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Is It Illegal To Pay Someone To Do Your Homework

Is It Illegal To Pay Someone To Do Your Homework?

It depends on how you view it. Generally, most college folks won’t mind paying someone to do their homework. It is better to pick your nose and chew the dirt than hiring someone for your assignment, who may eventually end up earning you a C or B. That sucks, right?

However, when it comes to the question of the laws that oppose or support paying someone to do your homework, it isn’t very easy. This discussion and related ones have been in existence for decades. Even talk shows, students, and netizens have made it a point of discussion on TV and almost everywhere else.

Logically, it is the easiest way out for most students. Normally, we make appointments and send emails to our professors for help when we need one regarding classwork and sometimes assignments. Since their help is a little limited, why not pay someone who can do it in detail?

On the other hand, most schools frown on any form of plagiarism or copying. After being caught, Some severe consequences may follow.

Funny enough, neither the US Constitution nor any other constitution has given a clear explanation of where the law stands. We have to look back to about 100 years ago to identify when issues related to homework and assignment became public in the US.

Before and after then, it has always been just a discussion or a debate. In 1901, homework was banned in California. Fast forward to the present day, where assignments are acceptable, and students are more concerned with questions like; is it illegal to share your school homework? Is it worth it to buy homework? What are the pros and cons of homework services?

These questions and more will be examined in this post.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Homework Services?

Hiring someone to put you or your kids through their homework can be tricky. There may be a lot to lose or gain. Here are some of the pros and cons you should consider before hiring a homework service.

Pros of Homework Services

1. Consolidating Classroom Learning

The biggest plus in hiring homework services is the way it complements classroom learning. Depending on how the hire is made and the quality of the homework service providers, homework service providers can do jobs that can stand on par with many lecturers or teachers.

Classroom learning is usually consolidated well when homework that emphasizes classwork, practicals, and experiences are given.

2. Ease of Solving Tasks

Tasks and assignments distributed in classes and lecture halls are mostly inconsiderate. When term papers, practicals, projects, and presentations are all fixed for uncomfortable deadlines, sometimes you pray for God’s mercy if you believe in one.

Putting laziness aside, a student can achieve more and build better cumulative scores when they hire professional services for their homework during tight schedules.

Cons of Homework Services

1. The result is not always guaranteed

Depending on what you call a result’’ Homework services don’t guarantee a 100% output.

For some, the reason why homework services are hired is to get a higher grade. And for others, they want to understand better what they were taught in class.

Regardless of which result you expect, homework service cannot guarantee you a 100% result. The major deterrent is how to hire a competent person or consult the right websites. Many websites out there are illegal and plagiarism-ridden ones

2. Leisure is Taken

When your homework services involve part-time tutorials, there is hardly any time for relaxation or leisure over time.

Whether you agree or not, leisure and relaxation are healthy for the body and the brain. If the time allocated for leisure tangibly decreases in any way, it tells on the body and brain.

3. Plagiarism

Most assignment sites and service providers take advantage of the inability of most students to cross-check information. They thereby copy already prepared solutions for clients and collect their pay.

Students, on the other hand, will be on the receiving end of severe punishments at school.

4. It is Unfair

Employing a master’s degree holder to help you solve an assignment/homework meant for you in your first year in college may not guarantee a 100%.

However, it will surely guarantee a stink eye from your colleague in class when they find out. It is unfair to those who have given hours of study and hard work before turning in an assignment.

5. Stress is Tangible

Although, the stress in hiring someone for your assignment may not be compared to doing it yourself. There is still a considerable amount of stress that follows hiring a helping hand.

For example, imagine the helping hand not meeting a deadline, requesting extra pay before turning the task over, or disappearing from the internet rada’ when you need the task. These and more are enough reasons for stress.

More often than not, homework-related stress is usually connected to illegal sites, which will be dealt with in the following subtitle.

Are the Sites that Do Your Homework Illegal?

No, not all homework sites are illegal. Taking away all forms of excessive reservation’, some homework sites are both legal and logical. They relate with you better than most class instructors.

Taking the possibility of being caught out of the way, what makes most sites illegal is their cunning way of passing someone else’s idea as their own and selling it off. Even when assignments are done by an individual, making them your own without proper permission is illegal. That’s why not every assignment service provider must be trusted. On some occasions, some homework sites run ads that lead to age-restricted activities like gambling, games, and adult activities.

Is it Worth to Buy homework?

It depends on your reasons and your sense of value. It is usually a battle of balance or not allowing the value of what you hold dear to get displaced by homework.

It comes down to what an individual holds dear. A single mother with two kids and four homework falling into uncomfortable deadlines in college would not mind paying someone for a professional job, rather than trying to google answers for homework.

On the other hand, a kid who pays someone to help with an assignment because he needs a time out for PUBG games with friends simply prioritizes what he loves. However, such priority is wildly misplaced and could be detrimental later in life.

Is it Illegal to Share your School homework?

Legal? No! Illegal? No! Legislation is not clear on how you should closely guard your homework when you’re done. Things like these are so complicated that you need discretion in handling the matter.

For example, two scenarios to consider are: if you are through with a grade and you get promoted, is it legal to share your school homework and course materials with your new junior?  If you could solve a challenging homework that none of your classmates was able to solve, should you share your school homework and teach them?

For the first scenario, smart teachers don’t repeat questions. In rare cases, where some teachers do that, the student has to be smart enough to make judicious use of the materials. Else, it can be a tool of failure because it is a trigger for laziness.

On the other hand, create a similar question and explain it to your mates. Then, let them solve the homework themselves. Nice, right? You’re welcome!

Is Doing Someone Else’s Homework Illegal?

No! There is no law to that effect. Come on, at least one or both of our mothers and fathers helped us with our assignments a lot when we were younger. Even now, we still need a lot of help. We find it difficult to say.

But when it comes to ethics, we must remember that a student will eventually be independent. When it comes to homework, you can easily create another question similar to the assignment. Then you explain and allow them to solve the assignment themselves.

Activities like this will always help the student in the long run with academics, and he/she will learn to work well with little supervision. On the other hand, try to teach your classmates and friends similar tasks as examples; then make sure they solve the homework themselves.

Is Homework Illegal?

No! It is legal. There is nothing in the 13th constitutional amendment of the US that says otherwise.

In 2009, a young kid‘cunningl’ linked homework to an act of slavery because he is forced to do them. The truth is, many young folks don’t want bitter medicines, injections, or eating vegetables, but their parents force them to do so, and it still does not count as a crime anyway.

Then, why should enforcing the need to do homework be considered a crime by an individual who just doesn’t like assignments?

Let’s Conclude!

Homework is precisely how it sounds! Homework! Paying to get it done or not is totally up to you. You need to consider a lot of things: primarily if the time you will eventually spare would be appropriately invested into something more profitable.

Count your costs, weigh your options! An assignment can be insignificant or sometimes a determining factor for a good grade or an excellent future.


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