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Is Grammarly Cheating?

“Is Grammarly cheating?” is a popular question among college students. Meanwhile, making use of Grammarly to check how perfect your assignment is, is not cheating. Grammarly is a writing tool that helps to check the grammar and spelling in your write-up.

This tool seeks to analyze your assignment and find out the deficiencies in the work. It does identify not only your writing flaws but also suggests the right word to use.

Editing your work with Grammarly improves your output and helps you score good grades. Grammarly seeks to make your work clear, short, and readable. As a result, your instructor becomes impressed with your delivery. Consequently, you stand the chance of getting a good grade.

Making use of Grammarly to edit your work cannot be considered cheating. Cheating is the act of copying an assignment or claiming an assignment you didn’t do. The application does not help students write their assignments or create a write-up. Therefore, the answer to the question is Grammarly cheating is a no.

Can Teachers Tell if You Use Grammarly?

There is no indicator for a teacher to know if you use Grammarly. After using Grammarly for editing, your work retains its initial format. It does not contain indicators or any sign that shows you have edited on Grammarly. As such, it will be difficult for a teacher to tell if you make use of Grammarly.

Although there is an exception, especially for a student with average performance in writing and language tests, if the teacher is aware of such weakness and the student uses Grammarly checker to enhance its assignment, the teacher can guess that you must have cheated or had help.

However, the teacher may not be able to identify the exact help the student got. Every edited assignment does not include a clue of editing on Grammarly. Grammarly helps students perform better while giving credit to them. This feature is one of its numerous advantages.

Can Grammarly be Detected?

There is no such thing as a Grammarly detector. If grammar is considered cheating in your school, then you should avoid it. However, teachers and colleges do not check essay for cheating on or with Grammarly.

An instructor can only guess the use of Grammarly. This guess is possible when you have a track record of poor performance in your writing and language tests. A sudden change in performance can trigger suspicion. The teacher can guess if a student has used Grammarly or any other aids.

Is Grammarly Better than Turnitin?

Grammarly can be considered superior to Turnitin. Grammarly and Turnitin both belong to the category of most used academic tools for college students. The similarity between the two is that they both offer plagiarism checks.

However, there are a lot of differences between the two.

Turnitin is a professional tool for detecting plagiarism. Instructors and students use it to ascertain the uniqueness of their term papers, research papers, and dissertations. Turnitin is a potent tool for detecting plagiarism and checking essays for cheating. Likewise, Turnitin features other tools like revision assistance and grading tools.

On the other hand, Grammarly is more helpful to students than Turnitin. Grammarly offers grammar check, spell check, and plagiarism check, which are helpful to college students. These features infer that Grammarly is more helpful to students while Turnitin is more valuable to instructors.

Is it Bad to Use Grammarly?

As it stands, using Grammarly is not a bad idea for students. It is an attempt to improve your assignment. Grammarly helps you learn while you identify your mistakes. Regular use of this app will result in improved performance in your subsequent writings.

Using Grammarly can only be regarded as a wrong act when you use it during your grammar test. Students who study the English language are not expected to make use of writing assistance. This regulation will aid their learning of grammatical rules and guidelines.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an application that offers writing assistance such as spell check, grammar check, and plagiarism check. Grammarly can be used by anyone who seeks to develop a top-notch write-up. College students and instructors equally can make use of this application.

Grammarly ensures that your writings are up to standard and of good quality. The app helps achieve this standard by giving suggestions regarding the spelling and the grammatical sequence. It ensures that the writing is readable and concise. It seeks to shorten your sentences while the information is retained.

Mind you, Grammarly does not help in creating a write-up. It only offers writing assistance to enhance the quality of an already written piece. Likewise, Grammarly test does not carry out an automatic correction on your writings. It only gives suggestions which you can accept or decline.

Is Grammarly Free?

Yes, there is a free version of Grammarly.

This application offers both free and premium versions. The difference between the two versions is the features available. While the free version is limited in operation, the premium version is unlimited.

Grammarly requires you to sign up as a user on the platform. You can visit the website and proceed to click on the registration button. This operation allows you to create an account that serves as your portfolio on the platform. After signing up, you automatically have a Grammarly-free account to upgrade to a premium account later.

Although the free version is limited in action, it offers fantastic features capable of checking the correctness of write-ups. It checks for grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors. All of these are available without paying a dime on the platform.

The premium package, however, offers a whole lot of checks. This package can carry out five types of checks on your writings.

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What is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly premium is a version of the app that requires you to pay to access advanced features. Unlike the free version that only offers spellings and punctuation checks, it offers five special checks.

Understanding what Grammarly premium can do is essential. It answers the question “is premium Grammarly cheating?”. The five features of premium Grammarly are discussed below;

  • Correctness

The correctness feature checks for the grammar, spelling, and usage of punctuation. Not only that, but it also checks for consistency in spelling and punctuation. Likewise, this feature accesses the fluency of the write-up and seeks to enhance it.

  • Clarity

Grammarly writing aid offers to make your writing flawless and readable. The app, therefore, checks for conciseness and readability. These features suggest that you make use of shorter sentences where necessary. Likewise, this feature seeks to reduce the usage of passive voice to the minimum.

  • Engagement

The engagement feature seeks to enhance the tone of your writing. It makes suggestions of compelling vocabularies that could replace the used ones. It also makes suggestions about sentences and gives lively sentences that could replace them.

  • Delivery

The delivery feature carries out an extensive check. It checks for tone and seeks to ensure you make use of language that is consistent. It makes suggestions about polite words, confident and inclusive language that you can use to impress your audience.

