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Chegg Cheating Guide: Tips and Tricks

To answer the question of whether enlisting Chegg is regarded as cheating, the simple answer is this: it depends on how you utilize its services. Chegg is a trusty website that strives to provide research-backed, factual, and accurate answers to students' academic problems. The ethical aspect of the equation lies more on the users than on Chegg authorities.

Chegg has provided study and textbook assistance to millions of users and has answered countless questions. Depending on how you use Chegg, cheating can get you in trouble with your school authorities. Sometimes the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and that’s okay.

Online teaching/ tutoring websites like Chegg provide assistance to students, study guides, homework help, etc. to students. Without a doubt, online tutoring has made learning stress-free, and Chegg is blazing a brightly burning trail in the sector.

What Is Chegg?

The name “Chegg” has been believed to be comprised of two words, chicken and egg. Its origin is from the founders’ perception of the puzzle posed by certain establishments that require that employees have a certain number of years of experience. The catch-22 feeling comes from the lack of applicants to get the relevant experience without having the opportunity to work. In other words, what comes first, the work or the experience (exactly like the chicken-egg argument of which comes first).

The founder, Josh Carlson collaborated with an enthusiastic follower and user of the site, Iowa State MBA, Osman Rashid, with the aim of affecting the algorithm involved in the commercialization of textbooks and reading materials. Subsequently, Aayush Phumbhra joined the team and took it to the next level.

Their main target has been to provide a platform where people around the world rent virtual and physical textbooks. In addition, Chegg provides textbook solutions, online tutoring services, study hacks, and guides to aid studying, as well as several other student services.

Is Chegg Study Cheating?

It has already been established that using Chegg depends entirely on the students’ ethical sense of right and wrong. It has also been emphasized that Chegg is a website that, despite all odds, strives to provide unparalleled academic assistance to students who need it.

Using Chegg exclusively for the purpose of studying is not considered cheating. It is, after all, a function of the website. However, if you’re using Chegg to get answers for assignment essays, exams, quizzes, and so on, then it is considered cheating. With the exception of getting help studying, using answers provided by Chegg gives you an unearned advantage over your peers, and that happens whether or not you understand the concepts being discussed.

Can You Get In Trouble For Using Chegg?

As long as you adhere to the rules of partnership as a Chegg user, there is no need to fear getting into any sort of trouble.

However, for experts hired by Chegg, a good number of infarctions can lead to them getting into trouble. At the very top of that list is plagiarism.

As a guiding principle, Chegg uses software that checks and validates that an answer provided by a Chegg expert is 100% plagiarism-free. This is one of the standing tenets of Chegg’s establishment, and they reserve severe punishments for defaulters.

On the occasion that an expert submits answers that have been plagiarized, Chegg runs it through their software and conducts a follow-up investigation. This includes mail correspondence and automatic forfeiture of the student’s expert account. Also, more severe punishment awaits those who have found a way to hack Chegg and provide plagiarized content time and time again. For people who fall under this last category, they are banned from creating more accounts on Chegg.

To answer the question of whether you can get in trouble for using Chegg, as a student who is employing Chegg’s resources right, there’s no need to fear. However, if you plagiarize their work whether as a student or as an expert, you could get into trouble.

Is Chegg Reliable?

Chegg is a reliable website, and Chegg is reliable for answers. Among the top questions on students’ minds when it comes to using Chegg is if Chegg is a reliable website. Without giving thought to the many claims of dishonesty, it can be trusted that Chegg is reliable.

In February 2019, Chegg formed a partnership with Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL), to make online teaching and instructing materials more readily available to its students. The connection was met with some opposition from some members of the staff, implying Chegg was deliberately aiding students to cheat.

The OWL chief, Harry Denny denied the allegations and expressed that he didn’t expect that Purdue’s reputation would be put to the test in such a way. He went on to say in a statement that his experience while working in partnership with Chegg has been that the organization is focused on collaborating with different audiences, personnel, and organizations to meet their various academic needs.

Debates surrounding the organization, and other related organizations and websites rendering the same services, arose in 2020. At the crux of this debate was the notion that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the restrictions that made studying from home mandatory, Chegg facilitated cheating in some students’ academic papers. This was a highly-placed suspicion because in learning from home, the websites and network providers the students used were out of range of monitoring by the school authorities.

With several students’ claiming to know how to hack Chegg, corporations like Georgia Tech made a complaint against Chegg. The corporation alleged that some students in a physical science class had used Chegg dishonestly, and submitted answers they copied off of Chegg’s website.

Several other universities have been plagued with the question “is Chegg solutions cheating” and “what happens if you’re caught cheating on Chegg”. For example, in Boston University, some students were found to have also cheated in one of their online exams. In some other universities, some students went ahead and posted some exam questions on Chegg, copied the answers, and submitted them as theirs.

