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How To Cheat SafeAssign

If you have scoured the internet for reliable plagiarism checkers, then you have probably come across the SafeAssign plagiarism checker. If you have not, then this is a good opportunity for you to be informed.

How To Cheat SafeAssign

Plagiarism is a serious offense, so avoiding it at all costs is best, however, there are times when you just need a level of originality on your write-up, therefore it will interest you to know that you can cheat SafeAssign. Reading on, you will gain enough information on how to beat SafeAssign or how to beat plagiarism in SafeAssign.


What Is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is an online program that handles plagiarism detection. It is an extremely popular platform amongst students and learning institutions because it is almost always guaranteed to detect any form of plagiarism.

SafeAssign works by storing any paper or write-ups submitted by students, and cross-referencing them with other papers that have either been previously submitted by other students or its large catalog of written works. Not only does SafeAssign compare submitted works with its database for plagiarised content, but it also compares submitted works to other works on the internet for any plagiarism.

Schools have subscribed to using SafeAssign to ensure that their students work hard to create only written works that they have come up with by themselves, rather than turn in another person’s work as theirs.


How To Cheat SafeAssign

On how to cheat on SafeAssign, there are some valuable tips people have shared over time that have been proven to work. Turnitin and SafeAssign, while they are similar, are two different platforms used to detect plagiarism. The link between them is that SafeAssign juxtaposes every essay it receives with not only those on the internet and in its database but also checks them for similarities on Turnitin.

It, therefore, goes to say that to hack Turnitin or SafeAssign is a similar task. A lot of students have problems with overcoming the hurdle of plagiarism on Turnitin and SafeAssign because they do not have access to the right kind of information. Outlined below are some ways that show how students can hack Turnitin or SafeAssign.

Make sure to paraphrase your words

This is the first rule of any and every writer no matter your level of skill. No matter where you get your inspiration or your ideas from, it is of vital importance to rewrite the words you find in your own words. Rewriting the words in your terms is the surest and most trusted way to cheat SafeAssign.

You can choose to buy essays that beat SafeAssign

It is no news that you can buy essays online, and since you will be paying for an essay, it is vital to make sure that you buy essays that beat SafeAssign. Get the best of what your money is worth and get essays that are either 100 percent original or that have the percentage of originality that you want (some teachers and institutions give some room for a bit of plagiarism).

Several reputable sites and platforms sell already written essays, and some sell subpar essays. Vet the sites and essays on offer before you choose to decide to buy. This will save you some money and time. Check the best writing services to help you with this.

When you’re out of options, start a new line

This trick will probably get you in trouble if you get busted, but it’s worth mentioning. SafeAssign has several words that it recognizes as a sentence, so it cross-references each sentence with other sentences on the internet and in its database. If you make a line break after every few words, even if it’s not the end of the sentence, then SafeAssign will assume that it is a new sentence, and only check the sentence against other references for matches.

This SafeAssign hack is only going to work if your teacher only views the file as a word document, or if your teacher doesn’t bother to upload your work to SafeAssign as plain text. Any deviations from these, then you will for sure get caught for cheating SafeAssign.

Get a custom or well-written term paper or essay

Aside from buying an already written essay, an even surer way to get write-ups that beat SafeAssign in plagiarism is simply to get a ghostwriter to write your essays for you. With the vastness of the internet, there is no shortage in the number of available ghostwriters, so picking one of the plethoras should be fairly easy.

Alternatively, you can choose a paper that looks similar to what you want and go on to have it edited by custom essay and term paper writers, to suit your preferences.

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HACK SafeAss>ign

Some questions people – especially students – have about SafeAssign tend to follow the lines of “Can you beat SafeAssign?” “Can students cheat with SafeAssign in blackboard?” “Can students cheat SafeAssign?” The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes! Yes, you can cheat SafeAssign, and here’s how.

 Avoid white words

Imagine you have been given an essay topic to write on with a particular word count, and while writing, you find that you just are not able to meet up with the word count. In the hearts and minds of a lot of students, the next thing is to try to fool the examiner and plagiarism checker by using white words.

White words consist of words that are typed on a document in white ink or white font color, especially if the rest of the essay is written in black or any other dark-colored ink. As tempting as it might be to just paste a bunch of random stuff in white to fool the system, believe me, that it’s not going to work.

If you had done this a couple of years ago, then you might have been able to pull it off. However, in recent times, SafeAssign has been upgraded to detect and flag white words. SafeAssign can flag your work with white words in either of the following ways:

  • SafeAssign has been upgraded to completely reject any write-up with suspiciously long word count, and not enough characters or words to back it up. So if your work has white words, then SafeAssign will pick up on it, and automatically reject your work.
  • The new SafeAssign algorithm doesn’t care if your words are written in black, white, or any color of font, it will detect every character, and create a report based on every character in your write-up.


Use SafeAssign to beat SafeAssign

The term “fight fire with fire” is best suited for this tip because SafeAssign is both your enemy and savior. After creating your masterpiece essay, be sure to check SafeAssign for red flags and errors.

Correct your errors, rephrase and word every flagged part differently, and when you’re done editing, check with SafeAssign again to make sure the flags and errors have all been taken care of. If there are still errors and flags, then you reword and edit again, and run through SafeAssign again.

