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Online writing services are great partners for students looking for help with their academic writing needs. Therefore, it is always a pleasure when students get to find reliable writing platforms to help them with their many assignments. Now that they work in a virtual platform, it is important for the user to do a thorough study and research on the best solutions available for their use. Sometimes, things don’t go as expected, and in most cases, it is usually a case of negligence on the part of the user by failing to do the requisite research of the type of writing service to use.
When you surf online, you probably will come across the best essay service. This is one of the companies helping students do their work and even get to learn in preparation for their exams and ultimately graduate from school. So, the first thing one should ask themselves before engaging such a platform is whether they are a legit service. Some unsuspecting students have found themselves in a mess, having engaged unreliable and scam writing services for their writing work. It is usually disheartening to realize that you have lost your money and there is nothing to show for it, especially for students who struggle a lot to get that money.
Students make a lot of sacrifices to get professional assistance online, and that is why it is important that you get value for money invested in such an effort. If you are considering as your partner in doing assignments, you may want to first read through several online reviews to establish whether it is worth your money or not. In some cases, all that students want is a passing grade to get them to the next stage of learning. However, some cases needed thorough quality work to improve on a poor grade attained in the course of learning.
Regardless of the situation and present needs, there are sites that you cannot use. These are especially the ones providing unoriginal content copied from other sources. Plagiarism is a serious offense that can get you into problems, and that is why you should make an effort to pick a service that will provide unique content that has not been submitted elsewhere. That way, you will have an easy time at school. Having used bestessays service in the past, I have the following to say as indicated in the subtopics.
Types of services

School assignments and homework come in different types, and students are looking for a platform where they can get all the help they need. There are great benefits of using one site for all your assignments especially on loyalty benefits where discounts are given for work ordered. Prior to placing an order with any writing company, you have to check the various services offered on this platform. For bestessays service, here are some of the services you will get from them:
  • Essay help
  • Research Paper Services
  • Help with Coursework
  • Term Paper writing services
  • Case Study Analysis and writing
  • Dissertation Services
  • Admission Services
  • Resume writing help
  • Online media products
  • Editing services
Sometimes, there may be more emphasis on one department than the other. In that case, you need to be sure that your academic assignment will be given the attention that it deserves. For me, I would rather work with a site that is purely dedicated to academic work because I know there won’t be diverted attention. It was an oversight on my part, and I only came to find out much later.


The first impression that a student gets from an online writing service is on the site’s design and arrangement. A short glimpse into the home page tells you that this is somewhat a professional site offering academic services to students on various fronts. Therefore, you wouldn’t hesitate to go further to engage them for help with your assignment. For that reason, I thought I should try them. Quality is relative, and that is why it is important to know what you want from any academic writing service. The help you are getting might not be good enough to realize your goals and objectives. For that reason, you may have to wait longer before the work can be refined to the level you want.
If you are considering the services of best essays, you may have to read a few bestessays reviews to act as a guideline in choosing the best solution for you. You can get lucky with them or fail to get the assistance you are looking from this site. This review is based on first-hand experience and input from other people who have used the site in the past. There is a lot that has been said about this platform and its clearly mixed reactions concerning the work produced by writers on this service.
The truth is, best essays offer slightly above-average services, and if you are not so keen about getting an excellent mark, then you can consider using their services. Their quality is not perfect and has, in some cases, typos and errors that you can correct on your own if you don’t mind. However, for perfectionists looking for a perfect grade, you’ve got another think coming. There is a lot that needs to be addressed to bring your work to the quality level you have always desired. This bestessays review is aimed at helping you decide whether this is a perfect service for your use or not.
Prices and Payment

Prices start at €23.53 per page for a deadline of 10 days, which is quite high compared to what I have seen in the writing industry elsewhere. The charges go as high as €50.00 per page for an essay delivery in 3 hours. For students who have tight budgets, this might not be the best solution for you. You will end up spending a lot on an assignment whose quality is not fully guaranteed. In a case where revisions and further editing will be required, it may turn out to be a costly affair to you.
For new customers, there is a 15% discount on normal charges. Ideally, the company has a clear policy on discounts provided for loyal customers. Students who get services from this platform on a regular basis will get rewards in the form of discounts for their future academic assignments. This is a great incentive and would encourage them to continue getting help from the company.
Loyal customers will get 5% OFF for assignments ranging 15-50 pages, 10% OFF for assignments of 51-100 pages, and 15% OFF for any writing assignment that is 101 pages and above. If for whatever reason, you are going to use this service, then this is what you should expect in terms of pricing and discounts offered by the company.


I want a 100% guarantee that my assignment will be delivered as agreed after meeting all academic requirements. Nothing should be left to chance, and that is why may not be the first choice for me when it comes to picking an academic writing platform. I don’t want a service that will force me to follow through to the end. Working with someone knowledgeable in this trade is very important. has not proved itself on the following:
Meeting Work Deadlines
School assignments get delayed from time to time. Depending on your school policy, you can get heavy penalties that may compromise your grades and even prevent you from graduating. For that reason, it is important to choose a service that will help you complete your work as soon as possible. Get your work done in good time so that you can review it before submitting it.
Complicated Money Refund Policy
If you should be refunded your money, you are not sure how this is going to happen. There are various uncertainties around this issue, especially at the point when this policy is to be effected. The company will try to fix the issue on their own to avoid the refund, but it is normally not the best option for you, especially with strict deadlines.
Substandard Work Quality
You cannot trust to give you the kind of quality you are looking for. It is never a guarantee that you will always get professionally written work. For that reason, you will be leaving your important assignment to chance.
Customer Support

The company offers ready support to its clients available via telephone. However, the online chat doesn’t respond instantly, and the messaging platform pops out into a new window. For that reason, communication may not be as effective as desired. This is a bad sign that you will not get the best help with your work. Ineffective communication may create delays and barriers to clearly stating your needs that should be addressed.
Online help requires that you get all your questions answered before engaging your writer for the assignment. That way, there will not be a lot of issues and concerns about the quality of work provided to you. At best essays, students may be forced to submit their instructions for assignments to be done via the telephone or email, which can be inconveniencing. It is important to note how much support is required when placing an order.
At this age of technology and the internet, it is essential to make sure that there are working systems that support communication and effective service delivery. Look for a site that will serve you in an effective manner, especially on matters to do with communicating your assignment requirements.


  • Offers a variety of services
  • Open pricing policy
  • Discounts available for first-timers and loyal customers


  • Hefty writing charges
  • No guarantees on the quality of work
  • Uncoordinated support and communication
  • Lack of specialization in academic work
  • Missed deadlines
  • Time wastage due to revisions

I will rate Best Essays service 5/10.
This is an expensive service that can make your life more difficult as a student. Remember that all you are looking for is a solution that will help you live comfortably in school and get all the answers to your academic needs. Again, the quality of work remains a concern. All that you will get is an average performance for the help you will ever get from this platform.
Why go for mediocre when you could get the best and excellent service from other professional academic sites dedicate to help you out? Regardless of your situation and needs, all you need is an excellent result and nothing short of that. You are using money to get these services hence the need to make sure they are of good quality.
The company’s support system is not as effective as one would want. Issuing out your assignment instructions will take longer than expected, and that is why this may not be a reliable site to use.
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