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How to Cheat Honorlock

Honorlock is an advanced software-based tool that uses web services to contain examination malpractice. As a result, we’ll look into Honorlock cheating, if it is possible and detectable, and how to use Honorlock. We’ll also share tips on cheating Honorlock and give answers to the commonly asked questions surrounding Honorlock.

how to cheat honorlock


What Is Honorlock?


Honorlock is a web-based remote proctoring service that lets you take your exam from anywhere. You do not need to register or book an appointment ahead of time. Honorlock is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All that is required is a computer with a Chrome browser, a working webcam and microphone, and a reliable Internet connection.


How to Cheat Honorlock?

Students devise various methods to cheat on proctored examinations in today’s world, and Honorlock exams are no exception. Exam cheating is possible on Honorlock. The instructor will upload the add-ons to a Google form as they were taken.


Later, the teacher will enforce the tracking by setting the timer and protracting the exam through the webcam. However, by performing the following, as a student, you can create loopholes for cheating. These are some useful cheating hacks;


  • Make use of virtual machines

You can install a virtual machine as a counter-measure; this can be done easily. Furthermore, you can install a light operating system, such as Ubuntu, on the virtual machine and use it to complete your tests whenever you have them.


  • Google your answers

It would have been a fantastic hack if it were possible. This isn’t possible because students cannot access Honorlock and open other tabs in the same browser. This is due to the browser’s lockout.


If possible, you would use the device operating system’s browser to look up answers to questions. Since you will be testing on a different operating system, the protector’s add-ons will not detect any modifications on the tab.


  • You can change the webcam setting

This is another intriguing approach. You should open an additional device and have your webcam set up so that only the bottom of your face will appear to the instructor if the instructor is monitoring your face.


  • You can make use of a two-monitor setup and a silent keyboard

You can also get a silent keyboard or mouse and set up a dual monitor. On a separate monitor, Google your response and prepare your answers for your next exam. However, using two computers isn’t possible for most online exams, which applies to Honorlock.


  • Put on your face mask

In the event of a pandemic, you may be required to wear your face mask throughout any conduction, as common in recent times, due to the covid 19 pandemic. This approach of wearing a face mask is not without flaws.


Wearing a mask may cause the computer not to recognize your face, as it may not match what’s on your student ID. As a result, the computer may not acknowledge that you sat for the test.


How Does Honorlock Work?


It’s not challenging to operate Honorlock. The system is relatively easy. It works by logging into your Blackboard, entering your course, and clicking on the exam you’re to take whenever you’re supposed to take a test.

When you click “Launch Proctoring,” the Honorlock identification procedure will begin, in which you will snap a picture of yourself, display your ID, and scan your room. Honorlock will use your webcam to record your exam session as well as your screen. Please do not attempt to search for answers using Honorlock’s integrity algorithm, detecting search engine use.

Your session finishes when you submit your exam, and your exam attempt is recorded in Blackboard. Your instructor can then evaluate your work and, if necessary, review the results of proctored sessions. When you complete the exam, the application completes proctoring tasks on your browser. The Honorlock add-on can then be disabled or uninstalled.

If students have an issue during an exam session, they can contact qualified proctors for live “pop-in” help.

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Does Honorlock Detect Cheating?


Honorlock detects cheating with its proctoring software. It can identify and prevent suspicious behavior by cheating students. It monitors students’ compliance with academic integrity regulations by monitoring their webcams and browsers. Honorlock, on the other hand, merely alerts instructors to questionable activities so they may assess whether or not a student has cheated.


How Honorlock Detect Cheating


Many academicians have been utilizing Honorlock to minimize and prevent cheating among students. Although Honorlock is not 100% accurate in all situations, it does provide the instructor with enough information to decide whether or not there was any dishonesty or other malpractice. It does this by:


·         Browser Add-ons

Honorlock employs a browser extension to track and block students’ behaviors to cheat or look up answers. In addition to monitoring, the add-on guards against anything that could lead to cheating. The instructor will be notified if the Google Chrome add-on detects anything questionable.

The Honorlock software does not even need to be downloaded and installed on the machine.


·         The use of video and webcam streams

Honorlock is designed with the ability to record exam sessions. Through watching this video, the instructor can observe the behaviors of the pupils taking the exam to spot any suspicious behavior, such as hidden material. In addition, AI is used to analyze students and recognize activities that could indicate cheating. Any activity that is out of place will be made known to the instructors.


·         Using AI as a means of identifying the students

The AI can recognize each participant, and when a face doesn’t match an ID, the instructors will be notified, which means that no one can write a test on your behalf.

The AI abilities also feature eye-tracking capabilities. If a student tries to peep through another person’s work, the instructors will be notified.


·         The audio is being properly monitored

The software can identify and recognize any noise present in the testing environment. If the noise contains anything that encourages cheating, the student will be punished. Honorlock features a voice detection capability that can recognize simple utterances and send examiners warnings. Such strategies are successful in preventing cheating in online exams when properly monitored.


Tips on How to Cheat Honorlock


Here are some additional tips that can help you cheat in a proctored test;

  • You should go through your scheme and gather likely questions. You can either;give these questions to a professional to help you with their answers or search for the answers online.
  • You should go through your scheme and gather likely questions. You can either;give these questions to a professional to help you with their answers or search for the answers online.
  • Ask your teacher for an area of concentration and Google-related questions and their answers.


Consequences of Honorlock Cheating


Honorlock is not 100% perfect at detecting and eliminating cheating during exams. What Honorlock mostly does Is that it detect behaviors that are unusual in examination environments. A disadvantage is that it can flag any behavior as cheating, even if it is done unintentionally. Therefore students might need to be extra careful.

Asides from this, when you’re cheating on Honorlock and you’re caught, you can have your test dismissed automatically, or you might even be logged out of the site. In some cases, you might not get another chance to rewrite the test, and it’s an F at that point. The institution can also decide to elongate your punishment by putting you on suspension or expulsion in the worst-case scenario. Therefore, thread with caution.



We believe you now understand how to cheat Honorlock after reading these Honorlock help ideas and guidelines. We do not advocate cheating and recommend that you study thoroughly for your tests to minimize undue stress. We wish you all the best!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Honorlock record you?
Honorlock will definitely record you. With features like video records and webcam streams, instructors can record and monitor examinations or tests.
Can Honorlock detect phones?
Honorlock can detect all mobile devices within its range, even if they are put on airplane mode. You should keep your phones away from the examination venue so you are not flagged and your exam or test doesn’t get nullified.
Does Honorlock record eye movements?
Yes, there is an eye-detection service designed to track a student’s eye movements. The AI-equipped eye-detection will flag any eye movements that could imply cheating. When taking a test or exam, students should avoid putting their eyes away from their own test.
Does Honorlock see if you switch tabs?
Yes, Honorlock will detect the activities on your screen, and it will detect any screen mirroring or tab switch. The teacher can enable this option so that no one in the test environment can view a screen and exploit it for their own benefit.
Can Honorlock see if you cheat?
Honorlock can monitor all your movements. It has a webcam streaming ability, eye and sound monitoring system, and video streaming ability. With these abilities, cheating can be easily detected on Honorlock.