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ExamSoft Cheating Guide

A significant challenge faced by most schools is the issue of cheating students. According to a survey conducted between 2002 and 2015, about 95% of 70,000 respondents admitted to cheating at some point in high school.

examsoft cheating guide

Unfortunately, the issue is becoming increasingly sad, especially now that schools are forced to use proctor software due to the recent pandemic issues. Most of this proctor software comes with loopholes that students have learned to exploit over time.

We have seen several of these methods that students use in cheating these proctor tests. This method, to an extent, reduces the quality of education offered by their institution over time.

Many schools started to create tailored proctor software that helps them reduce cheating to the barest minimum. One of the newest tools to achieve that is ExamSoft.

What is ExamSoft, and how does it work to reduce cheating? We will be discussing this and many more in the article. We will explore some possible methods of hacking ExamSoft, that is, some ExamSoft cheating tricks that students use.

As a disclaimer, we do not support any form of cheating. Therefore, whatever you see in this article as regards ExamSoft cheating are here for information purpose only. We wish to let you know that cheating is morally wrong. More so, cheating can have dangerous consequences if you are caught.

What is ExamSoft?

ExamSoft is secure testing software that educational institutions use for exams that require close monitoring. The tool allows such institutions to test their students securely from a remote location without a teacher’s presence. Also, the software blocks the student’s access to files, programs, and the internet while the test is going on.

The beauty of ExamSoft is that it does not require an internet connection to work. Therefore, students can take their tests from almost any location as long as they have their laptops. However, you will need the internet to download and submit your answers.

How ExamSoft changed my background

The following are some ExamSoft reviews gotten from the internet that shows how effective ExamSoft is.

We used ExamSoft while I was in dental school. It worked well to prevent cheating in some classes I took.”—Jessica Woods

I like the fact that the system allows you to have mock trials before the final exams. Plus, the ExamSoft help is very useful.”—Tyler James

How does ExamSoft prevent cheating?

ExamSoft helps institutions take proctor exams without cheating with the following:

  • It runs a facial scan at the start of the exam to ascertain the right person is taking the test.
  • During the exam, the software monitors the exam taker to ensure they do not minimize the exam application.
  • It blocks all access to all computer programs during the test, so students can’t use them to cheat.
  • The software also tracks eye movements to ensure the person is not getting answers from anywhere.

Does ExamSoft Record You?

Yes, ExamSoft can record you while you take your assessments. The software comes with an additional tool called ExamSoft exam monitor, with which it does this. Like the name, the ExamSoft Exam Monitor is a special device that provides remote monitoring for exams taken with ExamSoft. It can also see your ExamSoft history.

Does ExamSoft use webcam?

Yes, ExamMonitor helps tutors record the video and audio of the students taking exams for future review. The videos are taken from your webcam and uploaded upon completion of the assessment. Tutors can later go through the videos to find out if there are potential breaches to academic integrity.

Does ExamSoft record audio?

Yes, the software records the audio of the exam taker. Usually, the software will notify the students before recording them. It will also request their consent to use their microphone and webcam before the start of the exam. Once access is granted, the software will record the video and audio of the person taking the test via the webcam of the person’s laptop.

Can ExamSoft see your screen?

ExamSoft will also monitor the test taker’s screen and record how they use their screen. ExamSoft works with two products to monitor students; ExamMonitor H.R. and ExamMonitor A.I. Exam monitor H.R. uses human proctors and artificial intelligence to monitor students while they take their tests. ExamSoft ExamMonitor A.I. uses only artificial intelligence to monitor students while they take their tests.

How to Hack ExamSoft

Hacking ExamSoft is more complex than you imagine. You will need a lot of resources and tools to go about hacking ExamSoft successfully. Below are some ways you can cheat on an online exam like ExamSoft. In reality, there might be more ways to cheat on ExamSoft than we can imagine.

We have left out the practical tutorials to cheating in this article. So, if you are thinking ‘how to hack ExamSoft?’, looking for practical steps to set up these hacks, sorry to disappoint you, but we will leave those steps to you.

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ExamSoft Hacks

Manipulating Your Video Feed

There are different methods to do this, but they all do the same thing. To bypass your video feed, all you need is software that stands between your webcam and ExamSoft. So, when ExamSoft tries to get video from your webcam, it gets a video signal from another virtual camera. Using the cheat software, you can adjust the video from your webcam or even replace it with something else.

Pre-Recorded Video

Like we said earlier, ExamSoft monitors you during the exam by recording the video and audio directly from your webcam. At the start of the exam, the software runs a facial recognition scan through your video feed to ensure you are the one.

So, to cheat, you can use your webcam to record yourself before the exam. Try to take a posture as if you were doing the exam. Move your head, and your eyes at intervals like you are reading from the screen. Also, ensure no one else enters the room while you are doing this.

