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How to Cheat on a Proctored Exam in 2022

Today, many colleges and universities are choosing to choose the online route to test students. This comes as an opportunity for students to cheat and get answers easily. However, these tests are monitored by a proctoring software that monitors screen movements and any other movements of the student. Although online proctored exam cheating is not entirely easy, there are several options that students can choose from.

how to cheat on a proctored exam

How To Cheat On A Proctored Exam With High Tech Devices

If you are looking for ideas on how to cheat on an online proctored exam, technology is your friend. From smartphones to projectors, there are several high-tech devices that can make it easy for you to get the answers easily.

To begin with, it is possible to send screenshots to a tutor or expert to get answers instantly. But, if you are trying to figure out how to cheat on an in-seat proctored exam, this can be risky as your actions and screen activity is monitored by proctoring software using a webcam.

Alternatively, you can use an external projector. All you have to do is mirror the main monitor to an expert or friend who can help you find the answers that you need. Just ensure that the image from the projector faces away from the webcam.

How To Cheat On An Online Proctored Exam Using Your Internet Connection

Students have found ways of cheating online proctored exams using the power of the internet. All you have to do is log out of the test “accidentally”. Once you have logged out, the proctoring software cannot detect your activity. This gives you some time to use search engines or websites to get your answers.

If you have some sound technical knowledge, you also have the option of running a parallel operating system. The proctoring software only detects activity on the host OS of the system that you are using. This makes proctored exam computer cheating easier as you have unlimited access to your browser.

How To Cheat On A Proctored Online Exam With Multiple Questions

Most online proctored tests have multiple-choice questions. The best way to cheat on a proctored exam is to use answer hacking software. This method, of course, cannot work in all scenarios. The only way this can work is if the webcam has been tampered with to ensure that the screen activity is not sent to the proctoring software. This can be done with the double operating system hack mentioned above.

Then, all you need is to highlight the answers to the multiple-choice questions and run it through coding software available online. The coding software will show the correct answers as 1s and 0s while the rest will contain random coding text.

Online Proctored Exam Cheating Using Only A Keyboard

You can try a subtle proctored exam cheat hack. This involves the use of your keyboard only. This is a conventional cheating option. All you have to do is simply copy-paste answers onto a notepad or document. Before the test commences, keep a separate window open to deceive the remote proctor.

A print screen or screenshot option can also be used discretely to upload the questions onto a messenger or a website that is running on a parallel operating system. The use of the keyboard is simpler and requires minimal movement. Also, there is no way for proctor software to detect the keys that you are using if you are discreet.

Can you cheat on a remotely proctored exam without having to worry about your screen activity being traced? You certainly can as long as you know how to use the keyboard shortcuts to your advantage.

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Best Way To Cheat On A Proctored Exam Without Technology

Of course, there are times when you do not have access to technology, you still have options for proctored exam computer cheating. The best and simplest way is to have a friend or family member in the room. Just ensure that they are sitting away from the webcam. Make minimal eye contact and gestures at them. Remember, proctored software not only detects your screen activity but also monitors your movements during the test.

Second, a good old textbook is your easiest way out. Place it out of the line of view of the webcam. Make sure you flip the pages and glance at the book subtly. You don’t want to be caught too engrossed in looking for a certain answer in a book. You can also use a smaller laptop as an alternative to the book.

Some students also make use of sunglasses to make sure that their eye movements are not monitored by the proctoring software. This helps them read the textbook or go through the laptop easily without getting caught by the proctoring software.

How To Cheat On A Proctored Math Exam

All of the methods mentioned above are answers to the question, how to cheat on a proctored math exam. But you have a few more options when it comes to math, like programming your calculator to store necessary formulas to solve the problems with ease.

You can even download cheat sheets with all the formulas listed in detail for you to refer to. In fact, some proctored exams like the SATs even allow you to download these formula sheets so that you can easily complete your exam in the given time frame.

There are several tutor apps on smartphones that can give you answers in real-time. All you have to do is upload the question or share a screenshot. An expert will take a look and give you the right answers instantly.

What Would Happen If You Got Caught Cheating On Online Proctored Exam

The online proctor software used these days are extremely sensitive. They are able to detect the slightest movement in your arms or eyes. If a student is overly fidgety, it is instantly recognized by the software. So if you got caught cheating on an online proctored exam, what exactly are the consequences.

This depends on a number of things. First, it depends on the type of exam that you are taking. With exams like SATs, the consequences are more serious because it is not just about what happens immediately, but also the long-term effects. While you don’t generally get banned from these exams, your test can be canceled if you have already completed it. Scores may also be canceled or withheld. The retests are often very expensive and also mean that you lose a lot of time.

It can affect your college applications or can even go down as a black mark in your academic career. A withheld score or canceled sore delays your application, causing you to miss out on the ones of your choice.

In the case of proctored exams, all the papers are watermarked with the ID number of the candidate. Any suspicious activity is traced back to the student instantly. This includes taking screenshots and uploading them on the internet and other such activities. It not only prevents the actual candidate from cheating, but it also prevents the leaking of videos and papers on the internet.

If a student is caught, he or she may have to appear before the college or school board for a meeting. This meeting itself can be a good reason not to cheat on an exam in the first place. They bring your reputation down in the school. It can also get you suspended or expelled from the institution for a couple of days.

In more serious cases of cheating like plagiarism or impersonation, getting caught often has legal consequences. Today, however, impersonating is harder with features like two factor authentication. The person impersonating the candidate can be charged with committing a crime and even be arrested.

In the end, any form of academic cheating is not a good idea. Not only do you always feel anxious about getting caught, you have to deal with a host of events if you actually do. It can be very damaging to your student life and career. In many cases, it also causes mistrust among peers when they find one of them cheating.

It is a better feeling to earn your scores and gain access to the course of university of your choice by your own merit. Most online exams come with ample study material and mock tests that you can make use of. They prepare you well and even help you speed up on your tests. While feeling anxious before exams is very common, make sure that you do not choose the easy way out. In the long run, it is not worth the time or the effort that you put into cheating proctored online exam.