When called for an investigation, Chegg provided full cooperation, maintaining that their goal as a platform is to provide expertly written answers to questions posted by students, no matter the academic level. They however maintained that only in very rare cases is it specified that the questions are for specific assessment exercises. This claim supports the findings of the investigation that stated that the outcome was neither recognized nor hailed as an infringement of scholarly uprightness at any point in time.

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Step By Step Guide on How To Copy Text From Chegg and Not Get Caught

Anybody who uses Chegg to get answers, textbooks, and study help, can testify that Chegg has set up a block that prevents people from copying from the website. This means that when you try to copy a text from the platform, you will not be able to do so.

How then do people who submit Chegg’s answers as theirs, how do they do it?

Read on and find out the many different methods people have used.

1.       Using Access Codes

Thankfully, a good number of codes made by Javascript have proven useful in helping students extract and copy texts from Chegg.

As can be expected, all of such codes can be found on several websites. One of such codes can be carried out using the following steps:

Step1: On the search box or location bar, key in the entry “javascript:” at the start of the code on your address bar. Exclude the quotation marks.

Step 2: Wait for a pop-up that contains the content.

Step 3: Copy the address/ content by right-clicking on your mouse, then selecting the “copy” option. If you’re using a phone, just copy the link to your clipboard. Close the entry.

2.       Through The Developer’s Panel

Step 1: Find the developer’s panel on your device. You may have to conduct a manual search on your device for the developer’s panel.

Step 2: Paste the code you copied (beginning with “javascript:”) and click “enter”. As soon as you press “enter”, a pop-up will appear to indicate that your page is ready to be copied as text.

If you want to download an image from the website, left-click on the picture and move it to the “new tab” plus icon. Load the page and download the image.

If you’re using a mobile phone, press and hold the picture, load it in a new tab, then download it.

Is Using Chegg Cheating?

In answer to the questions posed by school administrators and concerned people namely “is Chegg considered cheating”, “is Chegg homework help cheating”, “is using Chegg considered cheating” and so on, the answer is not as black and white as many would have people think.

Firstly, it should be established that while some of the services Chegg offers on their different platforms are labeled as problematic, it cannot be denied that it has provided valuable assistance to students and people in assignments. The major problem some academic institutions have with Chegg is that students often enlist Chegg specialists to help students solve their homework and papers.

Another argument against Chegg is that the traffic brought on by the exchange of academic documents, and this has encouraged students to make a habit of posting schoolwork question sheets, requesting answers. This has made it difficult to form collaborations with some schools as some of the services rendered by Chegg are considered an infringement of the schools’ scholastic trustworthiness.

Another one of the most common searches about Chegg is “is Chegg cheating” and other related questions. Chegg is a reliable website for getting answers to questions you need help with. One thing that makes people insist that using Chegg is cheating is that many students have been known to use it to solve assignments without putting in any work. Some college students’ Chegg cheating strategy is to copy and paste Chegg answers as solutions to their questions. This often leads people to insist that copying from Chegg is considered cheating.

Despite these divided opinions, cheating with Chegg is more of an ethical problem the students need to deal with before the authorities enforce some strict measures on the website as a whole.

What Happens If One Is Caught Cheating On Chegg? Does Chegg Notify Your School?

Usually, students are given specific instructions when it comes to turning in assignments, and one of such instructions is plagiarism-free submissions. On the occasion that a student is caught cheating using Chegg, or using any Chegg hack or using the Chegg study hack in a dishonest way, disciplinary actions can be taken against them.

Depending on the school a person attends and the laws of the said school, disciplinary action can vary in severity and can range from failing the paper to suspension. When many students consider the troubles associated with being caught cheating on Chegg, they chicken out and try to work honestly. However, to answer the question “is Chegg confidential”, one of the standing policies of Chegg is confidentiality.

While Chegg is responsible for providing homework and study assistance to students, they are not responsible for how the information provided is used. More so, Chegg is not to be held accountable for anyone ever caught cheating on Chegg.

In addition, if you’re caught cheating on Chegg, you could be sued for infringement on the copyright owner of the answers or citations you copied, as Chegg has a problem with citing their sources properly. If you just copy and paste the work as yours without any kind of editing, then yes, you’ll get into trouble using Chegg. If, on the other hand, you read through and edit the answers before submitting, it is considered your work, and any citations must be included.


Chegg is a platform that provides online tutoring services, online and offline textbook hiring services, study guides, and homework assistance to users around the world. Even though its services are open to everybody, it is important to understand the place of moderation in applying Chegg’s services. That includes shunning any forms of cheating or using Chegg resources for purposes other than for revision, learning, and academic assistance.