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Can Google Form Detect Cheating?

Testing students' academic performance is a constant in schools. Students may never be unable to avoid examinations and tests. You could have thought that distant learning is an excellent option to evade examination.

Can Google Form Detect Cheating

However, it is not so as there are different online mediums to administer examinations and tests. Schools and teachers adopt online tools to assess students’ academic performance. It has even become easier to examine students on different occasions.

Tests can now be carried out online and offline, even when students are away from the school environment. There are online proctoring tools, an e-learning suite, and Google forms applicable for administering tests to students.

Google form is not only useable to administer the questionnaire and receive responses. It has some functionalities that make it possible to work as an online examination tool.

Therefore, many schools have used it to administer quizzes, exams, tests, and assignments to students. That’s why you find students searching everywhere for a Google form answer key hack.

Online proctoring tools have different functionalities that help discourage cheating and report to the test administrator. You may be worried that these same functionalities are on Google form.

This piece will inform you of cheating tricks available for Google form tests and quizzes.

Can the Teacher See if You Cheat on Google Form?

Online proctoring tools have different functionalities that detect cheating. As a result, many students are worried about the potential of Google forms having the same features.

Therefore, questions such as ‘Can Google Form detect cheating?’ are now prevalent among students. They strictly desire to know if they are being caught while attempting to pull up some tricks when writing the test.

Google form is primarily not an academic tool. The app is created for online surveys and for administering questionnaires. It becomes easy for you to gather information using Google form rather than administering questionnaires conventionally.

However, a few features in Google form make it possible for it to also act as an online assessment tool. Depending on how smart you are, teachers may not find out if you cheated on Google form because it does not detect and report some kinds of cheating.

In online proctoring, apps can detect specific actions and attempts to cheat. These measures are effective even when you are taking the test remotely. It will immediately flag any action that seems like cheating and send a report to the test administrator. You cannot open new tabs, switch tabs, open file Manager, close the app while using online proctoring.

Interestingly, all of these features are not available on Google form. The app does not have functionalities that detect cheating and cheating attempts. It does not flag inappropriate actions and does not report to the administrator.

Therefore, some students consider themselves lucky to have their tests on Google form.

What is the Google Forms Answer Key Hack?

While taking tests online, students use Google form hack to have their way. These hacks are attempts to get answers to questions on the quiz. Teachers sometimes are not ignorant of these moves.

There have also been desperate moves to discourage these actions. Students may find it difficult if these moves are initiated. For instance, Google form quizzes and tests are not advisable to be used remotely.

Teachers now resolved to use the Google form quizzes within the school environment. This act will make it possible to properly monitor the activity of the students during the period of the test.

If there is a need to take a test remotely, the teacher will instead use proctoring tools capable of giving stringent measures to discourage cheating. Regardless of teachers’ measures, students still use Google form tricks.

Smart students have found out different methods to carry out cheating in quizzes. How to hack Google forms seems to be an easy task for these students.

Different methods have been employed to retrieve answers keys for Google form tests. It is easier for students to do this online and offline since there are no strict measures. However, it may be pretty challenging to achieve it with proper monitoring and invigilation. One of the most used Google forms tricks is to search out answers online. It is easier to do this using search engines and online websites.

Meanwhile, this method is completely impossible when you are under proper monitoring. Students also retrieve Google form cheats sheets from friends who might have done the test earlier. This act is possible when a screenshot of the test is taken. Answers can then be provided for students who are yet to take the test.

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How to Cheat on Google Form Quizzes Online

How to cheat on Google form is a function of which method the students plan to use. It can both be done online and offline. Therefore, teachers have to watch out carefully during these tests. If the invigilation is stringent, it will help prevent cheating on Google form.

When the invigilation has been compromised, it becomes easy for students to cheat. Google form app is weak in detecting cheating, and students may always find their ways. The following are common Google forms tips and tricks used for online cheating;

  • Opening a new tab

When you are answering a test or quiz on Google form, you use web browsers. Interestingly, you can also open a new tab alongside your browser. Google form does not have functionalities capable of disabling the opening of new tabs.

Students use this new tab to check up answers to questions. They can make use of search engines like Google and Bing. They may also visit sites capable of giving answers, such as Quora and Wikipedia.

  • Viewing the test earlier than the assigned time

This act is possible when the teacher ignorantly uses a single link for all tests. It becomes easy for students to preview the test ahead of time. This act enables them to solve the question and possibly have an answer sheet for cheating.

However, this method may not be possible if the teacher uses different test links for each of the tests.

  • Send questions to a friend

Since you are working online, it is easier to cheat on Google form tests with a friend. Students make use of this method most of the time. While the test is going on, you can copy the question then minimize the browser.

This act enables you to send a message to your friend either on Facebook, WhatsApp, or as a mail. The friend can then provide solutions to the question and send it back as a message.

  • Corporate cheating

Students also carry out corporate cheating on Google form tests. Since they will all have the same types of questions, it is easier for them to work together.

The brilliant ones can provide an answer to the question and supply the same to their friends. Mediums such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Emails are also the most used to route the answer to one another.

  • Checking the HTML source page

Tech-savvy students are quick to determine this trick. The answers to questions in a Google form quiz can be found in the source code of the webpage.

There are features on the web browser that enable you to view your web pages’ source codes. Students can use this trick to get straight A’s in their Google form tests and quizzes.

  • Using computer aids

When you have your Google form test, you can use computer aids. These are features on the system capable of checking the meaning of words.

When you right-click on a specific word, there are options to search out the meaning of such words. The search can be done with a dictionary or an online search engine.

How to Cheat on Google Forms Offline

Just as it is possible to cheat online, students can also cheat offline in Google tests. Some contemporary cheating tricks can also be applied while taking a test online in Google form.

Meanwhile, these cheating tricks are only applicable when there is no serious invigilation. Interestingly, some smart students can also have their ways even while they are monitoring.

There are some ways to cheat offline while using Google Forms. The following are how to cheat Google forms quizzes outside the internet;

  • Screenshotting the quiz questions

Students who are clever attempt to take a screenshot of the quiz questions. All thanks to the fact that Google form cannot disable screenshot features.

The picture can serve as cheating material for students who are yet to take the test. It will be retrieved after the test, and answers will be provided to each question.

This method is effective when the quiz or test is carried out in batches. Students who are yet to take their test can understand the questions and prepare in advance.

  • Using micro sheets

Using micro sheets is a traditional method of cheating common to all tests. Students also make use of this method to cheat on Google form tests.

A small sheet containing definitions of terms, keywords, and terminologies can be used as cheating aids. The sheet may also contain mathematical formulas needed in a math test.

  • The Giraffe method

The Giraffe method is also a traditional method of cheating. This method is also applicable in Google form tests. Students can look up answers from a colleague’s screen during the test. This option might be relatively easier as it can be carried out without much risk.

As easy as the option is, it is not always practical. It requires the sitting arrangements to be close. Likewise, if there is a shield in the sitting arrangements, this method cannot be used.

Teachers also used the shuffle features to discourage this method. It becomes impossible to cheat on your colleagues when you are not answering the same question.


Schools and teachers use Google Forms to take online tests and quizzes. However, it is not as effective as online proctoring tools. There are many loopholes students can use to carry out cheating.

Students come up with various methods of cheating on Google forms tests. There are both online and offline methods for cheating on Google form. Interestingly, Google Form does not have functionalities to detect cheating.

However, the teacher may detect cheating using the platform if proper care is taken. Students must, therefore, be informed that the consequences of cheating can be grievous if caught.