Scantron Test

Some students who have mastered the art of cheating during an exam with scantron have succeeded in creating a system of some sort for themselves. Below are some of the ways they suggest for scantron test cheats:

  1.  Copy some answers and pointers on the inside of the door of the bathroom. Chances are that the tips you’ve copied would correspond with the topic at hand. Be sure to not stay too long in the bathroom, that it becomes suspicious.
  2.  Smear a light layer of lip balm on your scantron paper. This has been rumored to work for at least 25% of students who have tried it. The caveat to this kind of scantron cheating is that sometimes, people apply lip balm/ chapstick too thickly to their papers. This can disqualify them entirely if the examiner notices it.
  3. Write the “Answer key” in the box provided for teachers to determine the type of paper it is. What this does is that it sets your paper as the marking guide for the test, and while this seems like a good scantron cheat, it is the riskiest. Agreed, this method of scantron cheating will earn you 100 points, but if you’re caught, you could face some serious punishment. What’s more, it could fail everyone else that comes after you.
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Scantron Hack: How Is It Possible?

Contrary to what you might think, hacking scantron has nothing to do with messing with the algorithms or software programming of the machine. Rather, to hack scantron simply means to make use of the many shortcuts available, to get from scantron what you normally wouldn’t. On that note, here are a few of such scantron hacks.

Use the right type of pencil

Scantron machines are designed to recognize and read only marks made clearly on the paper, and this is made so much easier by shading in your answers with a #2 pencils. The coloring that the #2 pencil uses is both very visible to the naked eye and easily read by the machine.

Failure of the scantron machine to read or recognize your answers because you used the wrong pencil will result in your test answers being flagged or marked as incorrect, even though they are the right answers.

Fill the right way

Yes, there is a right way to fill out your answers on a scantron test, and the details are usually explained before the exam starts. When filling out your answers, there are some things you should note, such as

  • Avoid filling in patterns. If you don’t know the answer, then move on to the next one. If after the test you still have some unanswered questions, then you can use the elimination method to get your answer. Forget about the wrong and unlikely answers, and focus on the potentially right one. If you follow a particular pattern, then it is easy for your instructor to see it and fail you.
  • Drawing lines on your scantron is wrong, and will only help you fail quicker. This is because the machine can be confused by the lines (especially if they are zigzag) or be unable to read them. After all, the lines are too faint to count, if it even gets to the machine. If an examiner notices the lines, they might ask you to retake the test, or even invalidate your paper altogether.


How To Pass A Scantron Test

Taking a scantron test is not as difficult as a lot of students make it out to be. When you consider passing the test, however, then you will understand that it is a bit of a hassle to pass without scantron cheating.

This is not to say that cheating is the only way to pass a scantron test, it just means that it would be a bit harder to go about passing the conventional way.

  • Obey all the rules

Strictly observing all the laid down rules will put you in a good position to pass your tests. When you meet all the criteria and do what is expected, then the chances of your paper having or being an issue is greatly reduced, and so you have a higher chance of passing.

  • Reduce damaging your paper

If your paper is smeared or appears to be tampered with, then there are likely to be problems with the grading. The scantron machine might read the smears as wrong answers, and so lower your score, or it could spit your test out as invalid. So yes, this means no doodling on the sides of your paper because that also counts as damaging the paper.

How To Get 100 Percent On Scantron Test

Scantron tests, like any other tests, have a small window for students to achieve a perfect score, so it is tricky to find a surefire way that tells you how to get 100 on every scantron test or how to pass every scantron test. A lot of the sites and platforms that promise such are selling snake oil and trying to hoodwink unsuspecting students.

There are some ways, however, for you to follow, to make scantron tests easier to pass. Some of these scantron cheats are outlined below.

  • The key to change

If you choose to do this, then you have to pray very hard that you do not get caught, otherwise you are probably going to face the highest form of discipline your instructor can dish out. It will be a direct insult to your teacher’s ability to think and create questions with unique answers.

What happens here is, after marking your scantron exam paper, you fill out the answers you’ve marked onto your scantron exam sheet, under the “answer key” section of the paper. Changing the answer key is a scantron cheating trick because it not only makes all your answers to be graded as correct, it also spells failure for those coming after you.

When an examiner notices that all the tests after yours are being marked as wrong, even after checking the sheets and finding that the right answers he or she has previously prepared are being flagged as incorrect, then there is bound to be some trouble. The numerous wrong answers will make the teacher suspect that you have found out how to cheat a scantron exam, and he or she might flip out.

  • Study well for your upcoming tests

The place of studying in taking a test has been so looked down upon that people don’t even bother to pick up a book anymore, even when they have exams right around the corner. Yes, you want to get 100 marks on your test or exam, and you want to do it with minimal effort. However, studying well for any tests or exams that might be coming up will remove the chances of you using any scantron cheating tips to answer questions, and it will help you stand blameless before any teacher, instructor or panel to defend your work as all yours.

You do not have to resort to using scantron cheats, no matter how appropriate or fitting it might seem to be to just use them and get your work over and done with. Studying and knowing what you have taken in is a kind of knowledge that stays with you, even after you have passed the immediate scantron exam or test.


Scantron tests have been around for a long time, and they don’t show any signs of ever disappearing, if anything, they are being improved upon and the software are being upgraded. The upgrades mean that cheating on the tests will be a bit harder than it is now, but when that bridge comes, there will surely be others who have crossed it before or have found an easier way around it.

Remember that the principal rule about cheating is to not get caught, and so if you’re using any of the tips listed above, then be sure to use them with discretion and reasonably. It’s either you do that or you risk getting caught and punished severely for cheating.