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Proctorio Cheating Guide

So you have to write an exam that will be proctored by Proctorio, and you want to know how to cheat on Proctorio? Well, you’re in the right place! Read on to understand what Proctorio is and how you can cheat on a Proctorio exam or test!

proctorio cheating guide

Many institutions now conduct online tests and exams. However, they are faced with a common problem of how to prevent students from cheating. The go-to solution for most institutions is the use of proctoring software to monitor online exams. And one of these proctoring software is Proctorio.

Thanks to proctoring software, institutions around the world have been able to reduce the rate of cheating during online tests and exams. But are all these proctoring software completely fool-proof? And is Proctorio cheating possible? Let’s find out!

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is an online proctoring service software that helps to monitor test takers by detecting suspicious behavior. Users can use this software remotely as it works with web browsers once downloaded as an extension.

With Proctorio, institutions can be sure of the academic integrity of their students and also fair grading. In addition, with the features on Proctorio, examiners can detect cases of cheating.

In this guide, we’ll share how this software works, how Proctorio can detect cheating, and cover some Proctorio hacks to help you beat this proctoring software. Are you ready? Let’s get going!


How Does Proctorio Work?

Basically, Proctorio serves to replace exam invigilators in remote online tests and exams. This proctoring software does this by recording happenings around students through their webcam, microphones, screen activity, etc.

Proctorio monitors students by recording any sites they visit during the Proctorio test. Proctorio observes students for over 20 behaviors, and then it goes on to prepare a report that the instructors can review.

Proctorio works in web browsers after downloading as an extension. However, before you can take your exams using the Proctorio proctoring software, you must:

  1. Use a computer with a functioning microphone and webcam (minimum of 320 x 240 VGA resolution).
  2. Take the computer to an isolated environment where you wish to take the test.
  3. Ensure that your internet connection is solid and reliable.
  4. Use updated versions of your browser, operating system, and the Proctorio extension.
  5. Disable extra apps or extensions during the test/exam.

A strong internet connection is essential because if you lose network connectivity, your exam will end automatically. With the help of the webcam, Proctorio can confirm your identity and monitor activities during the test.


Proctorio Hacks

Since you now know how Proctorio works, you’ll surely be interested in getting to know some Proctorio hacks that can help you beat this Proctoring software.

Every proctoring software has loopholes that students can exploit. However, it’s important to note that we do not encourage cheating. Every Proctorio hack given is for informational purposes only.

If you have an important test and you’ve been wondering how to beat Proctorio, then you’re in the right place. However, it’s important to note that although there are several loopholes to exploit, it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you don’t cheat smartly, you’ll be caught and may face grave consequences.

Therefore, while it is quite tricky and challenging to cheat on proctored online tests and exams, we shall cover some of the best ways to cheat with Proctorio.


How to Cheat Proctorio

Would you like to know how to cheat with Proctorio? Like other proctoring software, Proctorio has its shortcomings. Unfortunately, students can and do take advantage of these shortcomings to cheat on their tests or exams. Read on if you’d like to know how to cheat or how other students cheat on a Proctorio exam!

Some of the most common Proctorio cheating methods are:

  1. Virtual machine
  2. Use of Phones or other devices
  3. Use of Projectors or a different screen


  1. The Use of Virtual Machine

The use of a virtual machine is a common Proctorio cheating method that test takers use. All you need to do is load up a virtual machine and then take the test inside it. During this period, you can keep doing anything you like on the host machine.

With a virtual machine, you can connect screen-sharing apps to the host machine. Then someone in an adjacent room can control the mouse remotely and take the test on your behalf. Of course, from Proctorio’s perspective (via the webcam), it will appear that you’re the one taking the test. The virtual machine also allows you to use a textbook, notes, or Google on the host machine.

So, the person running the virtual machine will be doing all the work on your behalf while you pretend to take the test!

  1. Use of Phones or Other Devices

Here’s another loophole that students can exploit. Here, you can cheat by putting a phone or a small laptop near the keyboard but behind your webcam. This way, you can quickly access answers from your phone, tab, laptop, etc., and then input the answers as quickly as you can.

For this, you must note that if you focus on other devices or areas in the exam room apart from the screen, the Proctorio software may flag you for cheating.

  1. Use of Projectors or a Different Screen

You can connect your laptop or computer to a TV screen in a different room. This can be done using an HDMI cable that’s long enough. Then someone will be in that other room sharing the answers to your phone through any communication app.

The person can also be in the same room with you (backing the camera and facing the TV or projector screen) and then showing you what options to choose.

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How Can Proctorio Determine Cheating?

Proctorio detects cheating by carrying out some Proctorio check during exams/tests. Here are some of the Proctorio checks done for every exam/test.