  • Plagiarism

The plagiarism check seeks to ensure that your write-up is unique. It carries out a comparison check on your writings with already written articles on over 1 billion websites. It is capable of detecting copied phrases and giving a suggestion on phrases to replace it.

What’s the Difference between Word Spellcheck and Grammarly?

The difference between word spellcheck and Grammarly is their ability. Word spell check can only check for spellings errors in a write-up. It is limited to this action and cannot perform any further checks. Meanwhile, Grammarly offers a more extensive check.

Grammarly does not check for spelling errors alone. The app can be considered as a writing aid that helps in the overall quality of your write-ups. It offers checks on grammar usage, punctuations, readability, tone, and plagiarism. Grammarly can therefore be considered a more excellent educational tool compared to Word spellcheck.

Is Using Grammarly Cheating?

No, Grammarly is not cheating.

Is using Grammarly cheating has been the question at the heart of many students? A student with integrity will not want to indulge in cheating. Hence, the need to certify that using Grammarly is legit for your assignment and personal work.

College students do not only use Grammarly. Generally, it is created to offer writing aids to writers who seek to improve the quality of their writings. There are reasons why Grammarly cannot be considered cheating. These answers the question is using Grammarly is considered cheating;

  • Grammarly cannot write your assignment for you.

Is Grammarly considered cheating? No, because the app cannot write on your behalf. Writing assignment is not possible as the application does not offer any form of writing. You only bring your already written piece to the app for checks.

  • Grammarly cannot automatically correct your mistake.

The Grammarly app will not correct your mistakes automatically. It identifies your supposed error and suggests to that effect. It depends on you whether to accept such a suggestion or decline.

  • Grammarly cannot be right every time.

Grammarly app makes use of a set of algorithms to carry out its actions. Therefore, it is limited and liable to make wrong suggestions. Some suggestions may be wrong due to the inability to understand the writer’s intentions.

  • You are not paying anyone to do your assignment.

Paying experts to do your assignment can be considered cheating. In the case of Grammarly, you only seek to improve your writing. This is not cheating safe for English language students who are given writing assignments.

A careful analysis of the points listed above proves the reliability of Grammarly. It clearly answers the question “is it cheating to use grammarly?”. You now know if using Grammarly is cheating.

Step by Step on How Grammarly Work

Making use of Grammarly is not a cumbersome task. It does not require any unique ability to edit your write-up. You can either visit the website and upload your work for correction or install the Grammarly extension.

If you install the chrome extension, Grammarly will check for errors anytime you type online. Assuming you are typing an email, Grammarly will underline any error. You can then click on the items to see the suggestions and decide whether to accept or reject them. The chrome extension works for chrome alone.

You can also add a Grammarly extension to your Microsoft word. It will require you to visit the add-on menu in your Microsoft and activate Grammarly check. After this is done, Grammarly will automatically carry out checks on your documents.

Grammarly also offers the opportunity of visiting the website for a general assessment. You will be required to create an account, log in, and upload your document. Grammarly will then scan your documents and list out possible flaws and mistakes. You will be able to review the suggestions and choose whether to accept or decline.

After you have accepted and declined suggestions as deemed fit, you can also view your writing performance. This section gave an overview of your writing and assigned a grade out of 100. You will be able to download your edited documents back into your devices.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Grammarly?

There are always two sides to a coin. Likewise, there are pros and cons associated with the use of Grammarly. The advantages and disadvantages o Grammarly are reviewed below;


  • Improve writing quality

Carrying out Grammarly checks helps to improve the quality of a write-up. This check allows you to access your inadequacies and fix them where necessary.

  • Improve overall performance

Grammarly checking can enhance your performance as a writer. Students who make use of Grammarly will create outstanding essays than those that did not.

  • Increase chances of getting good grades

Making use of Grammarly to edit your assignment will make your work appealing. This performance may fascinate your instructor and increase your chances of getting good grades.

  • An opportunity to learn

Grammarly does not only serve as a writing aid, but it can also serve as your subordinate writing class. You can frequently upload your documents to Grammarly to track your writing progress.


  • Limited in operation

Grammarly app is an artificial intelligence software. It can reason like humans but is indeed limited in operation. In some cases, suggestions made by this app can be wrong. However, it does not mean ineffectiveness, but it is limited.

  • Grammarly can aid laziness

Students who indulge in the frequent use of Grammarly may see no need to improve in their writing. This act can be dangerous and disastrous. You might perform woefully in a situation where you did not have access to Grammarly.

How to Get Premium Grammarly Hacks

Grammarly offers both standard packages and premium package. While the standard package only checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. The premium account offers a more extensive service. You can get the Grammarly premium account at the cost of $28.95 per month. The annual subscription goes for a total cost of $139.

Meanwhile, you can make use of some simple hacks to enjoy Grammarly’s premium service for free. There are two significant hacks to use Grammarly premium for free.

The first hack is to join the Grammarly affiliate program. This program qualifies you to use Grammarly for free and also serves as a source of income. As a member of the affiliate, you will be given a banner that you can use to advertise Grammarly. Consequently, you get a commission for every person that joins Grammarly using your banner.

Secondly, you can make use of Grammarly’s premium code. Grammarly, in partnership with some educational centers, assigns codes for accessing free Grammarly services. The essence of this code might be for website assessment for educational purposes. You can find the code by joining Grammarly for the school team or a partnering website.


Grammarly is one of the secrets to excellent performance in writing. The software is capable of checking extensively for writing errors. Grammarly checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, readability, and plagiarism in a written document. Students can leverage this app to enhance their writing skills and abilities.

The question is Grammarly cheating has then be answered. Grammarly only fine-tunes an already written write-up, exception of when it is a writing assignment. Aside from this, Grammarly for schools is recommendable for college students.