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How to Cheat on Examity

The advent of technology has disrupted the traditional way of doing things. The academic environment is not an exception. There are now numerous technological tools for different operations in schools. One such tool is Examity.

How to cheat on examity

Examity is a third-party platform that you can use to conduct online tests. The platform seeks to ensure zero tolerance for cheating and a hitch-free test for students. Regardless of the effort of Examity to discourage cheating, Examity cheating is still achievable.

As a college student, there is a need to familiarize yourself with Examity. It is crucial as colleges are now adopting Examity for remote tests and examinations. This article addresses all you need to know about Examity and will provide Examity help that you need. Additionally, it addresses the limitation of Examity and discloses how to cheat with Examity.

What is Examity?

Examity is an online platform that partners with universities and colleges to provide online proctoring. The platform serves as an intermediary between the instructor and the students during the test. At the same time, it ensures examination integrity by serving as an invigilator during the test.

Cheating is increasing as students become lazier. However, there is also a need to adopt online examinations during the pandemic. Hence, the introduction of Examity to address these problems. Examity allows students to take a test away from the instructor’s direct supervision.

Examity ensures strict compliance with examination rules. It also seeks to discourage examination malpractices. The platform is programmed to flag inappropriate acts during tests. It then reports such information to the instructor, who will then take the necessary action as expected.

How Does Examity Work?

Examity is an independent service provider that offers proctored exams. Schools and instructors then partner with the platform. Colleges who offer online study and tests, most significantly, are the users of Examity. Independent examination bodies are also making use of Examity.

The first aspect of Examity operation is the instructor or school registration. The school authority partners with Examity and creates a test schedule for students. This process may also involve the integration of the school learning management system (LMS). As a result, the Examity will assign a link for text taking to all courses on the LMS.

The student is expected to create a profile before taking a test. Profile creation is done via the school learning management system. The student, through the available courses on the LMS, accesses the Examity link for the test. The link then redirects the student to the registration page on Examity.

After a successful page creation, a student can then schedule a time for the test. On the exact test date, the student is expected to visit the Examity page 20 minutes earlier. It will allow the system to carry out an Examity system check and environmental assessment. If there is any misconduct during the test, Examity flags it and reports to the instructor.

Can Examity See Your Screen During the Test?

Examity can see the screen and access the activity going on during the test. It is part of the measures to control exam malpractices. The students are expected to remain the Examity screen throughout the proctored exam. The proctor will be able to monitor the screen acts as the test is going on.

A test taker is not expected to minimize the test page. Also, it would be best if you did not open another tab in the browser while the test is going on. If this happens, it will be considered an attempt to cheat. Such will be flagged, reviewed, and sent to the instructor.

If You Take an Exam With Examity Can They See What’s on Your Computer

Examity will access your screen during the test. Examity works by accessing the whole of your computer immediately after sign up. Although, this is done with your permission which is necessary to start the test. As such, they can access some features like screen recording, microphone, and webcam.

Does Examity Record Your Screen?

Examity records the screen of the computer all through the test. It is to ensure there is proper documentation of the test activity. The recording can be made available to the instructor if the need arises. If there is a need to evaluate the test activity further, the instructor can also demand the recording.

Students may accidentally switch screens or tabs during the test. Regardless of what happened to warrant the switch, this will be regarded as cheating Examity. It will be flagged, and Examity will send a report to that effect to the instructor.

The student can then petition the instructor to explain the situation. To ascertain the student’s narration, the instructor can then request for the screen recording. It will allow the instructor to see if cheating transpired when the switching took place.

Can Examity See What Websites I Am on?

The proctor will be able to see the website you are visiting when you switch your screen. Since a screen recording is being done during the test, this is very easy for Examity. Your activity on the browser is visible. The website is also programmed to report if there is a switching of tabs during the test.

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What Are the Examity Rules a Student Must Abide by?

There are several rules a student must abide by while taking a test on Examity. These rules are measures put in place to discourage cheating. Failure to abide by these rules will result in flagging your test for malpractices. As a result, the instructor can withdraw your score depending on the penalty.

There are a set of rules a student must follow before and during the test. These rules made cheating on Examity difficult. Each of these rules is explained below:

  • You must verify your identity

The first rule before taking a test in Examity is verification of the test taker’s identity. Examity also seeks to avoid cheating by impersonation. As such, it scans the test taker’s face and tries to match it with the image on the profile page. This check is to ascertain that the person taking the test is the student and not impersonating.