  1. Monitoring your activities on the computer during the test.
  2. Capturing your test/exam environment.
  3. Identifying you and monitoring your position in the exam room.
  4. Recording audio and video around you enable the instructors to monitor your activities.
  5. Detecting body and facial movements.

So, how does Proctorio determine cheating? Proctorio uses the checks mentioned above to detect suspicious activities. Let’s expound on these checks.

The first thing Proctorio does is record your photo. Recording your photo helps this software know when/if someone else tries to use your computer to take the test. If this happens, it immediately flags this as suspicious and sends the message to your instructors.

Proctorio also records your voice during a test/exam. This means that if you try to communicate with a third party, the content of the discussion will be recorded and then sent to your instructors to evaluate and establish the content of what you said.

Also, before you take the test, Proctorio uses your webcam to scan your location. It does this to establish that there are no materials or people around that can aid cheating. For example, if it sees a textbook lying around, it will flag it and require the instructors to evaluate it.

Lastly, this software can detect eye, facial, and body movements. Therefore, you should always look calm and collected all through the exam/test period. If your body movement looks suspicious, then it will send a report to instructions.

Although Proctorio cannot tell if you cheat, your instructors can make meaning of some of your actions during the test. This is why you need to remain calm even while cheating.

You may have to take a Proctorio practice quiz so that you can perfect your moves before the actual test. For example, you must avoid fixing your gaze downward (while looking at your phone). You must also try your best not to glance in a particular direction too frequently.




With these Proctorio help tips and guides, we believe you now know how cheating is done on Proctorio. As earlier stated, we do not encourage cheating and advise that you prepare well for your exams to avoid unnecessary hassles. We wish you luck! Success!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Does Proctorio Record You?
Yes, Proctorio records you during tests/exams. It records your: Photo and voice Mouse location Test location IP address Computer webcam video Head, eye, and mouth movements Opened browser tabs and windows Screen Running apps
Can Proctorio See Your Screen?
Yes, Proctorio can see your screen. This software can monitor the activities on your screen and see all the programs you open on your computer screen once it’s running. In addition, this proctoring software can also indicate all the sites you visited during the test period. It is also important to note that Proctorio can record your web traffic and also take screenshots.
What Does Proctorio Flag?
Proctorio observes test-takers for over 20 behaviors. Therefore, it flags several things. It flags suspicious head, hand, mouth, and eye movement. It flags inactivity after some time. It also flags third parties in the exam location, among other things. You can’t know when it has flagged one of your actions, but it prepares a report and sends it to the instructors. If Proctorio flags you, however, it doesn’t mean that it caught you cheating.
Is It Possible To Cheat Proctorio?
Yes, it’s possible to cheat Proctorio. As long as you can hide your cheating in plain sight or away from the camera, then you’re good to go. You can cheat Proctorio with your phone, with another device, using a virtual machine or a projector.
What Are the Consequences Of Cheating Proctorio?
The consequences of cheating are always grave. Therefore, if you must cheat while a proctoring software like Proctorio runs in the background, you must make sure you aren’t caught. Consequences of cheating could include retaking the test, suspension, and loss of academic integrity.
Can Proctorio Detect if I Use Phone?
The short answer? It depends. Proctorio room scan checks your exam room and sees the hardware you have around you. This includes your phone, a duplicate device, etc. Your instructors can tweak the settings on the software so that it recognizes your phone as a suspicious element. However, if you’re smart, you’ll keep your phone away from the prying eyes of the webcam. You can keep it behind the webcam and use it during the test so that the camera doesn’t spot it.
Can Proctorio See Your Keyboard?
Yes, Proctorio can see your keyboard. How? Before you start your test, the software uses your camera to scan and see all attached hardware. This includes your keyboard, mouse, etc. It also sees how you type in answers or clicks options. Proctorio monitors your activities throughout the test period, and it does this through your webcam camera.
Can Proctorio See Your Location?
Yes, Proctorio can see your location. The Proctorio software tracks the location of test-takers to know if they are taking the test remotely or not. It uses the globe icon to access geolocation data. The data it collects includes the location as well as internet information.
Can Proctorio See Your Browser History?
No, Proctorio cannot see or collect your web browser history. Why? Because it does not and cannot check your activities before you enable them and after you disable them. What Proctorio does is to gather your web activity during the period of your test/exam. And that’s even only if your instructor enables that function in the Proctorio settings.
Can Proctorio Track Eye Movement?
Yes, Proctorio can track eye movement. Proctorio tracks eye movement because it can help it flag suspicious actions during the test. This software program has head and eye sensitivity movement. So if you look at another direction apart from your computer screen for a protracted period, it will flag it as cheating.