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How to Cheat on Online Test

Are you taking an online test soon? And would you like to know how to cheat on an online test? Be rest assured; you’ll find everything you need to know on online test cheating in this article. But before we delve into this interesting subject, there’s something important I need to tell you. Here is it: there are right and wrong ways to cheat – believe it or not.

how to cheat on online test

There are many reasons students may want to cheat. One typical example would be a college student who’s seeing himself through the university. He works multiple jobs to make ends meet and also takes care of his sick mum. With little or no time left to study adequately for tests and exams, he may have to cheat. But if he’s caught, nobody cares about the difficulty he’s facing. He may be suspended or even expelled.

That said, cheating is an easier means for students to get excellent grades in any exam. However, in real life, it is not so easily done. There are many pitfalls examiners would set before one’s path in exams to make cheaters stumble and fall. Therefore, if you want to cheat and get away with it, you must know the tips that would help you carefully avoid these pitfalls. Always.

There is no real guide on cheating for online test answers that would not show you the cheating pitfalls you must avoid. A cheating guide that is silent on the pitfalls is no guide at all. So, without further ado, let’s briefly consider the cheating pitfalls you must avoid.

Online Test Cheating Pitfalls You Must Avoid

Frankly, you already know that most of the online information we have on cheating is misleading. For example, there’s even a website that advises screen mirroring. No, that is wrong!

Online tests and exams do look a bit more lenient than physical exams. This probably means you’ve got the freedom to do as you wish. However, nothing can be farther from the truth. If you don’t find a way to outsmart your camera by sending a pre-recorded live feed to it, you’d most likely become dead meat.

Some cheating methods that worked in the past may no longer work now due to new upgrades by examiners. The latest upgrade that most examiners now use will detect a cheater that use any of the following methods:

  1. Impersonation

Amongst the many ways of cheating, impersonation is one of the commonest methods. Most students have, in one way or another, adopted this method. Think about it: you can avoid the stress of writing an exam and have someone more brilliant than you write it for you. In most cases, people hire someone they feel can take the test on their behalf. In other cases, they’d get a friend to take the exam for them.

But guess what, that wouldn’t work for you again because of what examiners call two-factor authentication and geotagging. Candidates who try to cheat like this will eventually get caught. You would have to go through many verification processes before you’re allowed to write the exam. Any serious examiner would use advanced proctoring services to have students take an authentication test, like voice and facial recognition, before commencing a test.

  1. Multiple Logins

Sometimes, some candidates would log in with the correct candidate ID card and then start the test. After starting the test, they’d try to bring in their friend who would attempt the test questions for them. They’d try to log in and pass the link they received to another person who will be attempting their test. The idea behind it is to beat facial recognition.

You should know that all reliable proctoring service records any malpractices such as IP address and even location change during the exam. The new-age proctoring software goes one step ahead by reducing the access to the test from a link to once.

  1. Browsing

Hey, maybe you have also thought about consulting search engines for your answers. Many people would also resolve to that. Some would gullibly copy and paste what they find online. Well, that’s a bad option because the online test has taken up a new firewall that can easily detect if you are copying your answers somewhere. It’s not even advisable. A better alternative would be to type out whatever answers you resolve to give personally.

Since this is a good honey-trap for many candidates, many online tests already have software they’d use to detect when students use any of these methods while cheating. Advanced proctoring software also helps the examiners track all candidates’ browser activity while taking the test. Anything that candidate accesses during the time of the test is automatically recorded for possible evaluation.

Finding Online Test Answers

After considering the pitfalls, how then can you successfully cheat in an exam? Well, at least you now know what honey-traps examiners can use during online tests. So, you know what not to do. But what can you do to get online test answers? Well, if you want to find out how to beat advanced security systems in an online test, you’ve got to read on.

  1. Using an External Projector

Using an external projector is a variant of using many monitors to mirror your main screen. In this case, you will ensure that all the images are projected to face away from the webcam. This way, someone else can help you work for a solution in front of you, facing away from the webcam! Smart move, right?

  1. Other Approaches

Well, most of the known approaches are quite technical and internet-driven. A more traditional method you can employ includes the use of real textbooks and small laptops. Your eye movement and head-turning would be monitored so you can place this book and a small notebook in front of you alongside your test and webcam screen.

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How to Cheat on Multiple Choice Test Online

You would hardly find a theoretical test these days. Most of the given exams are multiple-choice tests online. It takes lesser time for marking and is stricter than the open-ended theory questions. You can only be right if you choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice given.

So, are you ready to know how to cheat on multiple-choice tests online? Well, go natural. You can use any of the two methods stated above. Remember, the secret lies in fooling your camera immediately after you finish with the obligatory screening exercises.

How to Cheat on An Online Math Test

We all know that math can sometimes be very hard. And some other times, it is just outright overwhelming, leaving one without much of choice. Know that there can be great penalties for cheating on a math test if you’re caught. So, you must know how to cheat on an online math test without getting caught. Let me give you some tips on how to do just that!

  1. Program your Calculator

Write a calculator program before the test date. Your calculator’s “program” function can allow you to type in any formula and cheat notes you would be needing. Recently, teachers can check programs on calculators. You can also add the notes to the “Vars” (Variables) button in one String amongst the ten listed. If your cheat notes are in a different calculator section, it becomes harder for your teacher to find them if even if they searched. Sounds interesting, yes?

  1. Use the Photo Math app on your Phone

The Photo Math app can take a picture of an equation and provide solutions to it immediately. The app is good if your test requires you to show all the steps involved in solving the question. You’d have the options to see all the different steps you can use when attempting the questions.

This app isn’t just for cheating, however. You can use the app to study and prepare for mathematics exams. As a learning tool, you can learn and properly understand how to solve many math problems step-by-step.


Congratulations! Now you know everything you should know on how to cheat on online tests. Use these new-found methods to ace your tests and get that A+ grade. Go for it!