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SAT Cheating: Ways and Consequences

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is an entrance test that is highly competitive, deciding what college students get into. These tests decide the future of a student. So, it is not uncommon for the thought of cheating on SAT to enter your mind. However, is it truly worth the effort, considering the legal consequences of this act?

sat cheating

How Students Got Away With SAT Cheating

In the past, students have used many methods for cheating on the SAT exams. Here are three common approaches that students have gotten away in the past:


  • Hiring an impersonator



Those wanting the perfect score cheating on the SAT, often hire an expert to take it in their place. This is a thriving business, although illegal where the SAT Cheat makes thousands of dollars for every test that he or she takes. Since the invigilators of the exams are often strangers, the only way to check the identity of a student is by using an ID card. Impersonators use fake ID cards to gain entry and take the test on behalf of students.


  • Access to Questions Before the Exam



There is an entire ‘black market’ online where the papers are available within a few days of being released by the administration. Of course, this is 100% illegal. If you are thinking about how to cheat on SAT using these papers, it is important to note that getting access to physical papers is extremely difficult. Usually, they are sealed and sent to colleges, only to be opened during the day of the exam.


  • Earbuds



This is probably the first idea that comes into the mind of anyone who asks the question of how to cheat on the SAT. Elaborate systems of earbuds have been used by students in the past. Whether it is with an expert in a bathroom giving out the answers or someone with a mobile phone solving the problems, earbuds are and have been successfully used in the past. However, now, most centers have elaborate checking that ensures that these devices are not allowed into the examination hall.

Easy SAT Cheat Hacks

There are some easy hacks that many students use to cheat on SAT. Communication is the easiest way. Between different sections of the exams, students get a break. This time is invaluable to find a smart friend to give you answers to some questions that you are struggling with.

Bathroom breaks to make phone calls are another great option, only if your school or center permits the use of phones during the test.

The Time-Zone hack is also used by students who want to cheat on their tests. For instance, if you are on the East Coast, then your SATs are done before Hawaii. So a student in Hawaii has all the access to the answers because all the zones get the same papers.

How to Cheat on SAT the Traditional Way

The traditional way of SAT test cheating is to peek over your friend’s shoulder and get your answers. This is the safest option given the number of eyes on you when you are taking a test.

You also have the choice of using cheat chits in your mechanical pencil. But the nature of the SATs with multiple subjects at once makes this quite the challenge.

Is Cheating on SAT Easy

Considering the number of cases of cheating that have actually been noted, it is safe to say that cheating on an SAT is hard unless you are willing to face dire consequences.

SAT test centers have strict checking methods to make sure that you do not have any devices on you. Some centers even require you to hand in your phones and place them in the locker before you take the test.

Security in many countries is amplified during the SATs to prevent any malpractice like leaking papers or handing out answers to students of time-zones that have not yet taken the SATs.

So is it possible to cheat on the SAT? Certainly. But, it is not worth the consequences.

What Happens If You Cheat On The SAT?

Most students try to cheat on SAT in the hope of getting a higher score. But the consequences for cheating on SAT can ruin your academic career completely.

Although the students are not entirely banned from retesting, it does affect their admissions into college. In case a student is caught at an SAT Testing center, the test is confiscated. The scores are canceled in case the test has already been finished. Students must take a paid retest in this case.

However, when you use illegal methods like identity theft, the chances of being arrested also exist. There have been cases in the past where identity theft has been sensationalized by media, bringing the students who chose to opt for this method into the foreground.

Proof of Consequence for Cheating on the SAT

In 2013, China and South Korea came into great scrutiny for cheating on the SAT. Students had seen the questions and received answer keys before the exam. This led to the scores of all Chinese students being withheld. On the other hand, the scores of all Korean students were canceled, forcing them to take a retest. Identity impersonators have been grilled by media and many individuals have also been arrested for leaking and accepting unreleased papers.

So if you are wondering what happens if you cheat on the SAT, the consequences are clear and quite dire too. Although SATs are deemed to be harder than most tests, you can do well by preparing in advance. Cheating in any format of test or examination is a risk to your reputation and career. With several prep courses and practice tests available easily, even hard subjects like physics, math, and chemistry are not as challenging as students perceive them to be.