Ensure that you have footage that is slightly longer than the time for the test online. For instance, if you will be taking a 1-hour exam, you can record a 1 hour, 10 minutes video ahead.

Once you have the video, send it to the virtual webcam software. So, instead of using a live feed from your webcam, the software will play the already recorded video you have.

That means you have your webcam to yourself, and you can do whatever you want. Your instructors will only see what you are playing for them. Even if they run a facial recognition scan, they’ll get a positive I.D. of your face.

However, the problem with this system is that ExamSoft might detect the presence of more than two cameras on your computer. Also, another problem is that in a bit to avoid these scams. Some schools ask their students to do some weird exercises at intervals. For instance, they might ask you to raise your knuckles or something like that to show you are who you claim to be.

Extra Monitor

This is a simple idea that you can also use. ExamSoft will flag you for cheating if you have someone else in the room with you while taking your test. However, the software can only tell if there is someone in the room only if your webcam sees the person.

So, here’s what you do. Sit the person behind your laptop instead of in front of it. They won’t be able to see your work, and neither will the webcam see them. So, to make them see your work, give them an extra monitor behind your laptop and connect with yours. That way, they’ll see your screen, but your webcam can’t see them.

Remember that your goal is for them to help you. So, you now plug in their mouse and keyboard to your system without allowing the webcam to see it. The only problem with this step is that ExamSoft might run a system check and spot the double keyboard. You can say it’s because your normal one is broken.


Instead of using an extra monitor, you can use a projector. As you write the exam, you project the screen to a wall. Your laptop will be before the projector screen, and your friends will sit in between you and the projection wall.

As you see the questions, your friends will see them too. You do not have to talk because talking will get you caught. Once your friends see the questions, they will read and tell you what the answer is.

As for the audio part, cover the microphone of your system with tape. Even with the tape, your computer will still send audio feeds. However, they will be ambient white noise. As you finish your test, you can move over and allow others to take their tests too.

But then, be careful because online exams leave a ton of digital footprints. For instance, if you take the exam with the same computer, you will have the same I.P. address, and come of the cookies will be the same.

Virtual Machine

This is a little more technical than most of the other steps. Also, you might want to consider using it with other options. First, a Virtual Machine (V.M.) is like having an extra computer inside your computer.

So, let’s say you have a windows 10 running on your P.C. You can have a virtual machine running on Windows XP on the same P.C. The only difference is, you run Windows XP as a program. You will also need to give the V.M. some amount of your disk space, CPU, and RAM.

The most significant benefit of working with a V.M. is that it allows you to use different hardware on the same computer for different operating systems. That is, you can plug in two keyboards, two monitors, to the same computer. One goes to your actual operating system while the other goes to your V.M.

The virtual machine will behave like an entirely new system. It will assume it’s a computer plugged in somewhere with its keyboard and mouse. You can also grant the V.M. access to your webcam feed.

So, the basic idea is to sit before your computer where your webcam can see you while someone sits behind the screen with an external monitor and does all the work for you. The V.M. which you are using will not detect the use of an extra mouse or keyboard. That’s because the other monitor and the mouse have become a new system on their own.

Also, if you plan on intercepting your webcam feed, this is a good choice. All you need to do is pass the video feed to the V.M. The V.M. will not detect an extra mouse, keyboard, monitor, or extra webcam. Since there is no other software installed asides from ExamSoft, you are just there taking your test.

Besides, remember that ExamSoft blocks access to other applications on your system while you take a test.  It also records your screen, so your examiner knows precisely what you did. But then, using a V.M., you do not have to minimize or change what you are doing. Open a tab on the browser of the actual computer, and you are good to go.

How to cheat ExamSoft

If you are looking for ExamSoft cheating tricks that are not as technical as the above, we have the following. These are simple steps that you might find easy and usable on how to cheat ExamSoft.

Use a Textbook

When using your laptop webcam, you will notice the webcam cannot record the screen. That’s because the screen and the webcam are on the same plane. As you write your test, ExamSoft will try your eye movement to see that you are focused on the screen. However, it cannot tell what you are looking at. So, if there was something on your screen or your keyboard, it won’t see it. Therefore, you can use that blind spot to your advantage. Place a book in front of the screen such that it does not appear on the webcam. Also, make sure the book is placed so that you do not have to look down to read it. Also, make sure that the book does not press any button on your keyboard during the exam. When you finish your exams, slide the book to the left or right while maintaining eye contact with your webcam.

Use a phone or laptop

This is just like the above method. This time you can put a smaller laptop on your laptop. However, it works best with a phone or tablet. The device stays unseen from the webcam, and you can use it in cheating.

Studying for the Exam

Hacking ExamSoft, as you can see, is a stressful process. You will need so many resources and waste your time and energy. Why go through all of the stress of cheating on ExamSoft when you can just read and pass?

Besides, ExamSoft cheating is a big crime that could get you expelled or even land you in jail. So, why not just save yourself the stress and read?