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How to Cheat on a Math Test

Math is a very hard subject. And, sometimes it is hard to cram in all the information with the other assignments and projects during each semester. When you feel overwhelmed, cheating on your paper is one way out to ensure that you maintain your grades. However, it is important to remember that cheating may have serious consequences. But, if you still feel the need to, here are some tips on how to cheat on a math test.

how to cheat on a math test

How To Cheat On A Math Test

There are traditional ways to cheat on a math test. Using notes and chits, or getting your classmates to help you out is a great choice. However, you live in a world where technology makes it easier for you to cheat on your paper without getting caught.

Today, you have the option of using a scientific calculator, a smartphone, and even your smart-watch to cheat on your paper easily. Technology allows you to be subtle and also gets you a quick response. We will discuss the different options in detail in the following sections so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

How To Cheat On A Math Test Using A Calculator

Before you learn about how to cheat on a math test using a calculator, you need to make sure that you have the right device. Choose a scientific calculator that comes with the ‘Program’ feature. Once you have the calculator, open the program feature and follow these steps for the best way to cheat on a math test:

  • Select ‘New’ and then tap ‘Enter’
  • Name this new program using the alpha mode on the keys.
  • Type in all the formulas. You can even add notes to the program to help you.
  • When you want to read the note or the formula, click on the ‘Edit’ option and choose the program you want to open.


Remember, teachers are also aware of the programming feature. So, they may erase the memory of your calculator to keep you from cheating. To keep your program safe, press the ‘2nd’ button, the ‘+’ button, and then choose the ‘All’ option. You will see all your notes. Then press enter. You will notice an asterisk sign next to the program. This means that it will be safe even if your teacher erases the memory.

Best way to cheat on a math test with an app

If you are wondering what app I can use you cheat on a math test, the good news is that there are many. You can download a tutor app on your phone. This is the easiest option to ensure that you get the answer right as well. Just type the problem in and have a professional crack it for you.

The Notes app on your smartphone also lets you save your formulas and cheat notes easily. If all else fails, you will always have the Facebook app. Just make a chat group, invite your friends for one of the easiest ways to cheat on a math paper.

The Photomath or Mathway app is available on most devices these days too. All you have to do is open the app point the camera to the question and, voila! You get the answers instantly.

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Simple Ways to cheat on a math test

Texting a friend for help is undoubtedly the easiest way out for people cheating on a math test. This, along with popular messengers is the high-tech version of peeking into each other’s papers.

Additionally, you have many websites that can get you the answers to your math problem instantly. If you are wondering what website I can use cheat for a math test, the best option is Webmath. All you have to do is upload the question and you get your answer instantly.

How to cheat on a math test without getting caught

Nobody wants to get caught when cheating on a math exam. Here are three foolproof options to learn how to cheat on a math test without getting caught.

  • First, use an opaque mechanical pencil or pen. Make your cheat sheets or notes using small pieces of paper. Roll them up and place them in the hollow portion of your mechanical pencil or pen. A mechanical pencil works better because you can replace the plastic lead holders with rolls of paper. That way, you don’t have to open and close it each time.
  • Second, stretch a thick rubber band over a book and make your notes on it. It is surprisingly easy if you are wondering how to cheat on a math test in college with a simple option. Then just wear the band on your wrist. The writing appears like small dots. When you need to read it, discreetly stretch the band to reveal your notes.
  • Third, scan any beverage label onto your computer. Using Photoshop, replace the ingredients and other fine print with notes. Make sure you keep the font similar to the original label. Then, print it out and replace the original label. Since you are usually allowed to carry a beverage to the exam hall, this method is foolproof. Pro tip: use a mineral water bottle as it is less suspicious.

Today students have it very easy when it comes to cheating on any paper. But, given the consequences of getting caught and the effort you need to put in to cheat, it is better for you to plan your revisions well and ace the papers without cheating. You will also feel a higher sense of accomplishment when you don’t take the easy way out.