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How to Cheat on the ACT

Perhaps some of the most searched questions on Google are "ways to cheat on the ACT", "can you cheat on the ACT", and so on. It goes a long way to show how valuable the ACT is to college aspirants and their parents or guardians.

how to cheat on the act

Several times, people have tried and failed to cheat the ACT. While many false leads on ACT cheat tips exist, there is no clear-cut way on how to cheat on an ACT test. Can you cheat on the act test?

What Is ACT?

The ACT is an abbreviation that stands for the American College Test. It is an entrance assessment conducted by colleges to determine how ready a student is for college. The ACT tests are conducted six times a year in the United States and seven times a year in selected countries all over the world.

On the ACT, there are five tests, the first four of which are mandatory:

  1. English
  2. Reading
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Writing

Can You Cheat On The ACT?

Agreed, tests are not an accurate summation of all that defines a person’s intelligence. Otherwise, the types of intelligence would not exist. However, the ACT is organized to help colleges decide whether or not you would be a great fit there. Even though we’d rather ace all the questions, not everyone can, so some resort to cheating.

Cheating in any exam, including the ACT, takes more nerve than you think, and it involves a ton of strategizing. So while you can cheat on the ACT test, be aware that it is extremely risky, and positive results are not guaranteed.

ACT Test Cheat

If you’re looking to cheat the system, examine the following ACT test cheats and hints. Even if you don’t know the correct answers to the questions, they will help you to guess correctly.

  1. Eliminate similar answers. Look for options that are synonyms, and cross them out. The remaining two options give you a fifty-fifty chance of guessing correctly.
  2. Recognize the pattern. Most times, multiple-choice options have a key: one answer, two synonyms, and one unrelated option. Cracking the code guarantees that you get the right answers.

Ways To Cheat On The ACT

There are several ways to cheat on the ACT, all of which are illegal and can attract serious consequences. Some ACT test cheats that have been done in the past are still being used today. They include:

  • Having someone write the test for you. Although there are measures put in place to prevent this, even the most impregnable fortress has a weak link. This is a high-risk operation, so many don’t even consider it.

If you’re able to cough up the thousands of dollars required, go right ahead. However, be warned that impersonation is a crime with strict consequences like fines and jail term.

  • Working with different time zones. In the past, people have taken advantage of the different time zones to find ways to cheat on the ACT. They have connections with other ACT students who send them the questions. Unfortunately, this process has been foiled before.
  • One reason why some students failed in their attempts to cheat on the ACT was their overconfidence. Many who got a boost before the test used them so well that they garnered so much attention. How? They wanted to ace everything, so they could get into their dream colleges, they forgot something. They forgot that ACT Inc collaborates with their high schools when reviewing their performances.

That means that they got over-ambitious that they aced subjects they usually weren’t good at. The exams come in 4 or 5 categories depending on if you want to take the optional part (writing). Just because they could get the questions of all sections, they went ahead to use them.

That means that they cheated in both subjects they were good at, and subjects they sucked at.

When the results came back, naturally, they raised a lot of questions and prompted several investigations.

Some who had previously struggled with some subjects ended up acing it, and that was a big flag.

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How To Cheat On The ACT Exam?

Despite how that sounds, note that no method is failsafe, and the authorities are wiser. There are hotlines provided to the students taking the test, to alert the authorities. In other words, if you think you only have to worry about the examiners, think again. If you’re hellbent, here are some methods that have been successful in the past on how to cheat the ACT.

  1. Making some quick friends before you get in. Taking a test is a stressful business, and if you can bond with people before getting in, it could be better. When you bond with said people, chances are that they’ll respond when you’re stuck on a question.Building a network of “trustworthy” individuals who could relay answers back and forth can help the whole team succeed. The only problem is, your team is only as strong as the weakest link. If everyone is not sharp or smart enough, it could break up the whole network and put all of you in serious trouble.
  2. Looking at someone else’s work and copying it. This old-fashioned method is almost foolproof for tests taken by a large group of people. If you’re sitting close enough, get in there. Just make sure that the questions have not been randomized, and that you have the same paper type. Otherwise, it could mean trouble.Here’s a word of advice for you to consider. While it seems like you can get away with copying from someone else’s paper, if you’re caught, you’re going down. You could be let off with a warning and a seat change, or you could be made to stop writing and leave.
  3. Some students who have successfully cheated in their ACT tests have a tip for anyone planning on it. Mark some questions wrong. The reason for this is that inconsistencies in your test results and school performance will be flagged.You may be called in for questioning, have your result withheld, suspended, invalidated, and so on.
  4. Millions of students sit for the ACT per time, and some who cheat on the ACT have found a way to use that. Due to the large number, getting a big enough venue for the test is a big problem for the examiners. As an alternative, they conduct the tests in school halls. On the occasion that their school was picked as host, some students would leave possible answers in the bathroom.

This is method failed them for so many reasons, including:

  • the chances of their school being picked were abysmally low;
  • examiners routinely checked the bathroom stalls for tricks like these.

Anyone who was caught doing this was locked up made to forfeit the test. Some who got away with cheating, had their results withheld, and their colleges notified. The notification typically would not state the exact reason for the nullification, but it was often easy to investigate.

What Happens If You Get Caught Cheating On Your ACT?

Having established that cheating is wrong, and that malpractice could have serious offenses, let’s examine the consequences.

  • If you cheat on your ACT, you are at risk of getting arrested or having charges filed against you.

In New York in 2011, at least 20 people were locked up for exam misconduct in the ACT. Their crime? Impersonation.

By the time the authorities were made aware of this discrepancy, some students had already finished. They rounded up the other guilty students and sanctioned them.

Among the sanctions imposed on them was a nullification of their ACT scores, and serious fines.

After this major scandal, ACT Incorporated made it mandatory for prospective candidates to upload a recent passport during registration.

  • If you’re under suspicion of exam misconduct, your scores could be invalidated. As it has happened before, ACT Inc. reserves the right to invalidate criminal scores. In several instances, they made colleges aware of possible misconduct by the candidate. To protect the candidate’s privacy, however, ACT Inc often withheld details on the reasons for invalidation.

Make no mistake. if this happens to you, among other things, you already have a bad report on your public record.

One better alternative to looking up how to cheat on the ACT is to prepare for it. Believe me, nobody can ever be fully prepared for the consequences that follow malpractice.

When you practice, you get a general idea of the methods, strategies, contexts, etc. employed in setting the test. Using standard ACT test review tips and guides ensures you have a headstart on getting a good score.

Another alternative is to familiarize yourself with the requirements and instructions given. To do this, you have to get ACT practice questions; not the answers, but the question.

Questions can be randomized meaning your questions may be different from the person beside you. If you have access to the questions, you stand a much better chance of scoring high.