What you should do is keep editing and making valuable or relevant changes until your work comes out as original or satisfactory. You can easily use the SafeAssign plagiarism checker for yourself for free before you have to turn it in to be graded.


The Best SafeAssign Hacks

Have previous in-depth knowledge about your work

There is nothing that can be compared with knowing something for yourself, and if you need to beat SafeAssign, then knowledge is an invaluable tool. When you want to copy a paper from somewhere, before you run it through SafeAssign, it would do well for you to know what you are supposed to write on beforehand.

Having enough knowledge on your paper before finding a similar essay will help you when you need to paraphrase, and will help you defend your work without fear, in front of your teacher.

Check to cover any loopholes

Knowing what to do and doing it well can only get you so far if SafeAssign hinders your progress. After you’ve edited an essay you want to use, check it on SafeAssign to make sure that every flagged part is changed and to know where else you need to work on.

Checking with SafeAssign first will help you achieve the perfection you so desire on your paper. It will also help you to hack SafeAssign and use it against itself.

Proper referencing

If you’ve copied another author’s work in your write-up, one thing that can save you is referencing-or rather, referencing the right way. As you probably know, there are several ways to make citations and references, so out of the number, you should find the best referencing style to use.

One way to get the right referencing style is to ask your teacher or instructor what style of referencing they would rather have you do. Asking your instructor will help you save the stress of trying to figure out which style best suits your work, or which style your instructor would find appropriate.

After finding the right referencing style, the next thing to do is to make sure that every work you have copied is cited as someone else’s work when and where necessary. SafeAssign will recognize that you have cited the copied or flagged parts as not yours (hence the need to take extra care to cite properly) and will ignore those parts. The rest of your work will be examined for even the smallest hint of plagiarised content, and if there is any that matches any of the previously checked papers and academic works, then those parts will be flagged as plagiarized.

PDF helps

For some reason, SafeAssign bots have had problems with detecting some content in PDF documents. When converting from any other format into PDF, you will observe a few changes in the layout and overall look of said document. These changes confuse the SafeAssign algorithm, so they are unable to spot content that has been copied and pasted.

While this method is by far the quickest, it is in no way the most reliable. Times change and upgrades are made, so it is normal to expect a few changes in how SafeAssign can detect possibly plagiarised content, as well as other loopholes one might want to exploit.


SafeAssign Says I Plagiarised But I Didn’t – What You Need To Do

Imagine this: you create an article or a write-up from scratch, satisfied with your hard work, you decide to run it through the SafeAssign plagiarism checker, and to your horror, you see that some of your content is flagged as plagiarized content. This is more common than you can imagine, but you do not need to worry because you can cheat SafeAssign.

With the plethora of SafeAssign hacks available, cheating SafeAssign is an easy fix to raise the originality of your work. All over the internet, some sites promise to teach you how to cheat blackboard SafeAssign to improve or increase the percentage of originality of your work.


 Again, don’t forget to paraphrase

There is no way to overstress the need to paraphrase at every turn. When your work gets flagged as plagiarized or as having plagiarised content, the first thing you should do is to note the parts that have been flagged as plagiarised. After noting the flagged parts, then it’s time for you to begin paraphrasing.

Rephrase every sentence or line that has been flagged as not original, and write them in your own words.


 A difference in the word order you have used

Sometimes the problem with your work is the order you phrase your words. If the order matches any of SafeAssign’s sources or references, then you can be sure that it will be flagged as plagiarized content, even if you thought up the words by yourself.

The way to fix this is to change the order in which your words are arranged. Changing the order makes SafeAssign reassess your work, and recognize the new word order as a part of your original work.


  Tie up loose ends after you’ve checked

After you’ve paraphrased the plagiarised parts, don’t be in a hurry to hit submit. First make sure that your work is now either 100 percent original, or is satisfactory. How? Simply run it through SafeAssign again and note the result!

Of course, you must make sure to delete the previous result that stated that your work was plagiarised, otherwise, that’s what you’ll be turning in. After deleting the previous result, the net result of the plagiarism check will be recorded in its place, and you can now proceed to submit the paper. Congratulations for at this point, you have managed to beat SafeAssign in plagiarism.

If your work is still flagged as plagiarised, then you need to keep paraphrasing until you run it through and get a good enough result. As the saying goes, if at first, you don’t succeed, you try and try again. In this case, you try until you get a good enough result.

If you already hit submit before making corrections, the best thing to do is to reach out to your teacher as soon as possible and ask for a chance to do better or correct your work.

If you’ve paraphrased over and over again, and SafeAssign keeps insisting that you have copied another person’s work, then it would be wise to draw your teacher’s attention to the problem.


How To Beat Plagiarism In SafeAssign

As a student, you can trick SafeAssign on the Blackboard. Since SafeAssign uses blackboard as one of its reference points, you can make use of any of the previously mentioned steps that are best for the system.

Using SafeAssign to check the originality of your work and then editing it to reach perfection or a satisfactory level is a way you can trick SafeAssign’s blackboard into thinking that your write-up is entirely yours. The blackboard on SafeAssign works in a way that a higher amount of matches or similarities between your write-up and previous works directly translates to a higher percentage of plagiarism recorded for your work.

If you have read to this point, then it is safe to say that you now know how to trick SafeAssign easily and to avoid being flagged as a plagiarist.

By using the pointers above, you can get a perfect score on your essay or assignment without a hint of plagiarism.