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Cheating in College Causes and Consequences

Cheating in College: Causes and Consequences

Indeed, figures do not lie, and sure enough, statistics have a lot to say about college cheating. One research agency estimates that up to 40% of college students are involved in cheating directly or indirectly. It has become such a worrying trend that most colleges have imposed more stringent measures.

However, for us to deal with this menace that is wreaking havoc in colleges, we must first understand its root cause. Therefore, this post will consider the causes of cheating in college and its implications to the students, professors, and parents.

So sit tight and get your reading glass ready!

What Is Cheating in College?

Well, I am sure most of you are conversant with cheating in relationships. You hear of celebrities being found cheating on their spouses. But I digress. College cheat is the act of using deceptive means or violating accepted standards to complete your assignments. There are so many forms of college student cheating, all of which we will discuss in a few.

College cheating indictment is prominent during examination time. Most students at this time use dubious means to outsmart their supervisors. I have heard of a case where a student wrote answers on the laps and began to copy-paste while the exam was in progress. Luckily or unluckily, she was caught and forced to scrub her laps. You can picture how awkward that was for her in front of her classmates.

Nevertheless, some students are accused of cheating in college but innocent. Such cases can be appealed to the senate and the student acquitted. College students cheating has seen many students expelled and others miss their graduation in full.

But how many college students cheat? The numbers are worrying, especially with the advent of the internet and online college cheating. To make matters worse, some parents are collaborating with their children to cheat in exams.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why college students cheat.

Why Students Cheat in College

Some proponents of college cheating argue that cheating is inevitable for students. They say that cheating does not affect the student but rather helps the student think beyond the box. Well, as much as some of these arguments may be valid, what are the real reasons why college students cheat?

Most of them are naturally lazy.

When students get to college, the workload increases; unlike high school, where students have one assignment, college students are bombarded with a bulk of tasks. Since most of them do not like keeping busy with school work, they would rather cheat than sit for an hour to complete an assignment.

  • Availability of online writing sites

Students view such sites as an escape way from the long, tedious academic assignments. That is why they would rather spend their few coins on these sites than work out the projects independently.

  • The complexity of the assignments

Some assignments are generally challenging to complete on your own. Since tutors are not available at that moment, students opt to cheat to crack the tasks.

  • The fear of being punished

If students do not complete their tasks, punishment is inevitable. In some cases, this punishment may be severe, forcing the student to cheat to avoid it.

  • Tight deadlines

Assignments that have tight deadlines can be a pain in the back for most students. To easily do away with all that pressure, students opt for cheating.

These are but a few reasons students cheat in college, but the bag doesn’t stop there. Now that we have explored the causes of cheating, let us see how students cheat.

How to Cheat in College

Cheating is a risky affair, and I wouldn’t encourage you to engage in it. However, if you have the heart of a lion, then here are a few ways to cheat in college and get away with it:

  • Write answers on your clothes or hands

You can scribble short notes on the edges of your school shirt where you can easily access them. When opting for the hands, be careful not to expose them to your supervisor.

  • Using sunglasses

It is an effective way of reflecting on answers from your classmate sited next to you. It requires specialized skills to be able to get away with it.

  • Write answers on the desk.

It is an old trick of cheating in exams where you scribble tinny but legible notes in strategic places on your desk. You can write a place where you would conceal with the exam booklet.

  • Use your phone

Since college students can carry their phones to schools, it is possible to use them for exam cheating. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to get caught, especially if a person calls or sends a message.

  • Copy from your classmate next to you

You can look at the answers that your classmate has written and paste them into your paper. Take caution not to get caught while stretching out your neck to copy.

On top of these tricks, there are some best ways to cheat in college.

Best Ways to Cheat in College

When looking for effective ways to cheat in exams, you have to consider tricks that offer the best results with minimal chances of getting caught. The methods below will work for you if you carefully follow the steps outlined below:

  • Be strategic on when to unleash your secret notes

When to release your secret notes is of great importance in many aspects. First, it will determine how you approach the exam and your attitude towards the assignment. It is advisable to take out your secret notes in the middle of the exam rather than at the beginning.

  • Write answers on the turn side of your paper.

It is a strategic area where you can easily access your answers without your supervisor noticing. Do not forget to erase the answers once you are done with them.

  • ‘Nail the exam.’

This trick works best for ladies with long nails. You can fit your answers on the sides of the nails and conveniently access them during the exam.

  • Slide the answers into your pen

You can make tiny notes and slide them inside your pen. When the supervisor is not watching, you can easily slide them out and use them for your exam.

Remember that the best way of how to cheat in college should be:

  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Easy
  • Clear

There is a lot of cheating in college consequences that accompany these tricks and tips.

Consequences of Cheating in College

Is it easy to cheat in college without getting caught? Yes! But the effects that come with this practice may be severe at times. Here, we scrutinize some of the consequences of cheating in college:

  • It makes students lazy

If one is used to cheating, that means they cannot develop the ability to complete assignments on their own accord. The result will be total dependence on others or online writing sites.

  • You may be expelled from college.

Some institutions do not take cheating lightly. While others may be lenient and suspend you, some colleges may expel you immediately you are caught.

  • It lowers your self-respect and esteem.

Once you are caught cheating, it won’t be easy to walk on the streets of your college campus, head held high. You will always feel that sense of guilt and shame when you see your classmates looking at you.

  • Legal consequences

Stealing copyrighted work and posing it as your own is a gross violation of the Copyright Act. You might be fined heftily or have to spend some years behind bars if found guilty.

  • Impact on your future career 

Cheating will help you score top grades, and you might be considered for a full job too in the future. However, you might not be competent in that work in the end.

College Cheating: What To Do If you are Accused Falsely

There are cases when your supervisor might wrongfully or intentionally accuse you of cheating. In cases where you are falsely accused of cheating in college, some remedies can help clear your name. I can assure you, however, that it is not going to be easy:

  • Stay calm: Do not rush into defending yourself with all manner of words. It is best to remain steady at first while analyzing the way forward.
  • Ensure that you have evidence: Have you supporting materials and witnesses that you did not commit the offense. If a CCTV is present in your class, you can use this for your defense.
  • Write your defense statement accurately: When you are accused of cheating in college, you will have to write a letter to the formal authorities. Ensure that this letter addresses your innocence from a standard, balanced, and objective point of view.

In such cases, ‘ success is not guaranteed, but many have tried it and walked away Scott free. Why don’t you also give it a try today if you are in the same situation?

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