If there is a mismatch of identity, the Examity gives a warning alert to the test taker. If the mismatch is due to a technical problem, the student is expected to call the Examity agent to explain the situation.

  • You must do the test in an isolated room

The student must ensure that he is using an isolated room free from interference for the test. The room must be free from noise and human interference. Firstly, Examity will scan the room perimeter before the test begins. This scan ensures there is nobody in the room to give help to the test taker during the test.

During the test, the student must do everything to ensure there is no human interference. Bumping on the test arena either by mistake or intentionally will be flagged. You must therefore ensure that the door to the room is bolted to avoid any inference.

  • Maintain eye contact with the webcam always

Throughout the test, the student must fasten his eye on either the webcam or the screen.  Looking outside of these two areas will be detected by the proctor and will be flagged as cheating. The inconsistent focus will make the proctor assume there is a cheating aid in the room. Also, you must occasionally shift your gaze from the screen to the webcam.

  • Your phone or other devices should not be in the test area

The test area must be free from any device or incriminating materials. You should keep gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and headsets away from the room. Textbooks and notebooks are also not permitted in the room. The ringing of a phone nearby the exam room will be flagged as inappropriate.

  • Do not leave the test arena until the end of the test

A test taker is not expected to vacate his seat till the end of the test. Standing up from the chair will be regarded as cheating or an attempt to cheat. A test taker may leave for a bathroom but will be flagged by Examity proctoring. The student may then be required to explain to the instructor.

  • Do not switch screens or tabs during the test

The students are not permitted to switch screens or tabs during a test. The Examity tool is capable of detecting if a student minimizes the screen. Examity will also detect the opening of a new tab in the browser. You must be aware that the test is under surveillance both by an AI and a proctor.

  • Do not screenshot your test screen

Screenshotting of your test screen during the Examity test is prohibited. The test can be a general test for students taking a particular course. Meanwhile, each student can take the test as scheduled by the student. Screenshotting of the test screen is cheating on Examity and will be flagged.

Can I go to the bathroom while using Examity?

Although, it is inappropriate to leave your seat while taking a test on Examity. However, actions like visiting the bathroom may be uncontrollable. As such, you may visit the bathroom in such a situation. Mind you; it will be flagged and reported to the instructor, who may then take necessary action.

How to Get Around Examity

Despite all the stringent rules of Examity, students still find a way to go about cheating. Through Examity student reviews, experts detected the limitation of the platform. As such, it has become an easy way to cheat successfully on Examity.

The Virtual machine is the easiest way to carry out Examity cheating. The virtual machine is known to be a computer within a computer. It allows you to have two operating systems running simultaneously on the computer. The operating system can operate without interfering with each other.

The advantage of Virtual machines is that you can assign hardware to a particular operating system. Examity while checking your system will only detect the hardware assigned to the test operating system.  You can also minimize the operating system without Examity algorithms detecting the action.

Examity Cheating Tips

Cheating on Examity with a virtual machine is easy. It only requires the student to take a few steps. Mind you, the penalty for cheating during a test can be grievous. The following are how to cheat using Examity;

  • Install a virtual machine on your computer

The first step is to install a virtual machine into your computer. Assuming the computer’s operating system is Windows 8, you can install Windows XP as the VM.

  • Connect extra hardware to your system and pass it to your VM

When external hardware is connected to a system with a virtual machine, it demands which operating system to work with. You can then pass external hardware like a keyboard, mouse, and external monitor to the VM. Therefore, when Examity scans your computer for external devices, Examity won’t detect them.

  • Ask a professional to take control of the test

An already hiding professional can then resurface to take the test. The fellow must stay outside the webcam so as not to get caught. The professional will take the test using the connected external devices and screen.

While the professional takes the test from behind, the student must ensure to act in accordance. He must constantly move his hands, gaze on the webcam to avoid suspicion by the proctor.

  • Minimize the operating systems

The student may choose to do the test with Google aid if the above option is too risky. When you minimize and switch between the operating systems, Examity will not detect the switch. This is because it is the operating system that is switched and not an application on the window.

By doing so, you can continue your test on one operating system while you search for answers on the other. It is very much safe as the proctor cannot be suspicious.


Examity is the most used platform for assessment by instructors, colleges, and independent exams. The tools seek to discourage cheating through numerous checks and proctor surveillance. However, students can work around it and carry out Examity cheating. The Virtual machine OS duplicate is a tested and trusted way to do this.